FakeCarrier – Create Custom Carrier Name and Time String

FakeCarrier is an application that allows you to easily customize both your carrier name and time string in the Status Bar. The app is super simple to use. Once installed, it has three options; Fake Carrier, Fake Time and Show BatteryLevel. To change the carrier or time string just open the option, type your custom message into the space provided and select Set. The string will instantly change without having to close the app or respring your device… this is a nice feature because then you can instantly see what your custom string looks like and if you do not like it, you can just change it right there. To get the stock Carrier name of Time string back, just tap Reset. Simple and easy.
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Tripod Camera – Anti-Tilt, Anti-Shake, Timer, Full Screen Shutter and More

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Tripod Camera Tripod Camera is a multifunctional camera application containing features such as; Anti-Tilt, Anti-Shake, Timer, Full Screen Shutter, Vibrate mode, Fast Saving, 4x Digital Zoom, Tap-to-Focus (3GS only) and the ability to share photos.

In the settings of the application, you are able to turn on/off Anti-Tilt, Anti-Tilt, Anti-Shake, Time, Full Screen Shutter, Vibrate mode and Fast Saving. Each of these option have great descriptions in the settings… props for that!

On the main photo screen you are able to take a picture, zoom in on an image (1x – 4x digit zoom) and preview photos. When you are previewing photos you can easily share them on twitter, facebook, momo or via email. There is also a Tap-to-Focus option (3GS only) that can be enabled/disabled in the stock Settings application under the Tripod Camera option.
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LiveClock Update – Smoother 3.0 Integration

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

LiveClock LiveClock has been updated to version 0.4. Before the update, the LiveClock mod worked but, it was a little weird…when you first installed it, it would display six hands instead of three and you would have to tap at the very bottom of the Clock icon to open the stock Clock application. Well, the update fixes these problems. I no longer had a problem with the mod displaying six hands and the Clock application opens normally. [Read more…]

SpringBoard Clock Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpringBoard Clock There is an update to SpringBoard Clock, a mod that adds the current time and date to your SpringBoard, to version 1.1. The update is said to change the app so that the user can use their own wallpaper and includes some bug fixes. I gave the update a shot and I’m still not having much luck. The wallpaper of the mod has been changed to a blank wallpaper but, I still cannot use it with another theme’s wallpaper (by moving the theme above the SpringBoard Clock mod in WinterBoard) or use my own wallpaper with the mod (by moving User Wallpaper above the SpringBaord Clock mod in WinterBoard). Let me know in the comments if it is working for you. You can get SpringBoard Clock via the modmyi source. Remember, there is an English version of the mod. [Read more…]

SpringBoard Clock – Display Date and Time on SpringBoard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpringBoard Clock This mod was originally released in a different language however, it was then re-released in English called SpringBoard Clock-English. What the mod does is add the Date and Time to the bottom of the SpringBoard where your page dots normally are. It looks the best if used with smaller icons. If you are using the stock size icons, you can turn on the Transparent Dock mod, and that will allow the SpringBoard Clock to fit a little better. The application package also includes an html file if you would like to ssh in and do some of your own customizations to the mod…it is located in the Library/Themes/Springboard Clock – English.theme folder.

The mod comes with a wallpaper that I can’t seem to change using WinterBoard which means you would have to ssh in a different wallpaper if you would like it changed. You can get this mod via the modmyi source. [Read more…]

LiveClock Mod on 3.0 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

LiveClock I have had quite a few people asking me about the LiveClock mod (a mod that displays the current time on your Clock icon) and whether or not it works on the 3.0 firmware….the answer is, yes!

The first time you install the mod, it will be over the top of your Stock icon which makes it look weird because it will have two hour, minute and second hands. All you need to do is go into WinterBoard and disable LiveClock. Your iPhone and/or iPod Touch will respring. Now, go back into WinterBoard and uncheck the LiveClock Disabled option…your device will respring again and voilà you will have the LiveClock mod (working correctly). You can get this mod via the iSpazio source.

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Lockscreen Clock Hide

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Lockscreen Clock Hide Lockscreen Clock Hide is a mod that removes the time and date from your lockscreen leaving you with just a blank lockscreen. What is cool, is that it replaces the little lock icon that is normally on your status bar when your iPhone or iPod Touch is locked with the time! So, you don’t actually completely lose the time…it just gets moved to your status bar!

As soon as you install the app…it activated the mod (it is not activated/deactivated via WinterBoard). To get your date and time back, just uninstall the app. I had no issues installing or uninstalling this application. You can get Lockscreen Clock Hide via the david.ashman.com source.
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No Clock – Remove Status Bar Time

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

No Clock No Clock is a mod that removes the time from your status bar. This is nice for the themes that display the time and date on the SpringBoard (which there are quite a few of!). This mod is available through the ModMyi source and is activate/deactivated in WinterBoard. I did not have any issues when activating or deactivating this app.

RightClock – Status Bar Time Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

RightClock RightClock is an application that will move the time on your status bar to the right side of the status bar just before the battery icon. When you install RightClock, it is added into WinterBoard…where it can be activate and deactivated. I’m not completely sure why you would want your time all the way to the right. The only thing I can think of is that you can then have a longer carrier logo mod. Also, in order for RightClock to work correctly, you cannot have any sort of status bar notifiers. If you have any status bar notifier apps installed and activated (such as IntelliScreen, Notifier, StatusNotifier…etc) it will put the time behind the notification icons on the status bar. RightClock is available via the ModMyi source. See screenshots below! [Read more…]

LCD Clock – Display Time, Date and Calendar

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

LCD Clock Whenever I get bored, I usually take a trip to the App Store and do some window shopping, preferably strolling down the free aisles of the store. One app that often showed up in the Top 25 was a utility that acted as a clock display and alarm clock. I never downloaded the app since I didn’t really find a need for the program. However, LCD Clock came up as an assignment, so I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with these clock/alarm utilities.

With LCD clock, you basically get a digital clock, date, and calendar display. The screen can be turned so that only the clock is displayed. Settings (most of which are found in the iPhone settings) for LCD clock go beyond the expected multiple colored displays. For the clock display, you can choose 24-hour or 12-hour (AM/PM). The date can be displayed with the year, month, or date first. For the calendar display, you can view up to 7 months of dates and choose to have holidays highlighted along with Sundays. [Read more…]

LiveTime – Animated Clock Icon

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

LiveTime LiveTime is an application that animates and updates the clock icon on your SpringBoard…allowing it to continually display the current time. When you install LiveTime, it will automatically begin to animate your clock icon. The hour and minute hand will show the current time and the second hand will move accordingly. Now, when you first install the application, it is an overlay on your stock icon. So, you will see the stock time (10:15 and 0 seconds) underneath the animated clock. However, when you installed LiveTime, it also added a theme to WinterBoard titled; LiveTime Clock. If you go into WinterBoard and activate the theme, it will change the icon so that you only see the animated clock. [Read more…]

Supreme Preferences – Adds Additional Settings Options

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Supreme Preferences Supreme Preferences is an application that adds additional functionality to your Settings options (similar to Extended Preferences). When you install Supreme Preferences, you will need to go into WinterBoard and select it in order to activate it. Once, you have selected it in WinterBoard, you can go into your stock Settings application (which will now have a new icon). [Read more…]

Date & Time WinterBoard Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Date & Time is a WinterBoard mod that adds the current date and time to the StatusBar on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I’m not exactly sure why you would need this mod because the time is already on your statusbar and the date is on the Calendar icon. But, if you are looking to see the date and time with one glance…this might just be the mod for you. I did find that if you are using an app that has statusbar notifications, it can overlap the notification depending on how many you have. You can get this mod via the iSpazio source.

WordClock 0.1b

WordClock WordClock is an application that displays the date and time in word format. When you open the application, you will see that it lists Sunday-Saturday, the first through the thirty-first, one through fifty-nine, am, pm, zero through fifty-two…in words. It will have the today’s date in read…ex; Sunday, the fifteenth of June. It will then have the exact time in red as well…ex; five thirty-six pm and twenty-three. It will change the seconds in real time. You can tap the screen to get into the Settings menu. From here you can change the Background, Foreground and Highlight color. The only issue with this is that you cannot see the color you are changing it to. It would be easier if there was a slider bar the displayed how you were affecting the color when you changed the Red, Green and Blue. The only other issue I have with this application is [Read more…]