Apple Annouces International iPad Release Date and Prices

Apple Today, Apple announced that the iPad will be available in nine more countries on Friday, May 28th. These countries include; Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Customers in these nine countries can begin pre-ordering the iPad on Monday, May 10th via Apple’s online store.

Apple’s press release also states that the iPad will be available in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore sometime in July. Check out Apple’s full press release below for more info.

Below is the International Price List for all versions of the iPad.
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SpringBoard Clock Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpringBoard Clock There is an update to SpringBoard Clock, a mod that adds the current time and date to your SpringBoard, to version 1.1. The update is said to change the app so that the user can use their own wallpaper and includes some bug fixes. I gave the update a shot and I’m still not having much luck. The wallpaper of the mod has been changed to a blank wallpaper but, I still cannot use it with another theme’s wallpaper (by moving the theme above the SpringBoard Clock mod in WinterBoard) or use my own wallpaper with the mod (by moving User Wallpaper above the SpringBaord Clock mod in WinterBoard). Let me know in the comments if it is working for you. You can get SpringBoard Clock via the modmyi source. Remember, there is an English version of the mod. [Read more…]

SpringBoard Clock – Display Date and Time on SpringBoard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpringBoard Clock This mod was originally released in a different language however, it was then re-released in English called SpringBoard Clock-English. What the mod does is add the Date and Time to the bottom of the SpringBoard where your page dots normally are. It looks the best if used with smaller icons. If you are using the stock size icons, you can turn on the Transparent Dock mod, and that will allow the SpringBoard Clock to fit a little better. The application package also includes an html file if you would like to ssh in and do some of your own customizations to the mod…it is located in the Library/Themes/Springboard Clock – English.theme folder.

The mod comes with a wallpaper that I can’t seem to change using WinterBoard which means you would have to ssh in a different wallpaper if you would like it changed. You can get this mod via the modmyi source. [Read more…]

9-Toolbox – 9 Useful Tools in One Application

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99 (Free for limited time)  

9-Toolbox I have had 9-Toolbox on my iPhone for quite some time now and I have to admit that, at first, I was slightly overwhelmed by the application. 9-Toolbox really is nine applications rolled into one. Because of the extensiveness of the app…I will just give you a brief description about each of the nine tools that are available in the app which include; Currency, Date Calc, Days Until, Holidays, Inclinometer, Loan, My Girl’s Day, Tip Calc and Units.

9toolbox 9toolbox1

Currency is a tool that allows you to convert currency rates. You can convert the rates between; USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, MXN, CNY, AUD, CHF and KRW. All you do is select which currency you would like to convert from and which currency you would like to convert to…then just enter the amount and it will automatically do the conversion. You do have the option to delete any of the currencies types that you would never use. You can also move the currencies types around putting the ones you use more often at the top of the list and the ones you use less often at the bottom of the list. [Read more…]

Lockscreen Clock Hide

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Lockscreen Clock Hide Lockscreen Clock Hide is a mod that removes the time and date from your lockscreen leaving you with just a blank lockscreen. What is cool, is that it replaces the little lock icon that is normally on your status bar when your iPhone or iPod Touch is locked with the time! So, you don’t actually completely lose the time…it just gets moved to your status bar!

As soon as you install the app…it activated the mod (it is not activated/deactivated via WinterBoard). To get your date and time back, just uninstall the app. I had no issues installing or uninstalling this application. You can get Lockscreen Clock Hide via the source.
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No Calendar Date – Removes Date From Calendar Icon

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

No Calendar Date The No Calendar Date application is a mod that will remove the date from the calendar icon on your SpringBoard. As the developer mentions in the More Info, this is nice for themes that have smaller icons…most likely for those of you using the FiveIrows mod or the FCSB mod.

When you install the No Calendar Date application, it will be added into WinterBoard where it can then be activated/deactivated. In order for it to display correctly, you will want to move it above your theme in the WinterBoard list. Screenshots below.
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LCD Clock – Display Time, Date and Calendar

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

LCD Clock Whenever I get bored, I usually take a trip to the App Store and do some window shopping, preferably strolling down the free aisles of the store. One app that often showed up in the Top 25 was a utility that acted as a clock display and alarm clock. I never downloaded the app since I didn’t really find a need for the program. However, LCD Clock came up as an assignment, so I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with these clock/alarm utilities.

With LCD clock, you basically get a digital clock, date, and calendar display. The screen can be turned so that only the clock is displayed. Settings (most of which are found in the iPhone settings) for LCD clock go beyond the expected multiple colored displays. For the clock display, you can choose 24-hour or 12-hour (AM/PM). The date can be displayed with the year, month, or date first. For the calendar display, you can view up to 7 months of dates and choose to have holidays highlighted along with Sundays. [Read more…]

Date & Time WinterBoard Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Date & Time is a WinterBoard mod that adds the current date and time to the StatusBar on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I’m not exactly sure why you would need this mod because the time is already on your statusbar and the date is on the Calendar icon. But, if you are looking to see the date and time with one glance…this might just be the mod for you. I did find that if you are using an app that has statusbar notifications, it can overlap the notification depending on how many you have. You can get this mod via the iSpazio source.

Date Hide 1.0

Date HideWhen Date Hide is installed, it will remove the date from the Calendar icon on your iPhone’s SpringBoard. It will remove both the day (Friday, Saturday…) and the number (13, 14…) from the Calendar icon. This is great for themes in which the date does not fit correctly on the Calendar icon. I was able install and uninstall this application with no problem. You can get Date Hide via the Planet-iPhones source.

Note: When you install Date Hide…it will not add an icon to your SpringBoard it will just automatically take off the date on the Calendar icon.

Date Hide 1.0 Date Hide 1.0 Date Hide 1.0 [Read more…]

WordClock 0.1b

WordClock WordClock is an application that displays the date and time in word format. When you open the application, you will see that it lists Sunday-Saturday, the first through the thirty-first, one through fifty-nine, am, pm, zero through fifty-two…in words. It will have the today’s date in read…ex; Sunday, the fifteenth of June. It will then have the exact time in red as well…ex; five thirty-six pm and twenty-three. It will change the seconds in real time. You can tap the screen to get into the Settings menu. From here you can change the Background, Foreground and Highlight color. The only issue with this is that you cannot see the color you are changing it to. It would be easier if there was a slider bar the displayed how you were affecting the color when you changed the Red, Green and Blue. The only other issue I have with this application is [Read more…]