New iPhone Announced Today!

AppleToday should be the big day for the new iPhone to be released. The WWDC, World Wide Developers Conference, is where the other iPhones have been announced and revealed. Of course, this time there was a major leak and we already know what the phone will look like. I’m gonna vote on the name iPhone HD. With the higher resolution screen and higher megapixel camera this makes me think iPhone High Definition sounds good.

There could be a lot more things announced today. Mac mini’s have started selling out, the Mac Pro is due for an update, and there are lots of rumors that the Apple TV will get the iPhone OS. It would be pretty awesome to have some of the iPhone apps on the Apple TV but I wasn’t sure how you would interact with it like you can with the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. You can’t use touch or an accelerometer. They would have to have some kind of touchpad remote or something. Well, guess what was leaked this morning?

[nggallery id=79]

It’s thought to be called Magic Pad. It may be something used more for an iMac. Very interesting. Would you use it instead of a mouse or with a mouse? Either way, we’ll find out more today. We’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging all the iPhone OS related products once it begins. Here’s the times of the event.

07:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Moscow
02:00AM – Tokyo (June 8th)

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  1. dcescott says

    Any chance you know which app or site I can get a live feed for the keynote? I’m happy with text and a few snapshots. It’s right at lunch for us. Thanks! Daniel.

  2. dcescott says

    Thank you as always. We look forward to each keynote here at work. Coincidence Gizmodo didn’t make it? Hindsight it’s clear apple wasn’t happy about the leak. Again thank you!