SugarTracker 1.5.1

SugarTracker I was surprised to see an update for SugarTracker in the Installer because according to the developer, version 1.5 was going to be the last update to the application. However, then I went back a realized version 1.5 was going to be the “last major release” for the application. So, that explains that! The update should fix the issue that a lot of you were having with the app opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard. There are a few other changes such as which folder files are saved in. Below is the complete change log. SugarTracker is available through the BigBoss source.

Version 1.5.1 Change Log
    • Permission bug; Replaced with the Defaults feature of jiggy; Your data should be converted to the new system.
    • Report and Publish feature creates temporary data within the /tmp folder instead of the /Applications/ folder.
    • Publish: HTML Report and JSON option use the current date if no date is picked.
    • Removed obsolete /bin/chmod and permission test.

SugarTracker 1.5.1

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  1. I can’t find this tool…. Added the repositories in Installer AND Cydia, but no Sugar Tracker there…..

    Anybody who can help me with this ?