BatteryInfo Lite – List of Battery Statistics

BatteryInfo Lite is an application that allows you to view stats about your device’s battery including; temperature, current capacity, max capacity, design capacity, charge percentage, cycle count, voltage, boot voltage, serial number and model. It’s a simple little app, nothing too fancy, just a list of the battery stats. But, if that is all you are looking for, you’re good to go with this one! You can get BatteryInfo Lite via the BigBoss source.

Note: This application claims to have a charge percentage accuracy of 0.07% that is compared to the UIDevice’s accuracy of 5%.
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Matte Battery 2.0 – Lock Screen Battery Mod

Matte Battery is a lock screen battery mod that changes the battery displayed while charging your iPhone or iPod touch from glossy to matte. The colors are still the same as the stock lock screen battery… green and red. I have seen this lock screen battery used in a few themes however, this gives you the ability to use the battery with any theme. I am currently using it with the Smoog theme.
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Battery Color Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardThis is a nice collection of different colored batteries for your lockscreen when charging. Most are pretty nice and the white is my favorite. It would probably look pretty nice on a white iPhone. The only downfall is the colors are listed in Spanish. So, you’ll either need to learn Spanish, change the names like I did with iFile, or check out the labeled screenshots below to pick your color.


Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPod touch

##ICON_NAME## Mophie is soon releasing the popular Juice Pack Air for the iPod touch. The Juice Pack Air is the thinner, newer model extra battery and case combo from Mophie. This should be a pretty popular accessory for iPod touch owners. Everytime I am using mine and a friend with an iPod touch sees it they try to fit their iPod touch in it and then ask if they make one. I really like mine for the iPhone and would reccomend this for any iPhone or iPod touch user. There is no release date as of now; their website just says coming soon. It is priced at $79.95 and comes in black, blue and red.
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Battery Control – Additional Statusbar Battery Options

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Battery Control Battery Control, an application that allows you to control your Status bar battery image and percentage, was updated. I actually haven’t reviewed this app since it was first released so, I thought I would catch it up since it has had some pretty cool updates.

When the app was first released, it was pretty basic, it only contained a few features… the ability to turn on/off Show Battery and turn on/off Show Percentage. Since then, an Accuracy feature has been added that allows you to choose if you want the accuracy of your battery percentage to be based on the official SDK or based on more accurate battery percentages like SBSettings numeric battery or the default setting. [Read more…]

Battery Control – Turn on/off Statusbar Battery Icon and Percentage

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Battery Control Battery Control is a simple application that allows you to turn on/off the Statusbar battery icon and the Statusbar battery percentage. Once the app is installed, it is added as an option in the stock Settings application. The app gives you two options, turn on/off Show Battery and turn on/off Show Percentage.

A simple application but, I think one of the only that allows you to turn off the battery icon and still leave the battery percentage. Doug like that he can turn off the battery icon and have some additional space on his statusbar. You can get Battery Control via modmyi source.


iHandy:) – Adds Additional Settings Options

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iHandy:) iHandy:) is an application that gives you a few more settings options. Once installed, you can get to iHandy via the stock Settings application. Here you are able to turn on/off the Battery Percentage, Hide Battery Elements, Hide Low Power Alerts and the Reflective Dock. You are also able to choose your Home Button double-tap. You can change the double-tap to any of the stock applications as well as Nike + iPod, Phone Favorites and Search. [Read more…]

Vibration Battery Update – Adds Slider

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibration Battery vibrationbattery11 Apparently, the Vibration Battery mod that I wrote about a few days ago was also supposed to include a slider. The packages has been updated and now contains the slider. Check out the screenshots below. You can get Vibration Battery via the modmyi source. [Read more…]

Vibration Battery – 3D Lock Screen Battery

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Vibration Battery vibrationbatterymod2 Vibration Battery is a lock screen battery mod…the battery that is displayed with your device is plugged into a computer. The mod is a cool 3D style “battery.” It contains 17 frames that change as the amount of battery life changes. You can check out the Download page on ModMyi HERE. You can get Vibration Battery via the modmyi source in Cydia. The mod is enabled/disabled in WinterBoard [Read more…]

Enable Battery Percentage on iPhone 3GS without Jailbreaking

##ICON_NAME## One of my favorite mods on my jailbreak iPhone is that I can display the exact battery percentage of my battery on the status bar. Well, Apple has made this feature available on the iPhone 3GS. To enable the Status Bar percentage just go into your stock Settings application, then the General option, then the Usage option. In the Usage option, you will find the Battery Percentage feature…just turn it on. [Read more…]

iPhone 3GS Disassemble and Repair Video

##ICON_NAME## recently posted a video on how to disassemble and repair an iPhone 3GS. If you are the fix-it type and you break your touch screen or you want to replace your battery or LCD…here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that! I honestly would never try this (Doug might) but, it is interesting to watch.

I also found that if you are willing to give it a shot, you can purchase the touch screen (IP-2320) and the LCD (IP-2321) for $69.99 each on their website. Below is the video demo.



Griffin PowerBlock Reserve – $39.99

powerTake a look at Griffin’s new USB Charger. At first it looks like a pretty normal wall charger. But if you look close, you can see a detachable battery that can charge your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Griffin PowerBlock Reserve - $39.99

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Firmware 3.0 Battery Percentage in Status Bar, Data Detectors, Safari

AppleWhen I upgraded to the 3.0 firmware I thought that it was pretty kewl that a few features from jailbreaking where still in place. My carrier was still set to “Ahhyeah” and my battery percentage was still in the status bar. This usually happens with any jailbreak followed by a firmware upgrade. I set both features when jailbroke; my carrier logo with MakeItMine and the battery percentage with Supreme Preferences.

This is all kewl but what caught my attention was the battery percentage looked different. I used to be able to tap on my battery and it would switch to numbers, just numbers. Now it’s to the left of the battery and there all the time. It also has a percent sign(%) next to it and when it drops to 20% or lower, the text turns red. I thought maybe this was a developer feature when beta testing firmware but I had never heard of it before and wasn’t hearing anyone else talk about it with current firmware. [Read more…]

SysInfoPlus – Detailed Info about your iPhone and/or iPod Touch

Ok guys, here is the deal…I’m going to do my best to explain this application however, I have to admit that about half of it means absolutely nothing to me! :) So, I will keep it brief and give you some screenshots (hopefully I don’t leave any info that I shouldn’t in the screenshots!!).

Here we go, SysInfoPlus is basically an application that gives you probably every piece of information available to give about your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you open the app you will see five options on the lower menu bar; System, Process, Memory, Disk and Network.

In the System option, you will find a ton of system information. Everything from Load Average to Battery Info to Network Interface Info to Storage Specs to Device Info to Kernel Info to Hardware Info. I mean seriously…like everything you could ever want to know!
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New Power Slider Battery From Incase

powerSomeone recently sent us a link to this sweet new alternative to external batteries for the iPhone. Here is a link to some previous articles and reviews we’ve done on external batteries. This case is pretty sweet ’cause it lets you charge and sync the iPhone, not just charge. We’ll do what we can to get a hold of one from Incase.