TomTom Creates Car Kit Giving First Gen iPhone and iPod Touch GPS Capability

##ICON_NAME## Earlier this week, TomTom updated their app allowing the TomTom applications to be installed on the first gen iPhone and the first and second gen iPod touches. Previously, the app could only be installed on the iPhone 3G and 3GS. With the update to the app comes a new product… a TomTom Car Kit for the iPod touch.

The iPod touch Car Kit is priced at $99.95 ($20 less than the iPhone Car Kit). The Kit is currently not available and based on the iPhone Car Kit who knows when they will have it ready! Just kidding! They say it is coming soon and it can already be seen on TomTom’s website.

Note: Both the first gen iPhone and the iPod touch require a Car Kit because they do not contain the needed GPS receiver. So, if you want TomTom’s GPS on your first gen iPhone or iPod touch, you have no choice but to buy the TomTom app for $99.99 and the Car Kit for $99.95.


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