Dev-Team – Losing GPS Functionality When Unlocking 06.15.00 Baseband

The Dev-Team has added another update to their blog post about the ultrasn0w unlock for iOS 4.2.1. The update talks about an issue with retaining GPS when unlocking iPhones with 06.15.00 baseband. It seems that some people on 06.15.00 are losing their GPS functionality when they unlock their device. The Dev-Team does not currently have a fix for this problem and says that, even though the problem does not occur for everyone, you should just assume you will lose GPS capabilities when ulocking 06.15.00. However, they are working on a fix for the problem. Check out the full details below.
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iPad 3G Released Today

AppleToday Apple releases the iPad 3G. The difference between the iPad and the iPad 3G are the 3G version has a cell phone chip in it and can connect to cell networks for internet. The iPad 3G also has GPS. In the US the carrier compatible with the iPad 3G is AT&T. Their pricing plans for data are $14.99 for 250MB usable for 30 days, or $29.99 for unlimited data usable for 30 days. These plans also include the free use of AT&T’s 20,000 Wifi hotspots. If you’re wondering which plan is better for you, check out this article by arstechnica which explains how one plan might work better for you.

– Apple is closing stores from 4-5pm to prepare for the launch.
– Phone calls and text messaging are not supported although VOIP apps like Skype are.
– Preorders over the web should be delivered to your home today.
– No contract: The data plans automatically renew every 30 days but can be canceled with no penalty
– For billing purposes, AT&T will assign you a “fake” mobile number.
– Data usage is tracked on device through Settings>Cellular Data
– When using the 250MB plan you will receive popup notifications when you hit 200MB, 225MB, and 250MB.
– Switching from plan to plan restarts your 30 day plan
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TomTom Creates Car Kit Giving First Gen iPhone and iPod Touch GPS Capability

##ICON_NAME## Earlier this week, TomTom updated their app allowing the TomTom applications to be installed on the first gen iPhone and the first and second gen iPod touches. Previously, the app could only be installed on the iPhone 3G and 3GS. With the update to the app comes a new product… a TomTom Car Kit for the iPod touch.

The iPod touch Car Kit is priced at $99.95 ($20 less than the iPhone Car Kit). The Kit is currently not available and based on the iPhone Car Kit who knows when they will have it ready! Just kidding! They say it is coming soon and it can already be seen on TomTom’s website.
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TomTom iPhone Car Kit Delayed

TomTom We have been keeping you up-to-date on the TomTom Car Kit for the iPhone and it seems the Kit has now been delayed until October. It was previously announced to be launched sometime this summer. TomTom’s spokesperson, Kevin Carter, says; “I can confirm that we have decided to take some extra weeks in order to deliver the highest quality on this innovative product,” Carter said. “So, the car kit will become available for purchase this October on”

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Seek ‘n Spell – 4th of July Week-End Sale

Available In: App Store       Price: Sale – $0.99  

Seek 'n Spell Seek ‘n Spell, a real-time GPS-based word building competition, is on sale this 4th of July week-end. You can download the app for just $0.99 instead of the normal $2.99. I say it is a prefect week-end to try out this sweet app. Seek ‘n Spell recently won “Best Use of Technology” award from the 2009 Come Out & Play Festival. If you haven’t heard of Seek ‘n Spell, check out the video demo below! [Read more…]

Friday Night Movie Night: AT&T Navigator

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99 per month  

YouTubeSince I’m not going to spend the $9.99 a month to have this feature, here’s a video I found on YouTube. I’m holding out for TomTom’s app and hoping that there’s no monthly subscription.

AT&T Navigator

Seek ‘n Spell Now Available in the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Seek 'n Spell About a month ago, I did a review of an application called Seek ‘n Spell, a real-time GPS-based word building competition. If you recall, I was impressed with the uniqueness of the game and decided to write about it before I even had a copy of it. Well, as of today, it is now available in the App Store. This is most definitly an application that you will want to check out…I personally cant wait to try it out! Below are the description and demo video in case you missed them the first time around.

Seek 'n Spell

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Seek ‘n Spell – A Real-Time GPS-Based Word Building Competition

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

##ICON_NAME## Ok, I was going to wait to tell you guys about this app once I had a copy of it but, I find it very intriguing so I thought I would pass it along now! Seek ‘n Spell is a, “a real-time GPS-based word building competition.” Honestly, I have not seen an application quite like this one. The object of the game is to create words by collecting letters. The catch is the letters are located outdoors. You collect letters by finding the letters based on GPS location. Your iPhone’s screen displays where each letter is located and then you must run (or walk) to that location in order to obtain the letter. You want to collect letters that will create the longest word…think real life Scrabble. To get a true feel of the application you will want to check out the demo video below.

Seek ‘n Spell has been submitted to the App Store but is still waiting approval so, keep your eye out for it. For more info check out their website. Overall, this seems like a super fun game to play…especially with the weather getting warmer. [Read more…]

Favorite iPhone Feature – GPS

AiS Ok, last night I was driving to a dinner party (that happened to be women only…meaning Doug was not driving me there) and I realized that I have a favorite feature on my iPhone. Granted there are many features that I love about my iPhone but, last night I realized I have a favorite…GPS. The fact that you can search for a restaurant and then get directions to that restaurant based on your current location is awesome in itself but, then to watch as your little blue dot moves along the route is just AMAZING!! Before GPS on my iPhone…I used to have to wonder if I had accidentally merged onto a new street and was no longer going the correct direction. Not any more…now I can just sit back, relax and watch my blue dot! In my area the GPS is wonderfully accurate and updates very quickly!

So, back to my story, last night on my way to this dinner party, I had two sets of directions; paper and my iPhone. I decided to give the paper directions a shot. Well, needless to say, I got lost (which, if you ask Doug, doesn’t take much). When I was on the brink of panic… [Read more…]

NavizonGPS 2.0.6

NavizonGPS I just realized that we have never done a review of NavizonGPS. So, here is a full review of the application. NavizonGPS is “a wireless positioning system that works a little bit like a GPS, only that it uses Cellular Towers and Wifi access points instead of satellites. In addition to being a wireless position system, Navizon offers cool features like the Directions, Buddy finder, Geotags and many more.”

When you first open NavizonGPS, after installing it, you will need to set-up an account. You will get a pop-up with the options to select Ok to set-up an account or to select Cancel if you already have an account. If you select Ok, it will open a browser in which you can register for an account. After you have created your account, you can go back to the application on your SpringBoard. This time when you open the application, select Cancel. This will bring you to the main menu.

NavizonGPS 2.0.6 NavizonGPS 2.0.6 NavizonGPS 2.0.6 [Read more…]

iPhone 3G gets GPS

One of the biggest features of the new iPhone 3G is GPS. This includes live, updated tracking on Google Maps. There is even news today of TomTom preparing an app for the App Store.

“Our navigation system runs on the iPhone already,”

The GPS in the iPhone is not your normal GPS. With the iPhone you get A-GPS or assisted GPS. The iPhone uses it’s internet connection through the cell network to get information about where the sattelites are currently located and makes a faster connection.

Have you ever noticed that when in a building, GPS can’t get signal to the satellites. The iPhone 3G also uses the info from the cell phone towers and wifi routers to give you location information when GPS is not available. [Read more…]

3G iPhone to be released at WWDC June 9th

If you read our news page you already know most of this info because everyone is talking about it. Now of course Apple hasn’t announced this but there are so many signs like this internal memo from UK carrier O2:

“Due to the highly successful sales of the Apple 8GB iPhone, supply chains have run out of stock and will not be replenishing stock of this product as it has now gone to end of life.”

The 3G iPhone will most likely be announced during the WWDC, June 9th – 13th with sizes of 16GB & 32GB and minor design changes. Rumor lists include true GPS, thinner design and camera in front (video chat).

– written from my iPhone