Hack Preview – FCSB (Five-Column SpringBoard)

SettingsWe’ve been tipped off on a pretty sweet hack called FCSB which stands for Five-Column SpringBoard. It pretty much does what it says. What we’ve got is some screenshots and a video. The hack isn’t ready for public release yet but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s stable.

Note: The last screenshot was taken from our test iPhone, seems to be working :)

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  1. To cluttered looking. This looks horrible on the iPhone. That would just give me a headache looking at it.

    • If u have a theme that changes the shape of the app then it’s not to cluttered, BRAVO APPLE IPHONE SCHOOL! BRAVO! :)

  2. dang.
    not that bad

  3. Hey that’s cool! Off topic but what’s the name of that theme on the third picture ?

  4. iphonejunky says

    i cant wait…i think its sweet

  5. My question is, do we still get the 9 pages on the springboard?

    • if everything goes well…. then yes
      i believe it works a lot lik the 5 icon dock hack does, just a million times more complicated, thats y its taken so long to develop

    • sean novak says

      looking at the last picture above i would say YES!

    • I wonder if it is possible now to have more than 144 apps installed?! I really need more app space :-)

  6. Boricuanproud says

    Cant Wait for the hack…….sweeeeeeet !!!

  7. Good hack if you’ve already filled your 9 pages and need more room.

    • 9 PAGES good lord i cant go over 6 without my phone lagging crashing and sometimes apps just not responding!!! before and after jailbreaking my phone so its not because its jailbroken.

  8. I’ll give it a try once its out just to see how it looks.

    Any info about the pricing/freeness?? :D

  9. 45 more games will fit on iPhone then nice

  10. Wow that just looks amazing!! I have the Vivid theme installed and it’s the only theme I use. In some ways I think it’ll make the icons look cluttered. But I guess if you have a theme that shrinks your app icons like the 3rd picture (what theme is that?) above then it doesn’t look as messy. With my Vivid theme the icons are clear/transparent so it still might look a bit cluttered. But I can’t wait for the release and hear how it works for the guinea pig testers. :P

  11. (off) What’s the name of that theme on the second picture?

  12. Terrible, way too crowded. . .

  13. That is just awesome, can’t wait…

  14. whats the name of the theme in picture img_0007 ?


  15. Look at ukrainianiphone.com, we did it. A bit unstable, but we did it :)
    Post 2132

  16. Works Great
    I also used iBLANK to create blank icons
    and a weather widget and WOW it works great


  17. DJContagious says

    nice nice NICE!

    im LOVING iT!

  18. I want it! haha nice. hope it comes soon

  19. just installed FCSB and it works like a charm!

  20. i have this on my iphone too i love it, its so awesome!!

  21. Matt Blaskowski says

    Hey everyone i just went threw the process of everything ispazio or whatever says and once i was done i was going to put one “Five Icon Dock” so i search “Five” and you know what pops up right under it… “Five-Column SpringBoard” haha yeah…

  22. What is the first theme in the second row?

  23. haha i have the 5 column icons @ hahaha i love it!

  24. if i was to install the winterboard can i go from one theme to another if i don’t like the previous one i installed?

  25. Looks cool, may give it a try. Thanks

  26. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  27. BoostedBenz says

    it has no icon placement retention…..everytime the phone is reset, resprung or rebooted the icons are in some dumb random place….don’t liker that.

  28. Anyone know what happened with the official release of this hack?

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  2. […] post includes a demo video with icons being moved around in the five-column grid – check it out HERE – and they’ve also apparently got this working on a test […]

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