qTweeter Update – Paste Support & Cydia Store Integration

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99  

qTweeter qTweeter, a twitter and facebook application, has been update to version 2.06. The update adds paste support. It also integrates the application into the Cydia store. For those of you who have already “purchased” (donated to) qTweeter, you will not have to purchase the application at the full $4.99. If for some reason it does not show that you already purchased the application, after you install it, it will ask you for your registration information… just enter the email address you used when you donated to the app. [Read more…]

Dock (an application launching utility) on 3.0 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Dock It has been a long time (and when I say long time… I’m talking like August 19th of 2008 long time) since I have done a review of Dock, an application that allows you to launch other applications. Honestly, I didn’t even know if it was working on the 3.0 firmware so I decided to give it a shot and, apparently it does work on 3.0. I do think however, that this app has been through more transformations than any other app!

To use Dock, you just drag your finger up from the bottom right corner (or left… depending on your settings) to the middle of your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. This will bring up a list of applications. You can then drag your finger up and down to scroll through the applications. Once you are on the app that you would like to launch, just let go and it will launch. You can choose the applications you would like in each Dock via the apps settings. [Read more…]

qTweeter Update – Upload Videos to Twitter and Facebook on First Gen iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter qTweeter, a Twitter application, has been updated to version 2.0. The update adds a new feature – video. The really cool part is that you can send a video tweet not only from an iPhone 3GS but also an iPhone 3G and a first gen iPhone (on the 3.0 firmware)! Very cool. [Read more…]

SwirlyMMS 2.1 – 3.0 Support, 3GP Video Support, Folders, Improved GUI

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial, $6.00 Upgrade, $12.00 New  

SwirlyMMS A few days ago, I heard through the grape vine that SwirlyMMS was going to be releasing a significant update to their application. Well, it seems that this is indeed true. SwirlyMMS 2.1 is in the works (actually it’s in the beta testing faze). The update will include some cool new features:

1) Compatible with iPhoneOS 3.0
2) MMSes can now be “categorized” into folders and subfolders. The folders and subfolders are customizable and messages can be moved between folders.
3) Support for 3GP videos on iPhoneOS 3.0.
5) A completely new message browser.
4) The GUI has been optimized leaving it faster and more alert.

[Read more…]

Five-Column SpringBoard Update – Supports 3.0 Firmware

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Five-Column SpringBoard Today the Five-Column SpringBoard (FCSB) mod was updated to version 0.57 (and 0.57-1). The update does a few cool things; it makes the mod compatible with both 2.2.x and 3.0 firmware and it also moves the enable/disable toggle into the stock Setting application instead of creating an icon on the SpringBoard…which I really like! Below is the the change log for both the 0.57 and the 0.57-1 updates.

To toggle the FCSB mod, just open your stock Settings application and select the Five-Column SB option. You can then choose to enable or disable the mod. Which ever you do, it will respring your SpringBoard. I had no problem when I tested the update on firmware 3.0…it worked perfectly. You can get the FCSB mod via the Ste Packaging source. [Read more…]

qTweeter Update – SBSettings Comptability and Add Images to Tweets

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter I did a review of qTweeter, an application that allows you to update your Twitter and/or Facebook status from any application, when it was first released in Cydia. At the time, I found two downfalls with the app…there was no ability to tweet images using qTweeter and every time you launched it, it also launched SBSettings. Well, two updates later, I think we are good to go!

After updating the app, I am able to launch it without launching SBSettings at the same time. The launch motion for qTwetter is still the same, swiping from the status bar down your screen, however it no longer launches SBSettings when you do this. A wonderful improvement! [Read more…]

qTweeter – Update Twitter and/or Facebook Status From Any Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter Last night, just before going to bed, I checked Cydia like I always do. I was surprised to see that Ste Packaging had released an app (it has been a while since I have seen one from them). This instantly made me a little curious about the application so, I decided to check it out. At first I was like, “Yeah, that is just what I need…another Twitter application!” But, after I installed and tested the app…it realized this was like no other Twitter application I had!

qTweeter allows you to update your Twitter and Facebook from any application. How that app works is, once installed, you can slide your finger from your status bar down the page. This brings up a nicely designed little user interface. The first time you launch the app (swipe from the status bar down) you will get a Welcome to qTweeter page. Here you will want to select the Start Using qTweeter option. [Read more…]

wigglefree – Stop Your Icons From Wiggling – Now Available via Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WiggleFree A couple of weeks ago, Doug wrote about how you could stop your icons from wiggling via a download file and some ssh work. Well, it seem the developer has made things a little easier by releasing the app via Cydia. The process is simple and easy, just install the application and no more wiggling icons! This means that when you tap and hold an icon so that they can be moved around your SpringBoard, they will no longer wiggle.

This application is not activated via WinterBoard, it just automatically installs and activates. If you would like your wiggling back, just uninstall the app via Cydia. [Read more…]

SwirlyMMS 1.2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Demo; $8.00 USD  

##ICON_NAME## Hello iPhone People…that is supposed to be read like they say, “Hello Miami” like at concerts and what not. Ok, maybe that only happens in the movies anyway, moving on! It seems that SwirlyMMS, an app that allows multimedia text messaging, has finally made it’s way to the 2.0+ firmware…YAY!. This is very exciting for those of you who can use it! I’m still trying to find a way to get it to work with AT&T but, it does have a new icon!

When you open SwirlyMMS, it will default to the Inbox screen but will then take you to the info screen. On the info screen you will see the options Get Demo and and Arrow. In order to use the application, [Read more…]

biteSMS 1.19

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

biteSMS The update to version 1.19 of bitSMS makes a few updates to the application. It adds Danish and Spanish to the list of compatible languages. It is also said to improve the performance when rendering screens and scrolling. You are also able to switch between biteSMS and the stock SMS application. However, I could not get this feature to work! Let me know in the comments if it worked for you. You can get biteSMS through the Ste Packaging source.

biteSMS 1.19

aMaze 1.3.0

aMaze The update to version 1.3.0 of aMaze adds ten more levels to the application, bringing the application to 110 levels. You can get aMaze via the Ste Packaging source.

biteSMS 1.18

biteSMS The update to version 1.18 of biteSMS, a SMS replacement application, adds some cool new features. When you open the application and swipe on a text message, you now get a pop-up with the option to forward that message or delete it. In the previous version you were only able to forward a message. Another new features is multiple SIM support because the credits are linked to a SIM. The feature that I am most excited about is the ability to restore your credits right from the application!! I always feel bad when I email them to send me my credits AGAIN…due to the fact that I restore my iPhone so often. If you go into the Setting menu, you will see an option called Lost Your Credits. When selected, [Read more…]

Kusari 1.01

Kusari The update to version 1.01 of Kusari “fixed a bug where you always lose a life if you run out of time (even if you’ve collected enough counters); Graphical improvements; Smaller download package.” I personally did not notice where the graphical improvements were, they must have been subtle. This game has always been really nice graphically and is one of my favorites (probably because it is so sleek!). Kusari is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Kusari 1.01

NavizonGPS 2.0.6

NavizonGPS I just realized that we have never done a review of NavizonGPS. So, here is a full review of the application. NavizonGPS is “a wireless positioning system that works a little bit like a GPS, only that it uses Cellular Towers and Wifi access points instead of satellites. In addition to being a wireless position system, Navizon offers cool features like the Directions, Buddy finder, Geotags and many more.”

When you first open NavizonGPS, after installing it, you will need to set-up an account. You will get a pop-up with the options to select Ok to set-up an account or to select Cancel if you already have an account. If you select Ok, it will open a browser in which you can register for an account. After you have created your account, you can go back to the application on your SpringBoard. This time when you open the application, select Cancel. This will bring you to the main menu.

NavizonGPS 2.0.6 NavizonGPS 2.0.6 NavizonGPS 2.0.6 [Read more…]

biteSMS 1.17

biteSMS The update to version 1.17 of biteSMS does not make any visual changes to the application. It does add language support for Chinese and fix a few bugs. The bug fixes include, “Fixed Send via Carrier character encoding; Better error handling during the Sending process.” biteSMS is available through the Ste Packaging source.

biteSMS 1.17