LiveClock Update – Smoother 3.0 Integration

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LiveClock LiveClock has been updated to version 0.4. Before the update, the LiveClock mod worked but, it was a little weird…when you first installed it, it would display six hands instead of three and you would have to tap at the very bottom of the Clock icon to open the stock Clock application. Well, the update fixes these problems. I no longer had a problem with the mod displaying six hands and the Clock application opens normally. [Read more…]

LiveClock Mod on 3.0 Firmware

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LiveClock I have had quite a few people asking me about the LiveClock mod (a mod that displays the current time on your Clock icon) and whether or not it works on the 3.0 firmware….the answer is, yes!

The first time you install the mod, it will be over the top of your Stock icon which makes it look weird because it will have two hour, minute and second hands. All you need to do is go into WinterBoard and disable LiveClock. Your iPhone and/or iPod Touch will respring. Now, go back into WinterBoard and uncheck the LiveClock Disabled option…your device will respring again and voilĂ  you will have the LiveClock mod (working correctly). You can get this mod via the iSpazio source.

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LiveTime Becomes LiveClock, Gets An Update

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ClockLiveTime has changed it’s name to LiveClock by request of LiveTime Software. Along with the name change comes an update to version 0.2. There is now a “Dark” theme you can enable through WinterBoard. This is for when you are using a darker theme for your iPhone and need lighter hands. WinterBoard is also no longer needed for the basic hack to work.

UPDATE: Version 0.3 has been released with support for a digital display and an option for no second hand. So far we haven’t got the digital display to work yet…

LiveTime – Animated Clock Icon

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LiveTime LiveTime is an application that animates and updates the clock icon on your SpringBoard…allowing it to continually display the current time. When you install LiveTime, it will automatically begin to animate your clock icon. The hour and minute hand will show the current time and the second hand will move accordingly. Now, when you first install the application, it is an overlay on your stock icon. So, you will see the stock time (10:15 and 0 seconds) underneath the animated clock. However, when you installed LiveTime, it also added a theme to WinterBoard titled; LiveTime Clock. If you go into WinterBoard and activate the theme, it will change the icon so that you only see the animated clock. [Read more…]