Favorite iPhone Feature – GPS

AiS Ok, last night I was driving to a dinner party (that happened to be women only…meaning Doug was not driving me there) and I realized that I have a favorite feature on my iPhone. Granted there are many features that I love about my iPhone but, last night I realized I have a favorite…GPS. The fact that you can search for a restaurant and then get directions to that restaurant based on your current location is awesome in itself but, then to watch as your little blue dot moves along the route is just AMAZING!! Before GPS on my iPhone…I used to have to wonder if I had accidentally merged onto a new street and was no longer going the correct direction. Not any more…now I can just sit back, relax and watch my blue dot! In my area the GPS is wonderfully accurate and updates very quickly!

So, back to my story, last night on my way to this dinner party, I had two sets of directions; paper and my iPhone. I decided to give the paper directions a shot. Well, needless to say, I got lost (which, if you ask Doug, doesn’t take much). When I was on the brink of panic…lost in a city I don’t normally travel to and already ten minutes late for the dinner party…I remembered my iPhone!! YAY!! Looking at my iPhone I realized my iPhone’s directions took me a slightly different way then the paper directions I had. And, thanks to my blue dot, I was able to quickly get on track with my iPhone’s directions and within minutes I was at the Tournament Club pulling into my parking spot!! That is when I realized that my favorite feature on the iPhone is the GPS!

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite feature on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. That’s ok, but what else must a GPS do? Oh, change the way according to your position and direction? As you said, you had to “get on track with my iPhone’s directions”, so I understand that iPhone does not do that. :(

    • Your right, it doesn’t reroute the directions if you go off course (which would be nice!)…maybe we will see that in the future!

  2. Well I Guess My Favorite Feature Other Than Having A Device That’s A Phone, An iPod And A Mini Computer In One Device: The iPhone :-)
    is The Appstore! LOL, Cheers! Have A Nice Day or Night Brooke, i really Don’t Know What Time Is There LOL

  3. GPS is nothing new. . .it’s been out for MUCH longer than the iPhone

  4. My favorite feature ? Have a GPS, read my mail, surf the internet… and image all that in my phone… Hummm that’s in the ad .. Hihi :)

  5. Too bad it sucks my battery dry so quickly.

  6. My favorite thing about the iPhone is that its everything i need in one device, iPod, mail, internet, msn, Voip(we have wireless internet at home and in school so i make free calls) WiFi, GPS (Used it first day in new school to find closest pizza place) my media, calendar (with xchange support YAY) games, i use it as an usbmemory sometimes too, and lots of more

  7. I just can’t decide on one feature.. There are just too many to love… ;)

  8. same here!!
    i used this all the time. I live in las vegas which is a big city. and u can get lost easily. but i use it to save me gas as well. i always find a faster way home its great to always now exactly where u are and what streets are by u!

  9. steveleepete says

    definately a tie between the amazing GPS capabilites brooke described and the appstore with its wide variety of apps

  10. Jim (Absinth Minded) says

    I think my fav is Winterboard. All the different themes I can make & small changes you can do. Like sliders, keyboard color & signal bars.

    I like my baseball slider I just added to Cydia the other day. =D

    Sent from my iPhone.

  11. i think the whole phone is amazing the gps feature did take me from a chicago suburb to manhattan new york by the way!!! car adapter though!

  12. Speaking of the accuracy of this feature from 2g to 3g phones we were on are way to a baseball game AA ball and I decided to see if my 2g vs my Mom’s 3g yes my Mom has a 3g and I don’t. Well anyway back to my story I turned both on Maps and locating. Almost exact in location surprisingly the 2g via cell tower was quicker and more accurate than the 3g phone in a span of more than 10 miles going straight west on the same road. Has anyone else tested this?

  13. i dont know about the gps thing… i mean you can only really use it when you got wifi or umts(3g) availlable, which neither is usually the case when youre driving somewhere.
    even if id had got 3g available, i wouldnt use it because i dont have a 3g contract :D
    to me, gps is the most useless feature there is and i think it was mostly ment for promoting the new iphone..

    shame on you steve

  14. The iPhone 3G isn’t for everyone, that’s a fact of life. Sorry for those of you who don’t like certain things, thus dislike the phone :-(
    The feature I like best is the overall dependability of the iPhone! I can depend on my GPS to work when I need it. I can depend on never missing an e-mail or text message. I can depend on my iPhone to show me what’s “Around Me”… great app! I love the iTV app, I love the Movies app. Combine all this with Winterboard allowing me to make my phone look like I want it to look, and I feel that I have the perfect device for all my needs! :-D Thanks Brooke!

  15. Well the main reasons I got this phone (besides the fact that the white iPhone is awesome and one of my favorite colors…) is how you can hack the phone and hack WITH the phone. Also (not to try and be a “teachers pet”) if I would have never found this site, and found that you CAN hack the phone and add beautiful themes and such onto it, I would have kept thinking the iPhone was a waste of time and money like I did previously.

    So in short, my favorite part of this phone how you can do pretty much anything with it!

    I’m still waiting for when they have the iPhone as James Bond’s main device. I’ll be first in line for that movie!

  16. it would be nice to have this feature work without need for Data Conection. i mean have a 3rd party implement something with downloadable maps that way you can use your iPhone while traveling in other countries and use it’s GPS capability as well. did i say nice? i mean VERY nice!

  17. well i must say the primitive gps is the worst part on iphone. hope oneday we get it work like an average gps device on the market. (samsung omnia is doing this great. a possible iphone killer)

  18. I love the GPS and mapping the best as well – of course teamed up with “Where To?” – we used it all over the San Francisco area when we went on vacation last week – and it kept us from getting lost. The main strength with the GPS is based on how many cell towers are around – in SF there were tons. Where I live, not so dense… but still works well.