Five-Column SpringBoard Update – Supports 3.0 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Five-Column SpringBoard Today the Five-Column SpringBoard (FCSB) mod was updated to version 0.57 (and 0.57-1). The update does a few cool things; it makes the mod compatible with both 2.2.x and 3.0 firmware and it also moves the enable/disable toggle into the stock Setting application instead of creating an icon on the SpringBoard…which I really like! Below is the the change log for both the 0.57 and the 0.57-1 updates.

To toggle the FCSB mod, just open your stock Settings application and select the Five-Column SB option. You can then choose to enable or disable the mod. Which ever you do, it will respring your SpringBoard. I had no problem when I tested the update on firmware 3.0…it worked perfectly. You can get the FCSB mod via the Ste Packaging source.

0.57 Update:
– Now supports both 2.2.x and 3.0.
– Toggle is now in Setting app instead of a standalone app.
– Rewritten futureproof toggle/uninstall process
– Less memory leaks!

0.57-1 Update:
– Dropped an installation dependency that was no longer needed.


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  1. Now all we need is 5 rows and were in buisness.

  2. Does this work with regular icons, or only with themes that have smaller icons?

  3. This crashes when used with five icon dock. Doesnt look good without it.

  4. Anybody havin a prob with Winterboard Settings. Mine doesnt show the checkmarks and the text is offset to the right

    • No idea…. but isn’t it weird in general how there are so many of these little problems with jailbroken iPhones? things that will work smoothly for some, and crash the device for others, or cause weird bugs for others?

  5. Hard to say what exactly is causing my issue, I have only a few cydia apps installed, but what I noticed that is kicking my phone’s butt is that when it goes into safemode because moving my icons around can sometimes crash springboard, things seem to be moved around almost randomly once I get back … my iblank spaces all seem to end up on their own page, and I havent been able to get it set up like I want yet without causing some kind of failure. uninstalling and waiting for more stability.

    • Oh and to go even further with my issue, restarting the phone also seems to set all of my organizing work back to zero, regardless of if the phone crashed.