Richard Solo 1800 External Battery

PowerThe Richard Solo 1800 is an external battery for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You just charge it up using the mini usb cord provided and then attach it to your iPhone for double the battery life. Here is our video review of the Richard Solo 1800 using an iPhone 3G. This battery is compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPods (excluding the shuffle).

Watch “Richard Solo 1800” on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. I have the model that is half the size of that, and I love it. It’s easy to carry and charges 80% of my phone. RichardSolo is an awesome vendor too … always very responsive to email.

  2. Greetings and salutations to all!

    Your doing fantastic job in your site to keep us informed of the latest things for iphone/Ipod touch!

    One beef I have with external batteries is the connector is too short. If you have a case, it wouldn’t make proper connection. It means you have to take your Iphone/Ipod touch off the case inorder to use it.


  3. dudes!!!
    this it totally irelevanmt to this, but…i went on to appshare to get something, and it said its been discontinued!!!!!!!!!!
    what happened!?!?!?

    • Well, from what I understand, AppShare (in conjunction with Installous) allows you to steal paid apps from the AppStore. Although I am all for supporting the jailbreaking of iPhones and iPods, I do not support stealing software that developers have worked hard to create (plus selling it for a reasonable price), and therefore applaud the discontinuation of AppShare.

  4. I think the battery is the best and richard solo is the best at answering troubles thru website…the best.

  5. I’ve got the Richard Solo 1200mAh and find it indispensable. When my 3G iPhone is down to only 20% battery power left, the (fully charged) 1200 will fully charge my iPhone. The Richard Solo battery also charges quickly, as I charge it using the Apple USB charger.

    I also like the fact that its constructed out of aluminium making it light and strong. The only one thing I wish they would change is the USB connector. It would be great if they used the Apple iPhone/iPod connector instead of the mini-USB connector to charge it. One less cable/gadget to carry around when travelling is helpful.