Customize 2.1.1

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Customize I finally had a chance to sit down and take a look at the new Customize for firmware 2.0. At this time, it is still not available via Cydia and the only way to get it on your iPhone or iPod Touch is to SSH it in Customize is now available via Cydia. When I SSH’d Customize onto my iPhone, I had to go in and change the permissions of all the folders/files inside the folder to 0755. Before I change the permissions the app just opened and closed (I tried to open it quite a few times before I changed the permissions).

So, once I changed the permissions, I was able to open Customize. From there I downloaded a few files and some themes. However, I could not get anything to actually work. If I went into Customize Images/Sounds and tried to set anything (Dock, Battery, Badge, Bars, Edge….) I would get an error saying, “Copy Result Encountered an error copying the files.” Also, if I tried to change something like the System Strings (which doesn’t require a download) I would get an error that said, “Save Result Failed to save strings file.” After some research on the Customize Forum I found that SpicyChicken suggested running this code:

chmod +s /Applications/

I ran the code, resprang my SpringBoard and went back into Customize. This time everything worked! I was able to change the dock, edge and wifi bars, the badge, application icons, system strings…etc. So, run that command and you should be fine. The actual application itself has not changed, it looks and functions the same as in the previous version. I am soooooo happy to have the ability to customize my 2.0 iPhone! I’m very excited! Now I just have to remember everything that I had changed before.

You can get Customize 2.1.1 HERE.

Update: Customize is now available via Cydia!

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  1. KappaGirl says

    Hi! I have a MAC but I don’t know how to use the SSH on here. Do you know what program its under in the MAC?

    • Check out our SSH page …it might help.

    • for mac the program is called “Terminal”
      idk where i downloaded it from so you’ll hav to google it

    • Uhh, Terminal comes on a Mac…you don’t download it.

    • I use the program called cyberduck on a mac to drop apps in to my touch and change permissions. it makes changing permission within a folder super easy. You just right click on the folder, go to info, set your permission, click on “apply recursively” and you’re set. it applies those permissions to all the files in the folder.

      To run that code from above you’ll probably need to use terminal. it’s found in the utilities folder in applications. type “ssh root@192.168.*.*” (where the stars are whatever your IP address) is. it should then ask for the password. if you get anything about securities just say yes. then you should be able to run that code from above. type “exit” to quit ssh’ing.

      hope that helps!

    • thank you :]]]

  2. In your SSH application, you would need to open Terminal and then just copy and paste the code into Terminal.

  3. you first need to jailbreak.

  4. okay were do i get the .app?

  5. Does this have icons for applications from the app store such as Crash Bandicoot or SMB?

  6. dominickc says

    terminal is under utilities in your mac. don’t need to download anything, just log into your phone and run that code

  7. Wow ! I had the same problem has Doug … And with version 2.1.1 everything works fine !!! My gosh it’s nice to see my Buff theme !!! :-)))

  8. will downloading it from cydia make it run smoothly? or will you have to still put in that code?

  9. i cant get the themes to work…. system strings are working but i cant get the themes to work. help plzzzz

    • SpicyChicken’s servers are down right now, you will not be able to do anything with themes until they are back up.

  10. um brooke, it wont let me set a wallpaper, only lock wallpaper, is this not working for you either? any solutions?

  11. i can’t change my wallpaper on SpringBoard, pls help!

  12. Nice one of the urgent apps is ported, but is in the new version no SMB needed to change the desktop icons?

  13. Hi, I finally got it to work. What pink theme is that in one of the screenshots? I really like it, but can’t find it when I do a search for “pink”. Thanks!

  14. I see that a couple of others are also not able to change wallpaper. Is this a global problem or are some of you able to change it? I’ll be patient if it’s just a limitation of the app at this time, but if it’s just a problem for a few of us, watch out! =)

    • I am having the same problem Kevin, also my app store apps are not changing either which was a previous problem before customize.

  15. Installed this morning, downlaoded a few themes none are working any suggestions? I’m on a 2G iphone winpwned to 2.0.

  16. Okay – here’s the answer!

    “Customize never changed your background wallpaper.
    Apps like Summerboard, FreeBoard, Kate, and someone mentioned vWallpaper… those apps did. All Customize did was work with those apps. So until one of those apps mentioned just above this sentence is ported to 2.0; no one can change background wallpapers. period.”

    • acidcloud says

      So, how long are we going to have to wait for Summerboard to be ported to 2.0? I can’t stand that ugly black background anymore. :(

  17. Only a few things work for me, like wallpaper on the lock screen and battery images, other than that i can’t get anything to work.

    And i wish i understood all that ssh jargon, i use the putty.exe as terminal but even there i get messed up, is there a guide on how do work this?

  18. For those having issues with Customize, this simple symlink should fix them. Login via ssh and run the following commands :P

    mkdir -p /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib
    ln -s /usr/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib/.
    cd /Applications/
    chmod a+s Custom*

    • eoic.timmy says

      where do we type that in… i know how to ssh to my phone and computer… sub i dont know where to type in those commands… cant you tell me where to type those in please

    • open terminal and type it in there (on WinScp)

    • Which issues does this method fix? Does the wallpaper work after this?

    • None of these comamds fixed my dock, wallpaper and some icons. Im on firm 2.0.2 installed via cydia reset permissions.. ran codes.. nothung helps

  19. Nevermind, only a few of the themes I downloaded aren’t working.

  20. Tizocman says

    Make sure you are logged in as root and not mobile to make sure just type in :


    alpine (when typing password no dots or letter show up)

  21. eoic.timmy says

    Or can you make a youtube video, cause im retarted lol…

  22. What is it with this new create “New Account” stuff? I followed the directions entered everything, but it will not take any of my mail accounts?

    I posted the question over on the Customize forum yesterday, but got no responses……….

    Any suggestions?

  23. basically i have the same problem as the OP. custmize works, but i get the same error message.

    so, do i just login to root@my ip address, and paste

    chmod +s /Applications/

    or do i have to type run first or something. i dont know anything about terminal.

  24. squaresoft says

    Guys i need to know the directory where all customize sound sets are stored please help…

  25. does anyone know where i can get that sort of badge but in diff colors?

  26. You can use Cydia winterboard to customize your themes and carrier image. I am using it with a WINPwn 3g 16gb iphone and it is pretty good. Most of the themes work well.

    Good luck!

  27. Here goes again. . . .

    I had no trouble at all with Customize on my 1.1.4. Now with my 3G the thing wants to set up an account?

    So I type in my particulars and the stupid thing tells me that the email is TAKEN?

    Is anybody else experiencing this?

  28. Ok, I’ve run that chmod script on my terminal and still Customize does not work properly. When I “apply theme” it shows the little loading screen (saying ‘Applying Theme …’) but it doesn’t take as long as it seems like it should and it doesn’t really show anything on the progress bar. I exit Customize and my phone resprings but only like 4 or 5 apps are changed… nothing with my wallpaper or anything…
    Does Intelliscreen mess it up at all?

  29. I was able to use Customize 2.1.1 with iPhone 2.0.x firmware however now that 2.1 is installed it does not run. After I install it and run it I get an error message when trying to access the Theme Browser saying: “Files not found, Customize could not find the required files to run offline. Go online and run Customize to update the files” I tried reinstalling Customize by going to Cydia and choose Modify since it’s already installed and ask to re-install. I get the same error message.
    FWIW I went to the web site and it’s not been upgraded since July 24 and mentions version 2.0, doesn’t even mention 2.1.1. Their other web sites also are not accessible. It appears that Customize is “abandonware” ;-(
    I know the bulk of Customize is redundant to Winterboard however there are alot of themes unique on Customize.

  30. same problem as LarryInAz , SO what;s the simplest way to fix it?

  31. TheBitchGoddess says

    I downloaded the 2.1.1 version on my iPod touch and I cant open it. It keeps crashing. I tried changing the permissions as suggested and ran the code but nothing seems to be working. Help!

  32. what a joke why put something out there if you wont maintain it.

  33. hate to join that me too crowd ,but
    A week or so later and unfortunately I still haven’t found a solution if I do I will come back and post it,don’t think they have abandon it but more like they want to see apples 2.1.2 or even 2.2 update before they show us the public a legit fix saw that happen alot in the Sony psp hacking scene ,see you sooner than later I hope

  34. I did all the things to the phone as per above Customize article, but, it still wont open …very frustrating.
    Any suggestions?

  35. it’s not working for me……

  36. With al thehe problems i rather stay with winterboard

  37. iphonemanpan says

    were do i enter that code in customive

  38. Where does the code for the strings go?
    And how come I can’t browse and it says Im offline


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