wigglefree – Stop Your Icons From Wiggling – Now Available via Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WiggleFree A couple of weeks ago, Doug wrote about how you could stop your icons from wiggling via a download file and some ssh work. Well, it seem the developer has made things a little easier by releasing the app via Cydia. The process is simple and easy, just install the application and no more wiggling icons! This means that when you tap and hold an icon so that they can be moved around your SpringBoard, they will no longer wiggle.

This application is not activated via WinterBoard, it just automatically installs and activates. If you would like your wiggling back, just uninstall the app via Cydia.

Personally, I have a hard time with this one! If the icons do not have an x in the corner, it is hard to know that you are in the mode in which you can rearrange your icons if they are not wiggling and…it’s just plain weird! If it sounds like something you would be interested in…it is available via the Ste source. I had no problem installing or uninstalling this application.


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  1. I don’t get it…Why would anyone want to do that?

    • I think it’s supposed to free up processing power or something? Sounds relatively useless for the average user.

    • Supposedly, the wiggling uses up some CPU time and drains the battery faster.

    • OK fair enough, but the icons only wiggle when you decide to move them around so how much time would that take? A minute after installing a new app?

      Still don’t get it :?


    • I THINK that if you try to wiggle with 5 icon springboard it will lag like crazy. That’s why (i think)

    • I had a problem where if I tried to open an app like Bejeweled for example or Mail there was a weird lag and the for no apparent reason the icons would start wiggling. That was very annoying and frustrating to me. Now that I installed wiggle free I no longer have that problem. :)

    • Besides CPU wastage and battery draining. A lot of us have modified icons for applications. The PNG files are often not “compressed” to a smaller size comparing to stock icons. Therefore, it takes up even more CPU power to process the wiggling icons. And mind you that I have 5 column icons and dock as well that means I have 25 icons on one screen wiggling that makes my head spin.

    • ´john lock says

      This tweak is really usefull cause i have a 5×5 icon springboard and when u try to move any icon they lagg like crazy, with this app the problem is solved… really usefull app :)

    • I like the wiggle free feature because I let my 4 year old play his applications, and when I get my iPod back, he would have moved all my applications around. That’s why I think it’s useful to have wigglefree.

  2. how often you delete app`s?

  3. Since the iPhone is the best device for multitasking you don’t whant to loose some cpu time. lol
    And for the battery drain, how often and for how long do you need to move your icons around?? Even so, you can actually recharge the battery.

  4. The five icon springboard stops the wiggling, but leaves the x in the corner of the icons.

  5. Its only on there because the dev of FCSB thought it would be easy to package and people were requesting it. I’m not sure why anyone would want it tho.

    • I had the same thought before, “like why would I want to stop the wiggling.. like who cares, its only for a moment.” but I realized that when you have like 160+ apps and want to move stuff around from page to page or whatever you need to do… the processing speed becomes very very slow and choppy, and its more of a pain when the ‘wiggling’ is in efftect… with this, it decreases cpu and memory loss and is much better for organizing…

  6. When you get used to operating without the wiggles, it’s a lot better, in my opinion. Icons can be moved smoothly and cleanly from one spot to another. And I said this before, there are little X’s on the icons when movement is activated, so Brooke, check again.

    • Actually, stock applications do not get an x in the corner…only applications installed via the App Store and some of the apps installed via Cydia. So, if you keep all your stock icons on the first page of your SpringBoard, as I do, then you cannot tell that it is in wiggle mode…if the icons are not wiggling.

    • I use MySMS from Cydia on the first page replacing my stock SMS app. Oddly enough it has an “x” in the corner LOL. As for my other pages I seem to have an AppStore app on each page so I can see when I’m in wiggle free mode. ^^

  7. That is the way the X’s work in wiggle mode too. No X with a stock icon.

  8. But I get what you’re saying…

  9. The best thing about the wiggle free mode is it finally resolved my issue with premature wiggling when I didn’t want it to.

    In other words I select any app and then there’s a weird lag then all of a sudden the icons are wiggling. “?!?!?!?” But with wiggle free that doesn’t happen anymore. Yay! ^^

  10. Nice, I hate the wiggling. Lags so much! thanks!

  11. Wut happened to wigglefree?! I search for it n cydia bu doesn’t come up. Help please?

  12. Just get it! It is awesome…I have 5×5 icon springboard, and 150 Apps. It makes moving my apps icons faster and almost with no lags.Get the ‘SpringLocker’ too, it is a very useful tool which turn off the ability to move icons. When you turn ON Lock Icons, your icons will no longer go into “wiggle or moving mode.”

    There are many other good applications out there in Cydia (some you need to pay and some are free) that I can think about such as:
    -3G Unrestrictor
    -Action Menu
    -Five-Column SB
    -Lock Calendar
    -Quick Dismiss

  13. Since STE packaging is gone, does anyone know how to install this now?