SugarTracker 1.5

SugarTracker There are a ton of updates to version 1.5 of SugarTracker!! Below is a complete list of all the changes via the developer. Also, according to the developer, this is going to be the last update to this app. He is now going to be focusing his attention on SDK. I know I have had emails from people who use this app so, I hope this update works well for you! I would give you more details but, as you know from previous versions of this app, I know pretty much nothing about diabetes. :) SugarTracker is available through Ste Packaging source.

Note: This app does have a new icon to go with all it’s new features!

Update v1.5:
    • Added more fields: carbohydrates, meal, activity, note
    • Date & Time picker control based on the UIPickerView
    • Simple ComboBox control
    • Simple note editor
    • Simple Detail view.
    • New database table to store extra data
    • Optional Info pop up’s
    • New button set, icons and default picture. (Thanks Erik)
    • Separate Credits page
    • Visit Developer and Donate ( Website button
    • Improvements in ezpreferencetable function, to allow the disclosure arrow
    • Application badge with rounded average blood glucose levels (mg/dl for now)
    • Changed some dialogs to roll up instead of popping up
    • XML/CSV/JSON/Database export
    • More preferences and settings
    • Some code rewriting
    • Some bug fixing
    • Graphs & Reports with navigation

Problems in v1.5:
    • mmol/L not full supported (I’d no real life data to find bugs and adapt the graph pages)
    • Graphs are very slow and sometimes have some drawing glitches
    • Sometimes you’ve to set the permissions (777 for and     • html folder and on correctly to save data and preferences
    • Sometimes, after you disabled the publish server it takes some tries to get another up and running

SugarTracker 1.5

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  1. i never thought i would be able to use my favorite device to monitor my blood sugar. Thank you to the developer.

  2. Sometimes the installer cannot set the permissions corectly. So here is a workaround:

    Install squid with Installer. Then look at for further
    instructions how to use.


    Install MobileFinder and then look
    for further instructions how to use.

    If you know how to use one of the tools, then goto


    and change the permissions of, and to 777 or rwxrwxrwx.

    The last two ideas I have for you, is
    1) Use WinSCP on Windows or Cyberduck on Mac to change the permission.
    2) See if you can install BSD subsystem and see if the /bin/chmod is
    available. There is code in the app to change the permissions if the
    /bin/chmod is available.


    PS: Yes this will be the last version written for the Jiggy JavaScript Interpreter. But I try to recreate SugarTracker with the native iPhone SDK, so hopefully in a few month, when the current version stops working due to the fact, that the Jiggy runtime will no longer work under Firmware 2.0, there will be version 2.0 as a real native SDK application.

    • Christian Jensen says

      I’d actually say Fugu is better for Mac . It’s more straight-forward I think .
      But CuberDuck works just as fine :)

  3. First… Very handy App! I’m happy to hear you are going to develope with the iPhone SDK. Keep up the good work.

    But i have still problems starting Version v1.5 :(
    the permissions of, and didn’t solve the problem for me.

  4. I just installed Sugar Tracker and am thrilled to be able to use it with my iphone. When I set the unit to mmol/L and try and enter a value for my blood sugar level it tells me that “Dose value is not decimal!”. It tells me this regardless of if I put a decimal in the number or not. I’m newly diabetic and still learning about this, could someone please let me know what Im doing wrong. Thanks

  5. I cannot get version 1.5 to work. I changed the permission of all files to 777 in iPhone PC Suite but I cannot change permission for the and / folder.

    Is ther any chance to get version 1.4 back for me?

  6. Cannot get version 1.5 to work.
    Cannot changed the permission of all files to 777…

    Where can I get version 1.4 ?

  7. Go to

    I’ll upload the version 1.4, so you can upload version 1.4 manually with WinSCP or Cyberduck.

    Sorry, for the trouble. But that’s one of the downsides of Jiggy, that you can’t use all os features. And one of the reasons I’m trying to switch to the native iPhone SDK.



  1. […] SugarTracker Updated to 1.5 Diabetes sucks, but if it’s any consolation, you get to use your favourite device to monitor your blood sugar levels thanks to SugarTracker. This latest update adds a plethora of additions, changes and fixes, including new fields for carbs, meals, activities and notes, plus a simple note editor, export to numerous database formats, additional preferences and settings, and a ton more. Check the source link for a full list of changes. This one also hangs out on the Ste Packaging repo. (via Apple iPhone School) […]