Friday Night Movie Night: WiTricity: Wireless Charging

PowerThis video isn’t specific to the iPhone but I thought I’d share it just to show the possibilities of the future. It’s originally from BBC. It talks about wireless charging devices, and I’m not talking close contact like the Palm Pre, this is actually wireless.

Sleep to Lock – Go to Lock Screen via the Sleep Button

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Sleep to Lock Sleep to Lock is an application that changes your sleep button (that is the Power button on the top of your device) so that when it is tapped, instead of putting your iPhone or iPod Touch into Sleep mode, it brings it to the Lock Screen. This is a code application so, when you install it, there will not be an icon on your SpringBoard…it just automatically makes the change once installed. To remove the mod, you will need to uninstall it via Cydia. [Read more…]

QuickTip – Silence and Send Calls to Voicemail using Power Button

It’s time for anther QuickTip! My last QuickTip was about how to lock your iPhone using the Power Button so, I thought I would stick with the “Power Button” theme.

QuickTip – When receiving an incoming call, you can quickly press the power button (that is the button on the top of your device) once to mute the ringing. Or, when receiving an incoming call, you can quickly press the power button twice and send the call straight to voicemail! [Read more…]

Griffin PowerBlock Reserve – $39.99

powerTake a look at Griffin’s new USB Charger. At first it looks like a pretty normal wall charger. But if you look close, you can see a detachable battery that can charge your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Griffin PowerBlock Reserve - $39.99

[Read more…]

Mophie Juice Pack External Battery

PowerThis is my favorite iPhone accessory ever. The Mophie Juice Pack is super light, stylish, and works very well. Check out our video review and let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Watch Mophie Juice Pack from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Richard Solo 1800 External Battery

PowerThe Richard Solo 1800 is an external battery for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You just charge it up using the mini usb cord provided and then attach it to your iPhone for double the battery life. Here is our video review of the Richard Solo 1800 using an iPhone 3G. This battery is compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPods (excluding the shuffle).

Watch “Richard Solo 1800” on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Apple USB Power Adapter Recall/Exchange Program

applecom I received an email saying that there was an exchange program for the USB power adapters that were sold with the iPhone 3G. I took a look at Apple’s website and it seems that the Ultracompact USB Power Adapters are being recalled. Apparently there have been reports of the metal prongs breaking off and remaining in the outlet…that sooo cannot be good!! If you bought an iPhone 3G in the following Countries, you qualify to receive a new USB Power Adapter.

* US
* Japan
* Canada
* Mexico
* Several Latin American countries (click here for a detailed list of countries)

You can exchange the adapters via [Read more…]