FCSB (Five Column SpringBoard) Toggle Coming Soon

SettingsThe developer of the Five Column Spring Board hack posted a video of an upcoming feature. It’s just an icon that toggles the 5 or 4 columns when you tap it. You just wait for the iPhone to respring and you’re all set. Here’s the video:

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  1. chrissrockks says

    whats the theme for those square icons? anybody know? doug, brooke?

  2. this is nice, i have the FCSB but i think that categories crashes everytime you change anything with this installed. Also when you sync with itunes sometimes the icons are all screwed up, you just press sleep and home and it comes back to normal.

  3. Instead of doing 5 columns to allow you to install more apps, is there an app out there that creates/allows you to have more springboard pages? Thanks.

    • categories makes folders so that you can have a folder call “games” another books, and so on , and you can put as many app inside every folder so you’ll have many more apps available in one single page. its called CATEGORIES … its a nice app but like i said in my previous post if you make changes to it sometimes crashes if you have FCSB installed.

    • Thanks for the reply seven77, does this allow you to have a greater amount of apps vs. a fully loaded springboard?

  4. I’d love to see a mod that allowed each row of icons to act like the dock. i.e. you could place 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 icons on any row and they would space themselves out, just like they do on the dock. Oh yeah and I love the FCSB :)

    • That would be cool. Mabe one row with 5 icons one with 3 an one with 4. All icons centered like the dock.

    • GANGSTAPHONEi says

      I’m pretty sure that the person just meant to have all the apps on the top row of the springboard or something to stay the same no matter what page your on

  5. @ J1m – you can use blank icons to give that effect? Is that what you mean?

    This toggle feature is all good but has this developer released an initial version of five column springboard in cydia yet?

    • Yes you can space them out similar to the dock but just not quite the same. And using blank icons is such a mess about. Especially when I have so many pages :)

    • It’s currently available in the SOSiPhone source. You should be able to add the repo in cydia’s repository section. I’m not sure if they got the devs permission, but it’s been running without a hitch for a couple days for me.

  6. The first time I heard about fcsb I also saw a video of wallpaper per page. Whats up with that? That would be cool. Does someone know anything about that?

  7. Does this actually increase your app limit? If so, what happens when you go back to 4 columns, do the extra apps just disappear?

  8. I can easily do that when I switch Safe Mode and switching back to the normal mode, but I guess this toggle is for people who wants to keep using the same theme but toggling between 4 and 5 icons.

    For me it looks like it is still leaving an empty space of 4 missing icons at every page, which means it is useless in my situation as I need to re-organize my icons again everytime I toggle from a mode to another.

    It would be so cool if this toggle will make sure that the icons stay at the same order (which I know it does) and not to leave any spaces when switching back to the 5 icons mode.

  9. Well, I like it a lot. I like to leave the last row empty so I can put three more apps on each page. I think it looks good with the Leopard theme.