LiveClock Update – Smoother 3.0 Integration

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

LiveClock LiveClock has been updated to version 0.4. Before the update, the LiveClock mod worked but, it was a little weird…when you first installed it, it would display six hands instead of three and you would have to tap at the very bottom of the Clock icon to open the stock Clock application. Well, the update fixes these problems. I no longer had a problem with the mod displaying six hands and the Clock application opens normally.

The update also says that it fixes the “digital clock digits disappearing at 00.” Overall, the update seems to work great! I am actually going to leave it enabled now! You can get LiveClock via the iSpazio source.

Note: LiveClock is enabled/disabled via WinterBoard.


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  1. what theme are you using?

  2. Woriking great on my 3GS :)

  3. Christopher Mckechnie says

    Yeah I love the look of that theme too. What’s it called?

  4. The theme is called Smoog. I was able to get it on Cydia using the default repos. You can get icons for the 3.0 apps (Compass, Messages, Voice Memos, and iPod) at and copy them to /Library/Themes/Smoog.theme/Icons/ using AFP/SSH. If you want the themed balloons to show up in the Messages app, you’ll need to rename the folder in /Library/Themes/Smoog.theme/Bundles to (yes, it is case-sensitive). Finally, I went into WinterBoard, de-selected and re-selected Smoog.theme, and resprung. Hope this helps!


  5. Love liveClock but I am currently using it with the iHome theme and it displays the time in military time is there a way to make it display the 24 hour clock?

  6. wondering how you got the black face with the white numbers?
    the white face really looks bad on my theme.