qTweeter Update – SBSettings Comptability and Add Images to Tweets

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter I did a review of qTweeter, an application that allows you to update your Twitter and/or Facebook status from any application, when it was first released in Cydia. At the time, I found two downfalls with the app…there was no ability to tweet images using qTweeter and every time you launched it, it also launched SBSettings. Well, two updates later, I think we are good to go!

After updating the app, I am able to launch it without launching SBSettings at the same time. The launch motion for qTwetter is still the same, swiping from the status bar down your screen, however it no longer launches SBSettings when you do this. A wonderful improvement!

Because the previous version of qTweeter launched SBSettings, I had not used it since I tested it and I had forgotten how sleek the application is! I was impressed all over again. As I tested the image feature…I was not let down…it was yet another sleek, user-friendly implementation!

In order to post an image using qTweeter, just launch the application and then select the bars icon in the upper right corner of the app. This will bring up a menu in which you can choose to take a picture or choose one from your Camera Roll. Once you have chosen an image, it will put the image behind the application so that you can see it while you are twittering about. I love that it does this! There have been a number of times that I wish I could have seen the image I was twittering about as I wrote my tweet! You are even given the option to remove the image or rotate the image once you have chosen it. To do so, just select the bars icon in the upper right corner again and you will get some new menu options including the ability to remove the image and the ability to rotate the image. The rotate option only rotates the image 45 degree so, you will have to rotate it a few times if you need to to go all the way around. I also like that it adjusts the amount of characters you have left based on your image so that your tweet isn’t too long after attaching the image.

Overall, I actually really like this application. I think it is sleek, nicely implemented and user friendly. Like I said in my previous review, “Obviously, this is not a full Twitter application instead, it is just a quick way to update your status no matter what application you are in…no need to close your app and open anther app just to tweet! Also, it makes twittering about web pages, music, videos and images much easier!”

For a full review of the qTweeter, check out this article.


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  1. You might want to update your post heading to indicate this app is still using the “Free Trial Then Donation” fee structure rather than plain old “Free”. ;-)

  2. Free trial then donation? Is a donation required? If so, that’s not called a donation… that’s a price tag. Looks really slick though. Does this run in the background\slow down the interface?

    • DeftOne says

      You get 15 free trial tweets, then it becomes crippled or unusable until you “donate” (not sure which — haven’t gotten past the trial tweets yet). In addition, the minimum “donation” is pre-set at $2.95. I don’t have too much of a problem with the $2.95 price tag since it’s a really slick interface, but calling it a donation is really way off base. It’s not a donation when it’s required to keep the app from being crippled or unusable. At any rate, don’t blame Brooke for the terminology, that’s how the developer has chosen to describe it.

    • Yeah absolutely, my problem is with the dev. The app looks great, but the terminology is clearly misleading. I would probably be more willing to pay for the app if the dev were up front about the charges. It’s a demo, and calling it free is just a lie.

  3. So how does one invoke SBSettings with qTweeter installed?

    • swipe left to right to get SBSettings- as its always been
      swipe down to invoke qTweeter (and up to hide it, if auto hide isn’t turned on)
      very slick app

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they call it “donation” as a legal defense. I just tried “donating” to register my copy… Registration doesn’t work, but they sure had no problem taking the money from my account. Fraud. Avoid. Either they’re criminals or criminally incompetent. Don’t risk it.