biteSMS 1.18

biteSMS The update to version 1.18 of biteSMS, a SMS replacement application, adds some cool new features. When you open the application and swipe on a text message, you now get a pop-up with the option to forward that message or delete it. In the previous version you were only able to forward a message. Another new features is multiple SIM support because the credits are linked to a SIM. The feature that I am most excited about is the ability to restore your credits right from the application!! I always feel bad when I email them to send me my credits AGAIN…due to the fact that I restore my iPhone so often. If you go into the Setting menu, you will see an option called Lost Your Credits. When selected, you can enter your phone number and then select Done to receive your credits (be sure to read the information at the top of the screen before entering your phone number). However, this feature did not work for me. I tried entering my phone number and I got a pop-up saying that is didn’t work and that I would need to email biteSMS. Let me know in the comments if it worked for you. BiteSMS is available through the Ste Packaging source.

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  1. This works over your data plan, right? Because I don’t want to use precious Rogers data for slightly cheaper texts

    • No, this uses either your normal texts, or you can buy credits from BiteSMS, and use only them.

  2. Thanks for the Update!

    Yet, i still cannot use BiteSMS from my Contacts List, i.e., after selecting a contact –> Text Message –> i do not get biteSMS as the SMS application, but the original one. This is although i’ve configured biteSMS to be my default SMS App.

    Keep up the good work guys – you are doing a wonderful job with this app :)

  3. Brooke, the Restore Credits feature will work once you have sent an SMS (via biteSMS) using v1.18, as it sends us some information we keep to authenticate any future Restore Credit requests. Try it, send an SMS using biteSMS 1.18, and then try the Restore Credits and it’ll work.

    Then (if you really want to test it), delete your /var/mobile/Library/biteSMS/biteSMS.db (all your credits will go) and then do the Restore Credits……:)

  4. good app. I have been using for several months. But in recent update version, I found some problems in the sent msg display problem…

    have you guys tried sending the sms (within the character limit) and then switched back to the org “text” app and checked if the full msg was sent? I found the org “text” app will sometimes not be able to show the full msg I sent (but I could see full msg dialog in bitesms), so was the full msg sent succesfully?

    this problem seems happened in the previous 2 release.