iPhone 3G gets GPS

One of the biggest features of the new iPhone 3G is GPS. This includes live, updated tracking on Google Maps. There is even news today of TomTom preparing an app for the App Store.

“Our navigation system runs on the iPhone already,”

The GPS in the iPhone is not your normal GPS. With the iPhone you get A-GPS or assisted GPS. The iPhone uses it’s internet connection through the cell network to get information about where the sattelites are currently located and makes a faster connection.

Have you ever noticed that when in a building, GPS can’t get signal to the satellites. The iPhone 3G also uses the info from the cell phone towers and wifi routers to give you location information when GPS is not available.

Not only does the GPS pinpoint your location, it tracks you as you move. Using the stock Maps application you will get a blue dot that move and tracks with you as you move. This GPS and tracking info is available to the built in apps and apps in the App Store. So you can now geotag your pictures! Here’s a video of what the tracking looks like:

NOTE: This video has no audio.

Finally, the GPS is built so it doesn’t drain your battery. It only turns on when needed and is built to load up quickly.

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  1. so if its unlocked and u don’t have a 3g data plan the gps does not work?

  2. this required contract looks & smells like a law suit waiting to happen. I mean isn’t the iPhone a multi-device? Can’t the iPhone be purchased to only be used for the WiFi, iPod, video, games, weather, stock, and GPS? I think someone should look into this and screw AT&T for trying to screw with us (the customers)…..

  3. grkcrusader says

    Will the GPS be offered to us who own the 1st generation iPhone?

    • No way to retro-fit a chip. It is assisted GPS.It uses towers AND a hardware chip….