Five-Column SpringBoard Update – Supports 3.0 Firmware

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Five-Column SpringBoard Today the Five-Column SpringBoard (FCSB) mod was updated to version 0.57 (and 0.57-1). The update does a few cool things; it makes the mod compatible with both 2.2.x and 3.0 firmware and it also moves the enable/disable toggle into the stock Setting application instead of creating an icon on the SpringBoard…which I really like! Below is the the change log for both the 0.57 and the 0.57-1 updates.

To toggle the FCSB mod, just open your stock Settings application and select the Five-Column SB option. You can then choose to enable or disable the mod. Which ever you do, it will respring your SpringBoard. I had no problem when I tested the update on firmware 3.0…it worked perfectly. You can get the FCSB mod via the Ste Packaging source. [Read more…]

FCSB (Five Column SpringBoard) Toggle Coming Soon

SettingsThe developer of the Five Column Spring Board hack posted a video of an upcoming feature. It’s just an icon that toggles the 5 or 4 columns when you tap it. You just wait for the iPhone to respring and you’re all set. Here’s the video:

FCSB (Five-Column SpringBoard) Now in Cydia

SettingsYou can now have five columns of icons in your springboard via Cydia. We wrote about this last week as a preview but it was released recently via the SOS iPhone source. We were keeping the install instructions on the down low due to the developer’s comments on others sites. Since he was still in testing mode, he didn’t want to be swamped with emails and bugs. Now that it’s in Cydia, there’s no hiding it. Here’s the original forum post about it at and here’s the developer’s website:

Warning: This is not the original developer’s release. According to a post yesterday the developer wrote: “I need to finish safeguarding the uninstall/toggle and then it’s pretty much ready for release. Ste is out until Sunday, so probably early next week.” So, if you would like to hold out until the app is released by the original developer…it looks as though it will be released through the Ste source and not the SOS iPhone source. [Read more…]

Hack Preview – FCSB (Five-Column SpringBoard)

SettingsWe’ve been tipped off on a pretty sweet hack called FCSB which stands for Five-Column SpringBoard. It pretty much does what it says. What we’ve got is some screenshots and a video. The hack isn’t ready for public release yet but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s stable.

Note: The last screenshot was taken from our test iPhone, seems to be working :)

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