FCSB (Five-Column SpringBoard) Now in Cydia

SettingsYou can now have five columns of icons in your springboard via Cydia. We wrote about this last week as a preview but it was released recently via the SOS iPhone source. We were keeping the install instructions on the down low due to the developer’s comments on others sites. Since he was still in testing mode, he didn’t want to be swamped with emails and bugs. Now that it’s in Cydia, there’s no hiding it. Here’s the original forum post about it at macthemes2.net and here’s the developer’s website: r-ch.net/iphone

Warning: This is not the original developer’s release. According to a post yesterday the developer wrote: “I need to finish safeguarding the uninstall/toggle and then it’s pretty much ready for release. Ste is out until Sunday, so probably early next week.” So, if you would like to hold out until the app is released by the original developer…it looks as though it will be released through the Ste source and not the SOS iPhone source.

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  1. marcovelli says

    I cant find it via Cydia!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH help!!

  2. This is pretty much amazing… Although I can’t find it in Cydia, lol. As far as I can tell, it’s not showing up on my SOSiPhone source. :( I should probably wait for the Ste host, huh?

  3. DJContagious says

    installed it and it works fine!
    just a little buggy when you wanna specifically place your app icons, and when you drag apps, the app drops in the exact spot you take your finger off in, which is pretty neat, but still a bit buggy

  4. Its more than a week on Installer at i.myi.gr repository

  5. This is completely off-topics but please I need an answer:
    What the name of this theme:

    Thanks !

  6. Whats the middle theme called?

  7. Nopes, i rather wait for the release from the original dev, thru the Ste source. Douglas, i hope u inform us about the original release via an update or separate review.

    • I think I agree with you, who knows what he’ll fix in the few days lol. I trust him when he says that its not quite done yet!

  8. Please let us know when the official release comes out please, I’d rather install from the original developers release.


    • There is no official releash of a SpringBoard hack, plus it doesn’t need Erica Utilitis or Ruby or Python and such like other say, it’s just a modification of a plist!

  9. It works. It’s easy to figure out. It is not buggy, It has it’s own little imperatives. If the STE release is so much better, I’ll uninstall and re-install. Meantime, I have 5 columns, and that’s what I care about.

  10. We will most definitely let you know when it is released via the original developer. We should see it in the next day or two.

  11. What theme is that in the middle?

  12. It is cool and works well with me. However there is a very big problem that I am suffering from. I used to switch to Safe Mode to play some heavy games which they normally crash in the normal mode. Safe mode is having the ordinary 4 columns and when I finish playing the game & switching back to the 5 Columns mode, the icons order is going to change and every page will have 4 icons missings (The 4 icons that were making the fifth vertical column at every page) and pushed all to a new last page of Springboard. Now I have to re-sort all of my icons again which is very very annoying.

    I hope that there is a way to save the order of the icons on Springboard. Maybe a new application can be created for this purpose. I am so surprised and shocked that nobody thaught about implementing such application yet!

  13. Hi peeps, so a question popped into my apple iPhone head… with the original SB, you can have up to 9 pages with 16 apps on each page.. in total, 149 apps (including 5 icon dock).

    Now with this FCSB, will the phone allow us to hold up to 20 apps per page (9 pages) = 185 apps?? (including 5 icon dock)? that would be sweet!

    Anyone test this out yet? an answer would be greatful!
    thxs in advance

    • The answer is YES .. I have filled all rest of my pages with blank icons and in total I have 185 icons including my 5 icons dock.

    • Oi, quick one how do you create/get blank icons. After testin out a couple of theme’s I happened to suddenly have 5 and I sorta want more.
      Any leads?

  14. What is the source?? cant find it on sources page

  15. Again with the themes…I see that in the 3rd image they are using a slightly different font for the Icon Labels. Is there a hack or mod instructions to make this change? Or is it already a theme?


  16. I download SOS iphone, but now what were do i go from here to get it to allow me to have the 5 columns?

    Thanks in Advance

  17. The Safe Mode pops up once or twice in every few days. It messes up the order of my icons EVERY time with 5 icon columns. Safe mode was not there when i first installed the 5 icons. Everything was perfect. Now is there a way to prevent this from messing up the orders?

  18. go to cydia and click Ste packages in your dowloaded source packages or packaging its in there somewhere

  19. hello,

    when i try to download five column springboard, cydia said:

    cannot comply: the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found of fixed..

    what can i do? please anyone help me

  20. cannot comply: the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found of fixed..


    I have the same problem. How do i solve this ?


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