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LCD Clock Whenever I get bored, I usually take a trip to the App Store and do some window shopping, preferably strolling down the free aisles of the store. One app that often showed up in the Top 25 was a utility that acted as a clock display and alarm clock. I never downloaded the app since I didn’t really find a need for the program. However, LCD Clock came up as an assignment, so I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with these clock/alarm utilities.

With LCD clock, you basically get a digital clock, date, and calendar display. The screen can be turned so that only the clock is displayed. Settings (most of which are found in the iPhone settings) for LCD clock go beyond the expected multiple colored displays. For the clock display, you can choose 24-hour or 12-hour (AM/PM). The date can be displayed with the year, month, or date first. For the calendar display, you can view up to 7 months of dates and choose to have holidays highlighted along with Sundays.

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The Good
LCD clock has a clean and simple display. The user interface is designed well enough that I was able to figure out all of its features in minutes just by playing around with the app. Swiping the calendar allows you to view other months and tapping the date brings you back to the current month. Tapping various areas of the display allows you to set the alarm, toggle 24-hour mode, and turn on the backlight. Double tapping the screen allows you to change the color of the display, and rotating the screen shows the clock only. One feature that I had to read about is that shaking the phone turns on the Indigo light. Nice touch.

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The Not So Good
As mentioned by the developers and some reviewers in the App Store, this program has its limitations. It is designed to provide a nice display when used with a dock and in a charging state. Since the app does not run in the background, you need to be running LCD clock in order to hear the alarm. I also had to make sure that my sound volume (not ringer) was turned up in order to hear the alarm sounds. Even if I did have a dock and used this app as a display, I’d be concerned about having any kind of stationary screen on my iPhone for such an extended period of time (the app has a default setting to override the auto lock).

The Rest
As an iPhone user who does not use a dock, LCD clock does not appeal to me much. If I need to see the time, I’ll look at the top of my iPhone or the lock screen. If I want to know the date or look at a calendar, I will probably want to see my appointments as well so I will use my current PIM app of choice (Saisuke). And if I want to set an alarm, I’ll first want to make sure that I’ll hear it, and for that I’ll use an app that’s built in (Clock) and not one that needs to be running at all times. If that doesn’t sound like you, or if you do use a dock, $0.99 is a small price to pay for a pretty clock display.

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  1. Got the code!!! Thanks guys!

  2. speaking of alarm clocks, does anyone know of an alarm clock for the iphone that allows the wake up sound to be your ipod library. thanks

    • peacetrain67 says

      i am dying for a feature but its prolly going to need to be a jailbroken feature rather than an app because app store apps cant open up other apps (i believe). something that would be great tho, it shouldnt be to tough, just find a way to add a (i think the rest is right…) symlink to the ipod music library in the same folder that the default alarm sounds are. if this doesnt get done by summer i may eventually try to make such a feature…

    • for lack of better words, may the force be with you

  3. Hi

    My mum has dementia and gets confused about the time i need something that displays the rough time of night in words, I.e it’s two o’clock in the morning , go to sleep, trying to help her confusion and my broken nights!

  4. Can someone tell me if I can view a clock on a locked screen without touching any button on my iPhone. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night wondering what time of the night it is, instead of going through the effort of tapping a button during my sleep is there an app that displays the clock in the phones locked state?


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