qTweeter – Update Twitter and/or Facebook Status From Any Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then Donation  

qTweeter Last night, just before going to bed, I checked Cydia like I always do. I was surprised to see that Ste Packaging had released an app (it has been a while since I have seen one from them). This instantly made me a little curious about the application so, I decided to check it out. At first I was like, “Yeah, that is just what I need…another Twitter application!” But, after I installed and tested the app…it realized this was like no other Twitter application I had!

qTweeter allows you to update your Twitter and Facebook from any application. How that app works is, once installed, you can slide your finger from your status bar down the page. This brings up a nicely designed little user interface. The first time you launch the app (swipe from the status bar down) you will get a Welcome to qTweeter page. Here you will want to select the Start Using qTweeter option.

Note: this is a trial app…you can only update your status 15 times until you have to donate to get full use of the app. The application does not have a set price…just a donation is required.

Once you have selected “Start using qTweeter”, you will be brought to the settings page where you can set up your Facebook and Twitter info. Also in the settings, you can choose a double-tap application (which I will explain more about in a minute), the sound affect you would like, the background you would like the UI to have, the profile image you would like the UI to have, turn on/off the auto-hide feature and more info about qTweeter and how to register it.

Ok, once you have all your info entered for Facebook and/or Twitter…you can use the app. Just swipe your finger and you will see the UI. To update your status, just begin typing what you would like your status to be. You can then check to update either Twitter or Facebook or both. Once you are ready to post your update, select Update Status. You will notice that in the upper right corner, it will count down how many characters of the 140 you have left as you type. You can also select the icon in the upper right corner (next to the counter) to get back into the setting for the applicaiton.

Now, lets talk about a few of the cool features of this application. First, the double-tap feature I mentioned earlier. If you double-tap on the Twitter and Facebook words, you are able to launch an application. I have my Twitter double-tap set to launch Tweetie and my Facebook double-tap set to launch the Facebook application.

Some other cool features include the ability to quickly tweet about a website you are on, a YouTube video you are watching or a song you are listening to. All of these work in the same way. Foe example, if you are on a web page in Safari and you would like to Tweet about it…just launch the qTweeter UI and then select the “settings” icon in the upper right corner. This will bring up not only the option to get into the settings but also the option to do a “Safari QuickTweet.” When you select Safari QuickTweet, it will automatically put the title of the web site and a shortened link into your qTweeter UI. The same goes for music and YouTube videos. There is also an option to Shorten URL’s if you decide to manually add your own URL…it will automatically shorten it for you! Awesome feature! qTweeter will also work in landscape mode.

Overall, this app worked great for me. I already have my Facebook setup to pull in my tweets (Twitter updates) so, I only signed into Twitter on qTweeter and it still worked great…it updated my Twitter (and my Facebook) with no problem! Obviously, this is not a full Twitter application instead, it is just a quick way to update your status no matter what application you are in…no need to close your app and open anther app just to tweet! Also, it makes twittering about web pages, music and videos much easier!

However, there are a few things worth mentioning. There is no way to add a picture to a tweet using qTweeter…which I think is a feature that most definitly needs to be added. Also, even though it does work in conjunction with SBSettings. every time you swipe to launch qTweeter it also launches SBSettings. So, then you have to close SBSettings in order to use qTweeter. Let me know in the comments if this is an app you plan on using!

Another Note: In order for qTweeter to launch, the status bar must be showing. So, if you are watching a YouTube video…you will need to tap the screen and bring up the status bar before you can launch qTweeter.


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  1. I was a bit annoyed with the same things you mentions (SBSettings overlaping and a lacking of photo upload)..although I really like it’s functionality, I doub’t I’ll start using it.

    Actually, what I’m gonna do is wait until I see that it’s successfully ported to iPhone OS 3.0 and only then I will consider purchasing it.

  2. Right. SBSettings is such a necessity, that I’m surprised they didn’t do something that will work with it. I guess there is no other place to detect a gesture, but they should find a way to co-exist. I like the concept but don’t want it appearing every time I launch SBSettings or the other way around.

    • You can acutally launch SBSettings w/o launching qTweeter because SBSettings is a sideways swipe or tap on the status bar. You have to swipe down your screen for qTweeter. So, you can launch SBSettings w/o launching qTweeter however, every time you launch qTweeter you will launch SBSettings.

    • Ahh … so there is hope after all. Maybe SBSettings can give us an option to not work on the tap.

  3. How do you get it to work in landscape mode?

    • You have to be in landscape mode before you activate it…that’s the only way I found out how to do it..sort of annoying. I already sent my donation…will come in handy.

  4. Jared Gibbs says

    I sent my donation because I actually use twitter and facebook often and this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

  5. Nice app. I found that if I simply swipe down from above the status bar (in the non touch area) then qtweeter always pulls down without activating SBSettings. You just have to be specific in your gesture. So far I have gotten used to it and haven’t accidentally activated SBSettings yet. Trial and error before I learned this though.

    • Jared Gibbs says

      Thanks for the suggestion. It (mostly) works and you have to be dead on but I’ve found that it’s best to swipe down on the left side.

  6. Hi,

    Could not find this on Cydia…Can anyone help me out…