WWDC Live Blog Tomorrow & My Predictions

Apple iPhone SchoolTomorrow is the big day! As you can see on the right, there are only a few hours left until the big announcement. What’s going to be announced? Well, I have my opinions…

I’m pretty confident that the name of the 3rd iPhone will be called “iPhone Video”. There’s strong evidence in the iPhone 3.0 Beta firmwares to support this:

iphone_30_video_recording_interfaceThis screenshot seems pretty real to me. It would make total sense to have one app run both the still image camera and the video camera. Just toggling the switch into video mode would change the button to a red dot kinda like the red light on the front of most video cameras.

There’s a lot more that goes along with video, one of the best is a new camera/lens. A big rumor is an upgrade to the camera to 3.2MP and the addition of auto focus. This would be really nice for me because right now I carry a DSLR and a Flip Video along with my iPhone. I would like the iPhone to replace the Flip. I doubt it will ever replace the big digital camera. I NEED ZOOM!

Other screenshots show MobileMe video features and even one with buttons that allow for minor editing of the video right on the iPhone. A big wish of mine is the front facing camera to make video phone calls. This seems to good to be true. Maybe someday with the 4G/LTE network. I really do think there will be video recording with the new iPhone.

There are rumors of physical changes to the device too. One is replacement of the chrome bezel to black. I’m not sure why Apple would do this. Both first iPhones have the chrome. Not really a big deal to me but I guess it’s false. Another thing I don’t think is going to happen is the rubberized back. I used to have a incase rubber case for my iPhone, and while it did help me hold onto he iPhone, it made it hard to get in and out of my pocket. I think Apple will continue to resort to cases to allow the user to customize them.

There are all kinds of rumors flying around about the price of the next set of iPhones. The biggest one is a $99 4GB model. This would be a big seller for the device, but the monthly plan is the bigger concern too. There are, of course, rumors about the data plans becoming cheaper too. I think the $99 iPhone is very likely (with a 2 year contract of course). Data plans changing would be nice, but anything less than unlimited SMS/MMS and Data are not going to happen with me.

Standard feature upgrades like more battery life, speed, memory, storage, OS update all seem expected.

Some final features for our list may be good ideas, but I just don’t see happening. They include a glowing Apple logo on the back, dedicated shutter button, background running apps, Adobe flash, 802.11n, FM Transmitter and a compass. How about the return of Steve Jobs? (also a rumor)

I’m sure there are more and more but we’ll get to that tomorrow. We’ll be live blogging all the info we can get, tomorrow, noon central time. Goodnight, sweet dreams.

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  1. I think to going to call iphone 3g Pro

  2. “Some final features for our list may be good ideas, but I just don’t see happening. They include a glowing Apple logo on the back, dedicated shutter button, background running apps, Adobe flash, 802.11n, FM Transmitter and a compass. How about the return of Steve Jobs? (also a rumor)”

    The compass has been confirmed in the new 3.0 firmware betas. It is said that a real compass would help with navigation and bring real turn-by-turn GPS to Google Maps or another 3rd party app.

  3. nyansapo says

    So there is slim chance on the video call

  4. hey doug if u want zoom on ur camera you could always get the app from appstore called camera zoom. its really great and it has a feature to change the whole screen to the capture button. :)

  5. I think it will be named iPhone V3

  6. Can someone tell me where I can stream the conference from on my iPhone?

  7. While I am excited to see what ‘upgrades’ and changes Apple has to announce tomorrow, I can’t say that anything rumors I have seen yet cause me to even consider getting a new iPhone. Sure a 3.2 camera with auto focus is an upgrade, but if I am taking a picture of a something that is important it isn’t going to be with a phone camera. Example I am not going to a wedding and just taking my iPhone. Video too would be nice, but I have a Flip HD I don’t have to worry about the battery or memory on my phone.
    The biggest update for me, the one that would cause me buy 3gen is a some sort of blinking notifier of new mail/messages.

    • you don’t need an upgrade to get a notifier, you can get all that with jailbreak, and its a lot cheaper. Video recording is available with CYCORDer.

      What i need to update is a multi tasking verizon iphone. I hope the boyz at apple are dissecting the Pre and emulate the good parts. Also, the pre will be available on verizon in 6 months, when will iphone be on verizon. I get dogged by dropped calls. I love the iphone, but AT&T is trying to break us up :)

    • I guess I should have clarified that by a ‘notifier’ I mean one that alerts without having to turn the screen on, even turning on to the lock screen.

  8. AT&T already offers a service that allows you to stream video live from your regular phone while on a phone call so I think apple may try to implement the front side camera for that service. If this comes to the iPhone then I can dump the laptop.

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