aMaze 1.2.3

aMaze The update to aMaze version 1.2.3 fixes a few bugs and improves the UI. There are no visual changes to the application so, the maybe the improvements to the UI have to do with the accelerometer settings. Maze is available through the Ste Packaging source.

aMaze 1.2.3

aMaze 1.2.2

aMaze aMaze has been updated to version 1.2.2. With the update came a few bug fixes. also noticed in this version of amaze, that they have a new purplish/pink color scheme. I do not remember that from the last version. It is not a new color scheme, it is just my wallpaper showing through…my bad! Other than that, just a few bug fixes. aMaze is available through the Ste Packaging source.

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biteSMS 1.15

biteSMS The update to biteSMS adds French and German translations! So, that is cool. It also changes the the order of the SMS Conversations so that they are in the same order as the Stock SMS application. Which is good for someone like me who uses both the stock SMS app and biteSMS for texting…it makes it much easier to find the conversation I am looking for! There were also a few bug fixes. The bug fixes include; fixed bug where credit voucher SMS was not accredited correctly and fixed bug where SMS text containing ‘>’ and ‘< ’ could cause biteSMS to exit. Other than that, [Read more…]

aMaze 1.2.1

aMaze The update to aMaze adds 10 new levels bringing the game to 100 levels. I personally do not know how anyone gets past like level 12…I have been stuck there forever! Let me know in the comments what level you have made it to. I am still waiting for the update that will make the ball actually fall into the last hole. I’m beginning to think it is never going to happen! :( aMaze is available through the Ste Packaging source.

aMaze 1.2.1 aMaze 1.2.1 aMaze 1.2.1

biteSMS – Personal Experience

biteSMS I used biteSMS for the first time today!! YAY! As many of you already know, I had purchased some biteSMS credits a while back and had not received them. I had planned on emailing them however, I have been too busy to do so. Well, today I received an email from them! Yes, from them. It was just a follow up email saying that they had noticed that I hadn’t used any of my credits and they were just checking to make sure I had received them and that biteSMS was working for me. Talk about customer service! Well, as it turns out, I had typed my phone number incorrectly and that is why I hadn’t received my credits. After I wrote them back with the correct phone number, [Read more…]

aMaze 1.2.0

aMaze Version 1.2.0 of aMaze adds a Settings option to the main menu. If you select Settings, you are able to Calibrate your iPhone. Just line the bag up with the circle and select Calibrate in the upper right corner. I’m not sure if calibrating helped of if the developer adjusted the accelerometer settings but, it seems to play much nicer. Though, I still wish the ball will fall into the last hole. aMaze is available through the Ste Packaging source.

aMaze 1.2.0 aMaze 1.2.0 aMaze 1.2.0

biteSMS 1.14

biteSMS The update to biteSMS adds a very cool new feature…the ability to forward text massages!! When you are in a SMS Conversation, just swipe on the text you would like to forward. This will bring up a pop-up giving your the option to forward the message or to cancel. If select forward, it open a new window where you can choose who you would like the text to forward to. Very cool new feature! Another fixes that I was glad to see was that when your iPhone auto corrects a word…they are will always be visible now! There were also a few other changes (see list below). biteSMS is available through the Ste Packaging source. Screenshots below.
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OrbLive 2.01.0575

OrbLive The update to OrbLive adds a really cool new feature, it continues to play a video thumbnail of the last channel you were on as you browse other channels. It also seemed to be a little faster after the update and the buffering feedback has improved. Another very important new feature is that the auto-lock now gets disabled while videos are playing. That way your iPhone is not locking in the middle of a video! Below is a list of the rest of the new features and fixes. OrbLive is available through the Ste Packaging source.

You can check out a video of OrbLive HERE.
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biteSMS 1.12

biteSMS The update to biteSMS adds a SMS Counter. When you open biteSMS and then open one of your chat conversations, you will notice a new little icon in the lower left corner. That is the new SMS Counter. Other than that, there are no visual changes to the application. I have yet to actually use this application because I never received the credits I purchased. I will have to email them again! Maybe I will do that today! Did anyone else have issues with receiving their credits after purchasing them? Let me know in the comments! biteSMS is available through the Ste Packaging source.

biteSMS 1.2 biteSMS 1.2

aMaze 1.1.0

amaze The update to aMaze adds 11 more levels to the application bringing it to 90. There was also a bug fix so that you no longer have to register the application every time you update it. Which is definitely a good bug fix. I recently acquired the full version of this application and I must say, some of the upper levels are a little crazy! Doug loves these kinds of games! However, I still think the accelerometer is a little off and [Read more…]

Customize 2.0.0B10

Customize Well guys, all I can tell you about this update is that there were, “Lots of bug fixes.” I know quite a few of you are having issues with Customize opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard. I never had that issue so, I can’t tell you for sure if this update fixes it or not. If you were having that issue, let me know in the comments if it fixes it for you!! Customize is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Customize 2.0.0B10

biteSMS 1.11-1

biteSMS We have had a few people ask about this application. biteSMS is an app that lets you purchase SMS credits and use those instead of texting through your Mobile Carrier. When you install biteSMS it will add an icon to your SpringBoard. When you open the app, it will look similar to the stock SMS application on your iPhone. When you select a conversation, you will notice a an arrow in the lower right corner, it will bring you to the Settings menu for biteSMS. In the Settings you have the option you can choose to send your text via biteSMS or your Mobile Carrier, you can see how many credits you have left, whether or not you want biteSMS to be your default text application and the ability to reset the counter. If you select Buy Credits, [Read more…]

aMaze 1.0.0

amaze aMaze for the iPhone is a Labyrinth style application. When you open the app, you will come to a main menu with the follow options, Start game, Select Level, Feedback and Register. You can play the first 10 levels without registering the app. It costs $9 to purchase the app and register it. The Select Level option will allow you to play any level you have already completed. When you select Start Game, you will be brought to the play screen. The object of the game is to get the silver ball into the hole with the blue burst behind it. Just tilt your iPhone to move the ball. You can get back to the main menu by [Read more…]

SugarTracker 1.5

SugarTracker There are a ton of updates to version 1.5 of SugarTracker!! Below is a complete list of all the changes via the developer. Also, according to the developer, this is going to be the last update to this app. He is now going to be focusing his attention on SDK. I know I have had emails from people who use this app so, I hope this update works well for you! I would give you more details but, [Read more…]

OrbLive 2.00.0553

This application may be one of the best applications ever for the iPhone. It allows you access to your pictures and music from your computer streamed over wifi to your iPhone. But, there’s more! Video… not just video, recorded video from Windows Media Center. Not just recorded video, LIVE video streaming from your Windows Media Center PC. There’s more! Live webcams! YouTube! You’ve gotta watch this video to see all the features! OrbLive is available through the Ste Packaging Source under the Multimedia section.