i101 – Episode 25 – WWDC 2016 Preview & Rumors

Hey guys! We are so excited to bring back i101! In episode 25 we talk about the many rumors of what’s to come at Apple’s 2016 World Wide Developer’s Conference. [Read more…]

2010 WWDC Keynote Video Now Available

Apple Apple has finally posted the video of yesterday’s WWDC Keynote. The video is available in low, medium and high quality and is around a hour and 52 minutes long. It is not available in iTunes quite yet but I’m sure it will be soon. You can find the video on Apple’s website.


WWDC 2010 Live Blog

AppleWe will be posting the latest info as we get it about all devices running iPhone OS. This includes the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and maybe the new Apple TV.


Stats: Over 2 million iPads Sold, that’s one every 3 seconds; 8,500 native iPad apps, downloaded over 35 million times; in the first 65 days, users have downloaded over 5 million books; Over 5 billion downloads from the App Store; Over 1 billion dollars paid out to developers; iPhone has 58.2% of the entire mobile browser usage in the country, over 2.5x as much as number two, which is Android, at 22.7%; 100 millionth iOS device sold;

The developer of elements app earned more on the first day of iPad launch than 5 years of Google ads.


You can now view PDFs in iBooks. We put a little selector right at the top so you can select between books and PDFs. Whole new bookshelf for just PDFs. You can now make notes on your bookmarks.


App Store

Netflix app for the iPhone coming this summer for free. Farmville coming to the iPhone, syncs with Facebook app, released by end of June. Updates to Guitar Hero app with new strumming feature.

iPhone 4

Steve says, “Some of you may have already seen this. Trust me, you ain’t seen it. You gotta see it in person. It’s one of the most beautiful designs you have ever seen”


It’s 9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than the 3GS. Confirmed front facing camera, LED Flash on back.

Metal band around outside is antenna system.

New display with 4x pixel density, 326 pixels per inch (human eye detects only 300), 3.5″, same size as 3GS, but at 960×640 pixels (4x more pixels), 800:1 contrast ratio, iPhone OS 4 automatically makes apps upscale to new resolution.

iPhone 4 is powered by the A4 chip. (Just like the iPad)

40% more talk time on 3G, 7 hours; 6 hours of 3G browsing; 10 hours of wifi browsing; 40 hours of music; 300 hours of standby; 10 hours of video;

Quad-band HSDPA/HSUPA for 7.2Mbps down, 4.8 Mbps up

Dual mics for noise cancellation, 802.11n WiFi, GPS+accelerometer+compass, adding a gyroscope for more precision

New camera system, 5 megapixel sensor, backside illuminated sensor, LED flash, digital zoom, records 720p 30fps video, LED flash works for video too, iMovie for iPhone ($4.99)


iPhone OS 4 name is being renamed to iOS 4.


Microsoft’s Bing will be an option for search within Safari but Google will stay the default.

iOS 4 Golden Master Candidate out today for developers!

iBooks coming to the iPhone & iPod touch with iOS 4. Sync iBooks notes, bookmarks, etc, across all devices.


iAds will begin showing up on July 1st.

Steve Jobs calls friend Jonny Ive over video chat on the iPhone 4. It’s called FaceTime, Wifi only during 2010 until networks can support it, use front or rear camera, switch cameras during call.


iPhone 4 comes in black and white, $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, With AT&T: if your contract expires anytime in 2010, you are immediately eligible for a new iPhone 4 at the same $199 or $299 prices if you top up your contract for 2 years, up to 6 months early eligibility for an iPhone 4.

On sale June 24th, preorders start June 15th, ships in 5 countries: US, France, Germany, UK, Japan.

iPhone 3G now gone, iPhone 3GS $99 for 8GB starting June 24th, 18 more countries in July, 24 more in August, 40 more in September.

iPhone 4 Dock will be $29. Apple will make own case for iPhone 4 in multiple colors.

iOS 4 firmware upgrade is free for all supported devices.


New iPhone Announced Today!

AppleToday should be the big day for the new iPhone to be released. The WWDC, World Wide Developers Conference, is where the other iPhones have been announced and revealed. Of course, this time there was a major leak and we already know what the phone will look like. I’m gonna vote on the name iPhone HD. With the higher resolution screen and higher megapixel camera this makes me think iPhone High Definition sounds good. [Read more…]

App Wall at WWDC

App Wall WWDC Now, this is crazy cool! Many of you may have already seen this but, I just had to post it anyway! At WWDC it seems that Apple has decided to give developer’s a little perspective on how well apps are doing in the App Store. They have set up a wall of screens displaying many of the apps available in the App Store. What makes this really cool is that the apps are arranged by color and each time one is downloaded from the App Store, it pulses. It is not quite real time and not all the 50,000+ apps are represented on the screens but, it still looks really sweet. Check out the video and screenshots below. [Read more…]

WWDC 2009 Keynote Video

AppleApple has posted the video from the recent keynote and the 2009 World Wide Developer Conference. Here is a link to that video:


WWDC 2009 Live Blog

Apple iPhone SchoolHere’s where we will be writing about all the new info coming in from WWDC 2009 where we are very sure the new iPhone will be revealed. You will need to refresh the page to see new info. I will put the newest info at the top so you don’t have to scroll down.

2:05 – Sounds like it’s over, no front facing camera, no tablet, no new iPod Touch

2:00 – 16GB iPhone 3GS is $199, 32GB iPhone $299, Current iPhone 3G is $99, iPhone 3GS is available June 19th!

1:58 – More battery life: The 3G got 6 on Wi-Fi, 7 on Video, 24 on Audio, 10 on 2G talk and 5 on 3G talk. 3gS gests 9 on Wi-Fi, 10 on video, 30 on audio, 12 on 2g talk and 5 on 3g talk.

1:57 – Nike Plus

1:55 – digital compass:

1:54 – Voice Control, voice dial, hold home button to get this screen:

1:51 – It also capture Video! 30 frames per second, share with youtube, mms, email, mobile me. Trim video with tap of finger.

1:49 – 3MP camera, auto focus, tap to focus, Auto Macro (10cm)

1:48 – So far we know it’s FASTER!

1:47 – New iPhone 3GS

1:45 – Apple just called other devices, “Crappy devices” Here’s why:

1:42 – iPhone 3.0 firmware will be free for iPhones, $9.99 for iPod Touches. All on June 17th NEXT WEDNESDAY!

1:38 – Demo of Guitar App, control effects from iPhone, tune

1:36 – Demo of Car Rental App, finds car, unlocks it from the iPhone.

1:33 – Lots of signs showing that the firmware won’t be out today…

1:32 – Demo of a kids science experiment results showing up live on the iPhone.

1:29 – Now we know why Star Defense delayed launch. It is launched today.

1:27 – TomTom accessory (window mount)

1:23 – They are showing TOMTOM!

1:23 – Text books on the iPhone :)

1:21 – Book publisher showing in app purchases for books.

1:18 – Doctors can see realtime data from patients.

1:14 – Developers are demoing apps that use the new 3.0 firmware.

1:13 – Push Notifications with badges, custom sounds and text alerts.

1:12 – Turn by turn can be built into apps. Like TomTom.

1:11 – iPhone can connect to accessories over bluetooth

1:10 – talking about new features we already know like peer to peer connectivity over bluetooth for games and file sharing

1:08 – remote wipe, easy restore

1:07 – Mobile Me users only – locates iPhone on a map, makes it make noise, even on silent, send message to iPhone.

1:06 – Talking about a new “find my iphone feature”

1:05 – New languages, greek, hebrew, thai, arabic

1:03 – Video streaming adapts to web connection

1:03 – Safari is 3 times faster

1:02 – AT&T not supporting Tethering until later this year.

1:01 – Tethering, share internet with you laptop USB or Bluetooth

1:00 – finegrade parental controls over specific apps & movies.

1:00 – Rent and purchase movies from your iPhone, tv shows, audio books, iTunes U.

12:59 – Talking about Spotlight, search for your iPhone

12:58 – MMS will not be out for AT&T until later this summer!! Boo!!!

12:57 – MMS, already know this too…

12:56 – They are talking about new 3.0 firmware like copy and paste. We already know this though.

12:49 – 40,000,000 iPhone OS Devices sold

12:49 – More than 50,000 apps in the App Store

12:48 – iPhone is next!

12:47 – Snow Leopard update is $29.

12:30 – Lots of features of Snow Leopard. We’ll wait till there is more iPhone info…

12:25 – Safari for OS X has Crash Resistance

12:25 – Safari 4 is faster, claimed to be 7.8x faster than IE8.

12:23 – You can spell Chinese on you trackpad

12:22 – After you install Snow Leopard, you recover 6GB of space on your hard drive.

12:20 – Apple’s Finder has been rewritten

12:19 – They are making fun of Windows :)

12:16 – Macbook Air updates – price drop,

12:13 – 13 inch gets Pro features, firewire, starts at $1199, available today

12:12 – 17inch drops to $2499 with 7 hour battery life, 13 inch gets update too, 7 hour battery

12:06 – New version of 15″ MacBook Pro, 5 year battery, 7 hours runtime, SD slot, up to 8GB Memory, 3.06 GHz, 500GB or 256GB SSD, start at $1699

11:59 – One Minute

11:51 – Apple store is down.


11:10 – We are now livestreaming from my desk… Yeah, I know, I’m not there. But now you can feel like part of the team :) It will be in the upper right corner of the website or you can go to Justin.tv/appleiphoneschool. It will be muted until the event begins.

10:56 – More photos of the lines. This one from Engadget. Check out the sign. 64-bit. Is the 2nd Gen iPhone already 64-bit? Or will the 3rd Gen be 64 bit? Anyone?

10:50 – Pictures inside from @stroughtonsmith
inside1 inside1

WWDC Live Blog Tomorrow & My Predictions

Apple iPhone SchoolTomorrow is the big day! As you can see on the right, there are only a few hours left until the big announcement. What’s going to be announced? Well, I have my opinions…

I’m pretty confident that the name of the 3rd iPhone will be called “iPhone Video”. There’s strong evidence in the iPhone 3.0 Beta firmwares to support this:

iphone_30_video_recording_interfaceThis screenshot seems pretty real to me. It would make total sense to have one app run both the still image camera and the video camera. Just toggling the switch into video mode would change the button to a red dot kinda like the red light on the front of most video cameras.

There’s a lot more that goes along with video, one of the best is a new camera/lens. A big rumor is an upgrade to the camera to 3.2MP and the addition of auto focus. This would be really nice for me because right now I carry a DSLR and a Flip Video along with my iPhone. I would like the iPhone to replace the Flip. I doubt it will ever replace the big digital camera. I NEED ZOOM!

Other screenshots show MobileMe video features and even one with buttons that allow for minor editing of the video right on the iPhone. A big wish of mine is the front facing camera to make video phone calls. This seems to good to be true. Maybe someday with the 4G/LTE network. I really do think there will be video recording with the new iPhone. [Read more…]

iPhone Launch Party

AppleOk, this is why it sucks to live in Iowa. I am totally going to miss out on this party (unless someone wants to sponsor me, it’s only $500 round trip with hotel/air/car rental). It looks like some sweet apps are going to be demoed and of course it’s a great way to hook up with other developers before the big WWDC events. To RSVP you need to go to iphonelaunchparty.com The login info is u:vip p:earlysignup



Some of the apps being previewed are Delicious Library, Convert, Grunts, Plasma, and iSamurai. [Read more…]

New Poll – What features do you think we will see with the next gen iPhone?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – How often do you visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

* Multiple times a day…I’m addicted! (19.0%, 223 Votes)
* At least once a day! (24.0%, 284 Votes)
* A few times a week. (22.0%, 256 Votes)
* When I’m bored! (15.0%, 175 Votes)
* Only when I hear about a good app (so, keep doing those reviews AiS!). (12.0%, 136 Votes)
* What…who goes to the App Store? #fail (9.0%, 103 Votes)
Total Voters: 1,177

You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. [Read more…]

WWDC 2008 Keynote in 60 Seconds

WWDC – It is Finally Upon Us!!

Keynote Well…it is upon us!! Just 12 hours until the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Keynote that we have all been eagerly anticipating!! I’m sooo excited!! I can’t wait to find out if the 3G iPhone is going to have GPS or a camera in the front or video recording. Will it be thinner or thicker, will it come in different colors, will it have a plastic or metal case, what will the AppStore be like?? I guess we will find out tomorrow!

AppleiPhoneSchool is going to be keeping you up-to-date on all the WWDC Keynote announcements. We will have our chat embedded into the front page of the site so feel free to come in and chat about any of the 3G iPhone News. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings!

The Keynote is scheduled for 10:00am PST. Check out the list below to find what time that is in your area.

* 02:00AM – Tokyo (June 10th)
* 07:00PM – GMT / London (June 9th)
* 07:00PM – Paris (June 9th)
* 07:00AM – Hawaii (June 9th)
* 10:00AM – Pacific (June 9th)
* 11:00AM – Mountain (June 9th)
* 12:00PM – Central (June 9th)
* 01:00PM – Eastern (June 9th)

See the full WWDC schedule HERE.

WWDC Schwag T-shirt and Laptop Bag on eBay

I found this auction on eBay of a t-shirt and laptop bag from the WWDC 2008. I would probably bid on it if I wasn’t going to be buying a 3G iPhone soon! I found something pretty interesting. The t-shirt had the icons from the iPhone on it. The time is 10:00 and the date is June 9th. iPhone, 10:00, June 9th… The stock clock icon on the iPhone is set at 9:40. Could this be a hint at the announcement of the 3G iPhone? If so, maybe I will bid!

UPDATE: I bid $25 and got out bid right away :( I’m sure there will be more :)

UPDATE 2: I found another one, this one starts at $75 and has a buy it now of $99. Check out the map icon too!

3G iPhone to be released at WWDC June 9th

If you read our news page you already know most of this info because everyone is talking about it. Now of course Apple hasn’t announced this but there are so many signs like this internal memo from UK carrier O2:

“Due to the highly successful sales of the Apple 8GB iPhone, supply chains have run out of stock and will not be replenishing stock of this product as it has now gone to end of life.”

The 3G iPhone will most likely be announced during the WWDC, June 9th – 13th with sizes of 16GB & 32GB and minor design changes. Rumor lists include true GPS, thinner design and camera in front (video chat).

– written from my iPhone