wigglefree – Stop Your Icons From Wiggling

Settingswigglefree is a simple MobileSubstrate extension that removes the wiggling from the icons on your SpringBoard. It’s that simple! Why would you want to do this? Because the wiggling takes up precious processing power. All you have to do is download this file and follow these instructions from the developer:

– Upload the .deb file somewhere via SFTP.
– Log in to your iPhone as root via SSH.
– In the directory containing the deb file, run dpkg -i wigglefree-1.0.deb
– Respring.

To bring wiggly back: just uninstall the package through Cydia.

Developer’s Site
Release Thread on MacThemes2.net

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  1. Well if you have FCSB you dont need this since the icons dont wiggle :-) but is nice to know that there is an option. Can i ask to whoever runs this site to please keep an eye in an app that is coming out soon called iuremote ?? it sounds very promising :-) Thanks in advance

  2. A more simpler way would be is to have wget and Terminal installed on the iphone/ipodtouch, then open up Terminal make sure you log in as root type wget then the download url
    [ex: wget http://www.appleiphoneschool.com/files/wigglefree-1.0.deb%5D
    Then follow the install step ‘dpkg -i wigglefree-1.0.deb’
    This way you wont have to ssh to it or anything like that and the whole process is done on the iphone/ipodtouch
    -John (this way was simpler in my view and worked for me)

  3. What directory do I put it in? Can seen explain this for me? I get SSH bit I don’t know where to put this file how how to run it.

  4. It takes up precious processing power but the icons only wiggle for those few seconds while you re-arrange your icons so it doesn’t make that much difference does it? Or am I missing something?


  5. Wait, so if I install this, I should find there’s an increase in processing power? Wouldn’t the processing power only be used up when the wiggle feature is being used?

  6. I too would like the path . . .

  7. I think it is helpful to remove the wiggling because when arranging the icons it is slow, especially when moving an icon from one homescreen to another.

  8. Crimsondynamo329 says

    Put the file in /private/var/mobile

  9. I’m going to port it for Installer v4 soon..

    check on “i.myi.gr” repo..