WWDC – It is Finally Upon Us!!

Keynote Well…it is upon us!! Just 12 hours until the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Keynote that we have all been eagerly anticipating!! I’m sooo excited!! I can’t wait to find out if the 3G iPhone is going to have GPS or a camera in the front or video recording. Will it be thinner or thicker, will it come in different colors, will it have a plastic or metal case, what will the AppStore be like?? I guess we will find out tomorrow!

AppleiPhoneSchool is going to be keeping you up-to-date on all the WWDC Keynote announcements. We will have our chat embedded into the front page of the site so feel free to come in and chat about any of the 3G iPhone News. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings!

The Keynote is scheduled for 10:00am PST. Check out the list below to find what time that is in your area.

* 02:00AM – Tokyo (June 10th)
* 07:00PM – GMT / London (June 9th)
* 07:00PM – Paris (June 9th)
* 07:00AM – Hawaii (June 9th)
* 10:00AM – Pacific (June 9th)
* 11:00AM – Mountain (June 9th)
* 12:00PM – Central (June 9th)
* 01:00PM – Eastern (June 9th)

See the full WWDC schedule HERE.

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  1. so excited
    can you please tell me what time it would be in australia

  2. Can’t wait. Will be following.

  3. where can I watch it

  4. on tv?

  5. im more excited than anyone

    im going to be there so its awesome

    also im going to show off my apps i developed :)

  6. Yes…will it be watchable via TV or Web?

  7. where on tv or web ?

  8. Brooke,

    Paris is one hour ahead of London (its GMT +1) :-)

    I’m looking forward to see this announcement!

  9. 7 p-freakin m, why must I wait so long……

  10. Troy Kistler says

    How can I watch it? Is it available on the web? Please let me know.

  11. Yeah, would be nice if someone can tell will this be available live on the web to watch? :)

  12. emm just a few hours away

  13. i wanna see it too
    iguess we ll have to wait few hours more :(

  14. This is going to be soo Cool !!!
    I am counting hours now… It will be at 5 AM here in India…

  15. If this is like any of the other keynotes then you will NOT be able to watch it live unless you find someone streaming it. They usually upload the whole keynote a day later on itunes.

  16. It is not being televised. You will have to follow a live thread which i will be doing ( they post info as its being released via website). Mac rumors will have one going and I’m sure a couple more. The video will be posted after the event.

  17. engadget will be having one Im going to be using that you should try it also

  18. yes………where can i see this show?
    will school saw a picture imediatly

  19. A few people have live updates:

    These are just two of the many =p

  20. Hello who are well .. as a matter properly install thank you for everything


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