Maintenance Mode

AiS For those of you who did not see the Maintenance Mode page last night or this morning, here is a quick update. Last night Doug decided to do the unthinkable and upgrade our WordPress to the newest version! Well, it seems that upgrading has done a little bit of damage to our Admin Panel…ok, quite a bit of damage. At the moment we are unable to write posts or pages when all plugins are active (we have just over 30 active plugins). This is very not good and is the reason for the lack of articles yesterday and today…I had to put the site into Maintenance Mode in order to write this post. We are doing our best to get it fixed and should hopefully have everything back to normal by tonight. On a positive note, once it is fixed, it does mean we are one step closer to implementing the new site!

So, while you wait, just mosey around the site and see if you find anything new and interesting.

P.S. Happy Friday!

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