Supreme Preferences – Adds Additional Settings Options

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Supreme Preferences Supreme Preferences is an application that adds additional functionality to your Settings options (similar to Extended Preferences). When you install Supreme Preferences, you will need to go into WinterBoard and select it in order to activate it. Once, you have selected it in WinterBoard, you can go into your stock Settings application (which will now have a new icon).

The majority of the new settings options are located in the Supreme Preferences options (scroll down, it’s just after the Photos option). However, it does add a few amoungst your other Settings options as well. In the General settings, you will now see an option for Auto-Dim as well as Touch Sensitivity. the Auto-Dim feature allows you to choose an how long you would like your screen to stay on before it dims. The options range from Never to 10 minutes. The Touch Sensitivity option allows you to change how sensitivity your iPhone or iPod Touch’s touch screen is. This ranges from 0.0 to 16.0. I would not suggest turning it all the way up to 16.0…it will take you 30 minutes to touch it perfectly in order to turn it back down!! Both of these features seem to work with correctly. You will also notice that it adds an iTunes option on your main settings menu. When selected, you will have the option to turn on/off Save Password.

The rest of the settings are located in the Supreme Preferences options. When selected, you will get a page that includes all the addition settings that Supreme Preferences offers. The first is On-The-Go and Genius for your iPod. You can also choose if you would like it to shuffle by Songs or by Albums. The next options are Calendar Tweaks. Here you are able to choose what time you would like your calendar to start and end the day. Though, I’m not really sure I ever got this feature to work…even after restarting my iPhone. It was the same for the next set of features as well, SpringBoard. The Show Internal Apps, Show YouTube and App Reveal Mode did not seem to work for me no matter what I tried. You will have to let me know in the comments if they worked for you.

The next set of options are the Status Bar settings. Here you can turn on/off Fake Signal Bars (for iPod Touch users), Fake Time which allows you to change the time to what ever you enter into the Fake Time String section or, you can choose from a few prefabbed phrases using the Fake Time Shortcuts option. You can also change your Carrier using the Fake Carrier option. You can choose from a from a few prefabbed phrases (the same ones as the Fake Time) using the Fake Carrier Shortcuts option. The Fake Time setting worked great for me. The Fake Carrier option worked as well however, if you already have a fake carrier set using any other application (MakeItMine), when you delete it using Supreme Preferences, it does not put your stock carrier logo back. Which for me isn’t really a big deal…I just entered Brooke back in and it changed it with no problem.

The last settings options are the Numeric Battery and Numeric Wi-Fi. These are both a must have for me!! They allow you to tap on either your battery and/or Wi-Fi to see the exact percentage (in numbers). Both of these options work great for me.

Overall, this application actually runs smoothly and installs nicely (doesn’t delete your previous preferences) however, there are a few things that I can’t seem to get to work. Honestly, it is always a little hit and miss with these types of applications. I have yet to see one that works completely perfectly.


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  1. lol, I accidentally set the sensitivity to 16 and couldn’t get it back.

    Got to Cydia, installed Veency, logged on and put it back to 3.5 with my mouse.

  2. Haha…you sound like me! I ended up giving my iPhone to Doug and he got it to go back to go back down!

  3. shakecontrol says

    ok here is the demos of the changing icons theme.. the idea is to have an icon that change every 5 or 6 seconds like an slideshow…

    1) make sure you have a 4 icon dock not a 5 icon dock.

    2) make sure you have the dock icons in their default position,, (phone,mail,safari,ipod)

    3)copy the theme to var/stash/themes

    4)apply the theme with winterboard

    5) now check the ipod icon.. it should have the slideshow effect

    6) please otice that this is a free demo and not the complete theme is more like an idea so thta other themes developers could apply this idea using my method or better ones

    here is the link to download!!!


  5. shakecontrol says

    i hope docomar is talking about the supreme preferences theme and not about my theme!!!!! my theme is completely safe

  6. You bet Docomar is talking about the supreme preferences theme!!!!

  7. i know iMario personally :D love his app!

    • The A,Could you left the message to iMario.I know a lot people looking for the bug fixed about custom carrier logo gone, I have another bugs need submit to iMario. Could iMario check if have BossPref installed, the Hifi button can not work to turn it on/off after I install the Supreme Preferences, I have to go back to Settings to turn it on/off. It make me very upset and inconvienent. Hope iMario can fix it

  8. It disable my custoom carrier logo, also disable HiFi Button at BossPref, I need go Back to Settings to disable it. Hope the update version of Supreme Preferences can fix thta problem

  9. This is the same as extended prefs isn’t it?

  10. The supreme preferences is great. But I had one problem, it did not reconize my passcode when I tried to turn on/off or change the feature. So, I had to uninstall it and it was good then.

    • same problem with my iphone, reset make it work again but if you try to turn off the passcode it will fail again and again

      good addon but i preffer wait a update

  11. Hi, great app, but it seem when i remove it without uncheck it from winterboard it deletes my settings icon from desktop, now is there a quick fix or i have to go through restore?

  12. hello,
    just wondering if it was safe to upgrade my 3g from 2.1 to 2.2? i haven’t seen or heard of any news on quickpwn not getting stuck in the df mode (that happened to me last month when i tried to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 last month). any thoughts?

  13. Hey how far are you into fixing the custom carrier logo????

  14. I guess some of you have noticed the updates?
    Anyways, after this weekend there will be another MAJOR update.

  15. bloodanimal says

    cellular bars seems not to work on my iPod Touch 1gen 16gb any tips ?

  16. I changed my Cariier logo to one of my chosing and want to change it back to default but it will not allow me to even with removing Supreme from my iPhone. Any tips?

  17. Same problem here Nick, if you got a solution, please let me know, I just emailed iMario…

  18. @ Nick and @JS,
    Pretty sure that you have to install MakeItMine and reset the carrier logo there.

  19. thanks kalahari … this worked for me ….

  20. I just found out that there is no way i can reset my email account password after i install Supreme theme…. please … ANyone can teach me how to fix it ???? Now i can not check my email through my iphone because i could not edit my new password on my iphone Mail account setting ….. Please Help

  21. If my iphone is on locked screen the screen stays on it wouldn’t go off. thanks to you sir.
    what a (Supreme) screw up :(
    at least you should have a (reset to original) option.

  22. i installed it using my setting logo changed but it the main setting don’t show up in setting. anyone got any idea?

  23. Ive installd it and activated in winterboard but I cant seem to find the supreme-preferences button in settings what am I doing wrong???


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