biteSMS 1.14

biteSMS The update to biteSMS adds a very cool new feature…the ability to forward text massages!! When you are in a SMS Conversation, just swipe on the text you would like to forward. This will bring up a pop-up giving your the option to forward the message or to cancel. If select forward, it open a new window where you can choose who you would like the text to forward to. Very cool new feature! Another fixes that I was glad to see was that when your iPhone auto corrects a word…they are will always be visible now! There were also a few other changes (see list below). biteSMS is available through the Ste Packaging source. Screenshots below.

• Improved scrolling of text field when entering or editing a message.
• Support credit voucher SMS delivery to China.
• Changed 3 retries to 2 when sending via biteSMS, and improved information text when offering to switch to Mobile Carrier.

biteSMS 1.14 biteSMS 1.14 biteSMS 1.14 biteSMS 1.14

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  1. If i were you i would winpwn your iPhone first (no need to restore in itunes beforehand) and then create a custome ispw file which you can then use to restore your phone.

    That should cure your problem with the wallpaper as well as pwning your iPhone at the same time!

    Ive pwned my phone a few times just to try different apps (some wont work at Kate) and never had any problems. The custom boot logos are cool in themselves and worth pwning for.

    Sean (Scotland)

  2. I never noticed you were on 1.1.3!!!! In that case you WILL need to restore and update to 1.1.4 BEFORE pwning.


  3. have you ever used SMSD that is wicked for text messages.

  4. I don’t know about the wallpaper issue, but i can answer a couple questions on WinPwn. You have to sync with itunes first and back everything up there, and then restore to FW 1.1.4. Then, Pwn and all that good stuff; quite simple really. Maybe the restore with itunes will fix your wallpaper issue and any other problems you are experiencing. :)

    • everytime you update it wipes your jailbreak, so when up date is complete go right into jailbreaking new firmware. 2.2 jailbroke 3g
      hope that helped you out (plus it kept my app)

  5. Yeh, but not as good as biteSMS

  6. Guilherme says

    biteSMS is really cool I bought a 50credits to try it, price is not bad, but I still prefer using skySMS with voipCheap because it has free sms when we buy credits.
    I like to send sms from my pc, this doesn’t allow because we don’t have a username and password, and for Portugal I pay 6cent per sms.
    If I need to restore my firmware I’ll need to ask for my credits back.
    If biteSMS was like that was perfect to me :D

  7. mate you living under a rock?…lol…naa jokin’…when you’ll connect your iphone to your pc/mac, itunes opens up…it wil detect your iphone which then shows check of update and under it says restore…if your iphone isn’t beening detected then you’ll need to put it in boot mode..for which you can find the steps on this site or just google it…
    gud luk mate

  8. hey brooke and doug, great job..i do recommend you advertising on the right side of your site…good money.. :) ….and i like the cases you’ve shown but check out invisible armor. i recommend gettin the full body one. its really good, it protects it from scratches, isnt bulkly and gives the phone a grip..just install it properly…

  9. hmm I dont know about winpwn, I gotta a mac.
    I used ziphone 3.0 and it works fine, there’s ziphone for the pc too. I say restore to 1.1.4 and try that, good luck

  10. biteSMS is my no.1-app on my iPhone so far…!!

  11. When I go to the STE Packaging source on my phone, it doesnt give me any options. How do I get to where I can install biteSMS or iSMS? Please Help me.

  12. hi all, wher can i get software to forward sms?