Customize availabe on 2.0 firmware via Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Customize Now that Customize is available via Cydia, I deleted the file I had installed via SSH and installed it through Cydia (which I recommend doing so that you will see all the updates for the app). Before I manually deleted Customize, I reset my iPhone back to stock. When I installed Customize through Cydia and then opened the application, I did get a pop-up saying that it was unable to reach the Customize servers. However, their entire website is down so that is just a temporary error until their servers are back up. Besides that, Customize worked great. The app opened the first time I opened it and I was able to change my dock, system strings, battery…etc with no problem. Once spicychicken’s servers are back up…you will be good to go! Time to start customizing!

Note: You will not be able to use the Theme Browser until their servers are back up.

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  1. SeijinZero says


    • SeijinZero says

      BTW, what is in Cydia so far? Is it worth upgrading yet? Anyone?

    • IMO – no…but, the is just my personal opinion.

    • I already upgrade my phone! And I think is worth it cause is like back in the day where we
      Could actually count the apps that were in installer and then new ones kept poppiing out! LOL

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Is it worth it, sure is (sorry Brooke). I just like to feel in control of my own iPhone and Cydia at least gives me some stuff to play with for now.

    • I agree with Confucious. I feel more in control of my phone that I paid money for versus Apples total control. I Pwned my iphone3g today and got cydia. I’m used to Installer. But that’s ok. I like being in control of my iPhone. Customize here I come!!! :D

    • Yes it is it opens up a whole new world to things u can do to your iphone i fully recomend it

    • i need help my customize is not working its 2.2.1 on my iphone 2.2.1 and everytime i pull it up it crashes so the say to get ride of the internet or whatever so i did i put on airplane mode and still not work could u help me repy back please

  2. Oh yeah customize is in cydia!

  3. dominickc says

    a customize tutorial in the future?? I just manually change a lot of this stuff. The app looks more confusing to me. I liked danimators version.

  4. DJContagious says

    oh well, so much for customize releasing, cuz now we cant use it!!!!


    any clue when the servers will be back up?

  5. paulaidas says

    how to openssh for the 2.0 and put our own icons and stuff…???any body know how? i really miss openssh and summerboard…

    • Agreed. Though I’m psyched about Customize being released. Now all I need is for the Video Recorder to be released and maybe, just maybe, I’ll upgrade to 2.0. Of course now there’s Flixwagon for 1.1.4 which is really cool too…

      I’m beginning to think a jailbroken 1.1.4 is the optimum iPhone for the time being. Particularly considering the horrible reports on the 3g battery life.

    • It’s the same way as 1.1.x. Just install OpenSSH from Cydia, and connect to it as normal. Root password is still the same anyway :)

    • Phil, Washington, DC says

      I have a 3G and I do a couple of things for battery issues:

      1) at work I plug it in..wall charger
      2) in the car I plug it in..lighter charger
      3) at home I plug it in my Mac.

      If I travel, I purchased the “Kensington mini battery Pack and Charger” on the plane I was able to watch two full length (2+ hrs) movies and listen to music and have 50% strength left over. (DC to San Fran flight)

      So I never run out of juice..also when you are not using the 3G stuff, turn it off in the with the EDGE network until you need faster speeds.

      Seems like alot but, I been doing most of this for a year now.

  6. are you able to change SpringBoard wallpaper? yesterday before Customize available in Cydia, I tried to install manually. But wheneber I tried to change Springboard wallpaer, I got a pop up error stating that unable to copy, or sumtin like that.

    so please, tell me that we can change the wallpaper :)

  7. It’s about time!!!!! WOOT!

  8. woah! I asked for an article on customize, and I got 2. This is why I love this site. IDK if i’ll get lucky again, but an article on w.e this springroll thing is would be GREAT..

  9. Yes, will we be able to change the themes (icons and home wallpaper) by using this? I don’t want to download it for nothing. Thanks!

  10. Eoic.Timmy says

    This is the only reason why i Jailbroke my IPhone… and i just wanted to say this website is great, helps me keep up with new applications from cydia

  11. mmm. i think its great but….ITS VERY LAGGY RIGHT NOW…maybe its because of there servers, hopefully it will get fixed very soon.

  12. Boricuaproud says

    Cydia is for the new 3g iphone (jailbreak) or just for the 1st gen Iphone ?

  13. You can’t change wallpapers with this. :( And now its not supporting AppStore apps for icon change.

  14. If they get iZoo ported I will probably upgrade. It is the game I play the most and would be fun to play with all the other 2.0 stuff.

    • iZoo is a CLONE (aka rip-off) of Bejeweled. And I believe Bejeweled 2 is already available on Appstore.

    • pdxDavid says

      Oh cool. Is it free? I don’t mind clones or rip-offs as long as they are free. Doesn’t mean I condone stealing or cracking. If there is a free alternative I am going to use it. I am fiscally responsible like that.

  15. Bige2333 says

    Brooke i have a question ( as usual ) lol
    Is all this being done on your new 3g iphone or on the first generation iphone that has 2.0 firmware ???

  16. all i need is SwirlyMMS. i don’t need anything else.. well customize is on board now.

  17. Can I use my old themes?

  18. guys I doubt is the place for troubleshooting but can anyone help?

    when i try to ssh into my iPhone (jailbroken 2nd gen) the initial key verification is failing…I get the following (strings of Xs are from me of course):

    Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
    It is also possible that the RSA host key has just been changed.
    The fingerprint for the RSA key sent by the remote host is
    Please contact your system administrator.
    Add correct host key in /home/xxxxxxxx/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.
    Offending key in /home/xxxxxxxx/.ssh/known_hosts:4
    RSA host key for has changed and you have requested strict checking.
    Host key verification failed.

    • You probably have SSH’ed before under 1.1.4, so you already have a key identifying this phone, except, the phone is different now. So, your key is failing. Delete the known host file in your computer, and then SSH again, and you will be all set. In your case – /home/xxxxxxxx/.ssh/known_hosts

    • Andres thank you, you’re exactly right…i deleted contents of the host file and now able to get in fine. incidentally, after doing that I ssh’d to roo@IP and it gave me a no route to host. then I ssh’d to only IP, said yes to keys, but then got denied at the passwords. then i ssh’d again as root and now i’m in. thanks for the quick reply and tip.

  19. it /is/ very slow.. and doesn’t seem to offer any summerboard settings..

    i switched themes using it.. but the theme never changed…

  20. looks like the site is back up

  21. W0000000000000000T! customize…is…in…cydia…on…2.0! YEAHHH! I LOVE THIS SITE!

  22. Of course it is worth it to upgrade to 2.0 because of the 1000 apps and cydia and soon to have installer. What more can you ask for ?

  23. Kingleo1 says

    is there like an online list for the apps on cydia (or installer) that r 2.0 compatible that keeps updating? i have 114 and do not want to upgrade to 2.0 until must-have apps like vnotes, wetools, iphysics, band, fring/agile, tunewiki, pocket touch are available!!.. also, is there like a list for the app store as well?..

    • MaverickC17 says

      I’m right there with ya. For me the Apps that are holding me back are:
      iPhone Video Recorder

  24. I can’t find customize!!!! Help please , I’ve installed all the repositories that come with cydia… Please help I love this application… Oh n yes it’s worth upgrading to 2.0.. I love it.. I will love it more if I get customize..

  25. very slow indeed, thought it was a buggy release but i guess they need to get thier servers sorted

  26. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 1 problem I have is that I’m stuck with a transformers lock screen wallpaper, and I can’t change cause SMB isn’t installed

    • can you not change wallpaper on themes? I have the glasssol theme, but the standard wallpaper wont even show up. It says there is a problem copying the file. can anyone help me?

    • u have to ssh into ur iphone and go to system/library/ and find a file called wallpaper.png and delete it and u can change ur wallpaper again… i think it is system/library/ if not, just go around nd try to find wallpaper.png where it isnt supposed to be and delete it

    • nope, don’t do that..

      Ssh in, look for Lockbackground.Png. Delete it, and respring. The lock screen wallpaper Shud be the default ‘earth’ picture.

  28. Can’t seem to download themes, is ther server still down?

  29. I can’t wait for the servers to get back i have this naked lady as my wallpaper, granted it was my fault, but whats my girlfriend going to say when she sees my phone!! LOL! hope its back up and running soon.

    • u have to ssh into ur iphone and go to system/library/ and find a file called wallpaper.png and delete it and u can change ur wallpaper again… i think it is system/library/ if not, just go around nd try to find wallpaper.png where it isnt supposed to be and delete it

    • ijenner, that’s the easy way..

      Ssh in, find LockBackground.Png, and delete it. The lock screen Shud be the earth pic.

      The wallppr can stay fixed if u delete the origianl file, I always delete lockbckrnd.

    • how do you get to lockbackground.png, I ssh’d in and I couldn’t find it!

  30. It’s very odd, when I install this via Cydia, it just doesn’t show up (icon) on the Spring Board. I can see in Cydia though that the has been installed. I’m trying my third reboot, but still no avail. Has anyone else had this problem?

  31. Jgreen8466 says

    I’m loving it… I missed my buuf2 theme, Ok, it’s not all there yet. but to be able to customize your iphone to the way you want it, Hey that’s priceless. I feel it’s very easy to use, and when the server is back on line Oh Ya!!! Good times (p.s.) I love your web site I’m here everyday, keep up the excellent job you two are doing…

  32. ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

    YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE – The servers are back up and running, thanks you, thank you , thank you – Customize is top dog, you guessed it, I am happy ;-)

  33. cant change the springboard wallpaper
    that sucks

    • you neeed wincp and go to var mobile libraris and you cant see is 1 folder call locscreee n wallpaper deleted and is ready you cant change now you wallpaper

  34. and i have cuestion applee school went customize send to cydia free board ilike free board tanks

  35. acidcloud says

    Why is it that every time I launch Customize, it asks me to create a new account? I’ve made several already just to be able to use the app.

    • I’m in the same boat… Really annoying that the create account is all I can do.

    • This will be a great app once it’s up and running. Can’t fully download themes, keeps crashing. SpicyChicken has a lot of work to do but I have faith in him!

  36. Since installing customize my lockscreen wallpaper has stayed the same, I’ve tryed changing it servral times but no luck, I’ve uninstalled customize now and its still the same anyone offer any advice?

  37. Yes I am having the same issue with the wallpaper. I have no idea how to SSH it, so if anyone can give me a step-by-step no frills version, cause I have no idea how to do it, then I would really appreciate it. I’ve rebooted it, uninstalled customise but the bluddy wallpaper won’t change.!

  38. KappaGirl says

    I don’t know the exact commands of SSH after I get into the iphone, i’m tryng all thats been sugguested above but it keeps saying its not a command.

    What is the exact command lines i type after I type the password into terminal?

    I want to get rid of the wallpaper lock!


  39. Help anybody.

    I installed Customize on my 3G, and it opens okay, but then it asks to create a new account. So I fill in my particulars and it rejects my input telling me that my email address is no good?

    Any suggestions?

    • Did you signup for Customize before? If so go to Then take a look at your profile and make sure everythings correct. If you are using a new iphone since then I believe you will also need to update your serial as well.

    • I checked, and everything looks good. They asked for the S/N of my phone, which I entered. But I still get that stupid rejection of my mail account. I don’t know of another person this has happened to.

  40. Everytime i install a image etc and apply it it never shows up. Example Liquid Battery i put in a file and when i go 2 apply it its not there.

    Whats going on?

    • I have the same issue, I think it is to do with some kind of time out while downloading the images from the servers. I’ve had constant issues with customize lately.

      But even the website takes ages to load at the moment.

  41. I kinda have a problem concerning customize. Nothing big but its about my wallpaper. So I used a theme’s wallpaper because I wanted to use a theme via Customize but WinterBoard didn’t have the customize theme, so I used Saurik..what ever its called. And the icons came out but not the background. So I thought maybe it was under wallpaper and the background would show but instead it changed by Lock Screen Wallpaper! Now I can’t change it! What can I do, to use my own wallpaper rather than using the back up?
    Please Help! =D

  42. Hi i have upgraded to 2.1 from 1.1.4 which originally from 1.0.2 jailbroken, now i have installed customize which is launching for couple of seconds its disappearing, i changed the permissions of files and folders inside to 755, still its not working. please suggest me on this

  43. i have the same problem, i have a iphone 3g and running on 2.1 and customize doesnt seem to work at all, it crashes all the time… Anyone have any idea, what could be the problem. Thanks

  44. Clive Weller says

    I have 3G iPhone with 2.1 software. However, on loading and running I only get as far as ‘Initializing Customize’ and then returns to the springboard. Have tried both a reload and deleting and starting over but to no avail.

    Can it be confirmed that Cusomize runs with 2.1? or how to solve the problem. Have not tried to mess about with SSH.

  45. Clive Weller says:

    I am having the same problem. Just goes back to springboard after saying ‘Initializing Customize’

    November 18th, 2008 at 4:39 am
    I have 3G iPhone with 2.1 software. However, on loading and running I only get as far as ‘Initializing Customize’ and then returns to the springboard. Have tried both a reload and deleting and starting over but to no avail.

    Can it be confirmed that Cusomize runs with 2.1? or how to solve the problem. Have not tried to mess about with SSH.

  46. francisco says

    dude i did everythin the jailbreak update an stuff i got my 2.0 jailbroken ipod touch but customize still doesn work

  47. last year i was so addicted with the Bejewelled game and i played all night,”~

  48. What’s the source for customize and does it work for 4.1


  1. […] chi avesse sbloccato il firmware 2.0 con Pwnage o WinPwn in questi giorni, c’è una buona notizia. Infatti è appena stato inserito in Cydia l’ultima versione di Customize (2.1.1), […]