SugarTracker 1.5.1

SugarTracker I was surprised to see an update for SugarTracker in the Installer because according to the developer, version 1.5 was going to be the last update to the application. However, then I went back a realized version 1.5 was going to be the “last major release” for the application. So, that explains that! The update should fix the issue that a lot of you were having with the app opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard. There are a few other changes such as [Read more…]

SugarTracker 1.5

SugarTracker There are a ton of updates to version 1.5 of SugarTracker!! Below is a complete list of all the changes via the developer. Also, according to the developer, this is going to be the last update to this app. He is now going to be focusing his attention on SDK. I know I have had emails from people who use this app so, I hope this update works well for you! I would give you more details but, [Read more…]

SugarTracker 1.4

SugarTracker Version 1.4 of SugarTracker makes a few changes to the app. The first visual change is that the icon now includes the version number of the app. Once you have opened SugarTracker…you will notice that the upper menu bar has also changed. Instead of giving you the options Enter, Today, Week, Month, All and Report you now get the options [Read more…]

SugarTracker 1.3

SugarTracker I finally got version 1.3 of SugarTracker to work on my iPhone! SugarTracker is an app that allows you to track your glucose level and insulin schedule. The app opens to the main screen which shows the current date, time and two areas where you can enter the Glucose Level and the Insulin Dose. I know absolutely nothing about this subject so, I did what any person in my situation would do…I Googled it and WOW was that overwhelming! But, I think I got an accurate example…I think! Once you have entered the Glucose Level and Insulin Dose just tap save. This will then add this to the list of entries. On the upper menu bar [Read more…]

Sugar Tracker 1.2

This is an app that is supposed to track your glucose level and insulin schedule but, for the life of me I cannot get it to work (and yes I have Jiggy 0.26 installed :) )! I get an error every time I open the app. If anyone got it to work let me know. I was just excited because it was another app under the Health category…iWoman has been by itself since the beginning! Sugar Tracker is available through the BigBoss source.

Sugar Tracker 1.2 Sugar Tracker 1.2 Sugar Tracker 1.2
[Read more…]