Customize 2.2.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CustomizeWell I thought this was going to be big news. And, it’s a start… If you remember Customize you know what I’m talking about. But for those of you who don’t, here’s a little info. Customize lets you change all kinds of things on your iPhone or iPod Touch: sounds, system strings (like the Slide to Unlock text), icons, wallpaper, etc. There’s also a huge theme database within the app. It’s all very nice but tonight, it’s just not working for us. Very buggy, crashing our iPhones, not keeping changes, etc. We’ll keep testing it and watching for updates but I’d wait on this one for now.

Their site is also back up and running where you can upload your own themes from your computer that will show up in the list right on the app. Here’s a quote from the front page of their site:

Customize 2.2.1 (compatible with iPhone 2.2.1 firmware) is now available. You can download it here:

It will also become available through Cydia Installer soon.

Best, Spicy

Check out some of our past articles on Customize.

Thanks to Ed for tipping us off to this!

Customize availabe on 2.0 firmware via Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Customize Now that Customize is available via Cydia, I deleted the file I had installed via SSH and installed it through Cydia (which I recommend doing so that you will see all the updates for the app). Before I manually deleted Customize, I reset my iPhone back to stock. When I installed Customize through Cydia and then opened the application, I did get a pop-up saying that it was unable to reach the Customize servers. However, their entire website is down so that is just a temporary error until their servers are back up. Besides that, Customize worked great. The app opened the first time I opened it and I was able to change my dock, system strings, battery…etc with no problem. Once spicychicken’s servers are back up…you will be good to go! Time to start customizing!

Note: You will not be able to use the Theme Browser until their servers are back up. [Read more…]

Customize 2.1.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Customize I finally had a chance to sit down and take a look at the new Customize for firmware 2.0. At this time, it is still not available via Cydia and the only way to get it on your iPhone or iPod Touch is to SSH it in Customize is now available via Cydia. When I SSH’d Customize onto my iPhone, I had to go in and change the permissions of all the folders/files inside the folder to 0755. Before I change the permissions the app just opened and closed (I tried to open it quite a few times before I changed the permissions).

So, once I changed the permissions, I was able to open Customize. From there I downloaded a few files and some themes. However, [Read more…]

Customize 2.0.0RC1 – 2.0.0RC1.3

Customize I realize that I have written a few warning articles about the update to Customize however, here is an article about some of the other features that come with the update to Customize. There have been a few updates to Customize in the last 24 hours. Version 2.0.0RC1 of Customize adds some very cool new features including:

    • Incorporated an AutoUpdate utility – I have already used this feature of Customize and it did indeed notify me that there was an update. You can then update right in the application. However, when I updated through Customize, it did not show up in my Installer as an updated version.

    • Added ability to contact the Creator via – This is a great feature. In the Theme Broswer, when you are in the more info screen for an item, you can tap on Creator and it will open an email with that person’s email address so that you can contact them directly.
[Read more…]

Customize with Freeboard Update

Customize Ok, I know that I already posted an article with a warning from BigBoss about enabling the Freeboard feature in the update to Customize. Well, I would like to add to BigBoss’s warning. After spending some time using Freeboard, I would also not recommend using it at this time. When you enable FreedBoard it resets any custom System settings. Due to this, it will reset (and disable/break) other applications like Kate, IntelliScreen, iPhoneHome (it deleted my custom Home button double-tap), Pysl…etc. I also noticed that [Read more…]

Customize with Freeboard

Customize A new version of Customize was released today via the ModMyiFone source. The update adds a feature called Freeboard. Freeboard is a SummerBoard “replacement.” However, before you use Freeboard please read the warning below.

via BigBoss.

Customize has released an update that has a SummerBoard replacement built in called “FreeBoard”. If you enable this feature, it will disable SummerBoard. At this point, you probably do *not* want to do this. And enabling FreeBoard could cause your phone to stop booting.

The iPhone has about an 80 app limit. This includes webclips. Once you hit this limit, your phone won’t boot. It just spins and reboots over and over again. SummerBoard patches this bug (bug by Apple, fix by SummerBoard). If you enable FreeBoard feature within Customize, you will lose SummerBoard’s fix. If you have more than 80 apps, you will not be able to boot.

If you are already in this situation [Read more…]

Customize Crashing Fix

Customize Ok guys, a ton of you are having issues with Customize opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard (Doug was among those of you having issues). I was hoping version 2.0.0B10 of Customize would fix this issue however, it seems that it did not. At least for Doug it didn’t. We did however find a solution that did work for Doug (thanks to a comment left by Critter)!! YAY! I thought I would pass it along to see if it will work for any of you…it is worth a try! All you need to do is go into Installer and search for SUID Lib Fix 1.0 (it is through the BigBoss source). Once you have found it, [Read more…]

Customize 2.0.0B10

Customize Well guys, all I can tell you about this update is that there were, “Lots of bug fixes.” I know quite a few of you are having issues with Customize opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard. I never had that issue so, I can’t tell you for sure if this update fixes it or not. If you were having that issue, let me know in the comments if it fixes it for you!! Customize is available through the Ste Packaging source.

Customize 2.0.0B10

Customize 2.0.0B9

Customize There are no visual changes to version 2.0.0B9 of Customize. Just some bug fixes and efficiently upgrades. Customize is avilable through the Ste Packaging source.

Customize 2.0.0B9

Customize Working on 1.1.4

I tried to install Customize 1.21 from Installer today and it gave me a warning that it was only compatible with 1.1.1 – 1.1.3. I did a search on and found this article on how to install Customize on 1.1.4. Here is how I did it on a PC:

1. Download the modified version of Customize by Skylar – download here

2. Extract the zip file and copy the Customize folder into your Applications folder on your iPhone via SSH [Read more…]

1.1.3 + Customize + Categories = ???

I never could get Categories to install on 1.1.3 so I figured it wasn’t ready for 1.1.3. I later read in it’s more info in Installer that it was updated. An update came and when I tried it, my iPhone bricked. Now, after jailbreaking 1.1.3 again I noticed that whichever was installed first (Customize or Categories) is the app that works. The other is just absent from the Springboard. Sad :(

Customize Update 1.21

Customize The update to Customize version 1.21, available in the, adds quite a few new features! You now have the ability to change your Call Keypad, Call Bar, Bottom Bar, Power Bar, iPod Bar, Volume Knob, Volume Fill, Installer Skin and the ability to change your Vibration Settings. However…we have found that if you previously installed Shai’s Addons for Customize that included many of the beta functions that are now part of version 1.21…the update to Customize will not show up in the! See the screenshots below:

Also, Spicky Chicken will no longer be supporting the Manual Reording option of the app:

“I will no longer be supporting icon rearrangements. I will leave the Display Order functions as they are. This is because it seems Apple has taken up the charge, and 1.1.3 looks pretty exciting.” [Read more…]

Customize 1.20 Update

CustomizeSo far all we can tell that has changed with the update is that the options for “Manual Reorder” and “Number Dock Icons” have been swapped. “Manual Reorder” is now first.

Customize Update 1.20 Customize Update 1.20 for the iPhone

Customize Update 1.19 – Video Demo

CustomizeCustomize Update 1.19 has been released with some improvements to the icon order feature. So far we have had no problems with the upgrade on our iPhones which are running FW 1.1.1. The best part of this upgrade is the ability to choose how many icons you want on your dock. This will make installing themes with 3 or 5 dock icons much easier. You can also toggle the hide icon feature on and off to keep from accidentally hiding icons as you scroll through them or move them. If you have Dock installed be careful when moving icons down; you need to slide your finger to the left a little after you start moving it to avoid selecting the dock’s sunburst. I will explain better in the video demo. [Read more…]

How do I add a dock onto my iPhone (firmware 1.1.4 and below)?

This is a very frequently asked question (and has been added to our f.a.q. page!). The instructions below are for firmware 1.1.4 and below. If you are on firmware 2.x, please see our How do I get themes onto my iPhone (firmware 2.x)? post.

If you are trying to create your own theme and add a dock to it…please see our How do I get themes onto my iPhone (firmware 1.1.4 and below)? post.

However, if you would like to add the dock to Customize so that it can be added to your themes that way…here are some instructions:
First, you will need to use the and install OpenSSH on your iPhone.

For a PC…you will then need to install WinSCP on your computer. Macs come with OpenSSH but if you’d like some alternatives check here. To connect to WinSCP you will need to go into your settings on your iPhone into Wi-fi, click on the little arrow next to the Wi-Fi you are connected to and get the ip address. Now open WinSCP on your computer….the Host Name is your ip address (with the periods) the user name is root and the password is alpine. Don’t worry about the Private key file, you don’t need to put anything there. Hit login.
[Read more…]