Customize 2.0.0RC1 – 2.0.0RC1.3

Customize I realize that I have written a few warning articles about the update to Customize however, here is an article about some of the other features that come with the update to Customize. There have been a few updates to Customize in the last 24 hours. Version 2.0.0RC1 of Customize adds some very cool new features including:

    • Incorporated an AutoUpdate utility – I have already used this feature of Customize and it did indeed notify me that there was an update. You can then update right in the application. However, when I updated through Customize, it did not show up in my Installer as an updated version.

    • Added ability to contact the Creator via – This is a great feature. In the Theme Broswer, when you are in the more info screen for an item, you can tap on Creator and it will open an email with that person’s email address so that you can contact them directly.

    • Added About page to display what’s new, what’s coming, and what’s broken. – The About page is the Installer More Info screen, it is not an actual About page in the application.

    • Added Comments section to each theme/file set in Customize. – This is also a cool new feature. You can now comment on any of the items in the Theme Browser.

Version 2.0.0RC1 of Customize also added a new feature called Freeboard. However, please read the following posts before enabling Freeboard.

Customize with Freeboard

Customize with Freeboard Update

Freeboard is considered a SummerBoard replacement giving you the options to turn on/off Freeboard itself, Show Wallpaper, Hide Icon Labels and Five Icon Dock.

Version 2.0.0RC1.2 & Version 2.0.0RC1.3 of Customize do not have any visual changes, I am assuming they are bug fixes.

Customize 2.0.0RC1 Customize 2.0.0RC1 Customize 2.0.0RC1 Customize 2.0.0RC1 Customize 2.0.0RC1 Customize 2.0.0RC1 Customize 2.0.0RC1

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  1. hmm… i only see this customize rc1fix update in my sources i don’t even see the 1.3 update.. well i think bigboss yesterday wrote an article about freeboard if you use it and you have more the 80apps installed it messes up your phone or at lest it did in the first version i don’t know about this version..

    • Yes, we wrote two articles yesterday with warnings about enabling Freeboard…one was BigBoss’s – see links above.

  2. Did one of the updates fix Freeboard Pref since BB’s article?

  3. David Patrick says

    I am confused, do I need to download FREEBOARD seperately now, I have the latest RC3 and its shows on the menu will it work now and can I unistall KATE or the FACELIFT Part, please advise and thanks all

  4. well, my Customize still crashes, even on my 1.1.4 ! I think that the Vista Perfect theme is the problem… Or Summerboard or BossPrefs.. But I like Vista theme so much, but also Customize grrr

  5. it seems customize takes all preferences to change my wallpapers, i can´t do it through facelift in my old caterpillar v 1.0 or the stock one. In the other hand i updated and never turn freeboard on and no problems with intelliscreen.

  6. Does anyone know where I could get stuff to install into Customize to change the appearance of stuff within the iphone (i.e. the main slider, battery, etc.) Thanks in Advance.

  7. DJ….Thanks, I cant believe I overlooked that!

  8. This f app stole my wall, i can’t change wallpaper without using this p o s software, it does not play nice with others. Does anyone know of a fix for this issue?

  9. Somebody help me. I can’t change my lock screen wallpaper. It just stuck there. What can I do? HELP

    • you just have to ssh in to your iphone and delete the lockscreenwalpaper when you reboot you iphone the world globe will be your wallpaper then you can change it again.Worked fine by me
      good luck

  10. c0d3m0nk3y says

    I managed to get my wallpaper fixed, does anyone know how to get my Firmware 2.0 icons working again?

  11. how can i fix “copy result” ( encountered an error copying the files )
    i did changed once my keyboard theme then when i change it again this message appears.
    pls help thanks in advance

  12. Ok, im so confused..after i download a file set..for example i downloaded a jordan carrier logo and i go to file do i get it to show up as my carrier logo?..please help!! lol

  13. I have a problem and can’t find a solution for it. I installed the Customize 2.0.0RC1.3 and the SUID LIB FIX, but when I download ANY theme and apply it everything goes fine and all the icons are changed but the wallpaper doesn’t apply, just the black background.
    I then installed the summer board but still nothing.

  14. Tyler Wells says

    ok i have software 1.1.4 i had alot of apps but i resotered it like a dummy and now dunno what to do i just finally got installer apps on it, ok customize looks great to use but i haved tried to get it but it does like always just goes right back to the home screen is there an update with a source i can download from in installer apps that anyone has i really want customize on my phone but i cant get it to work. please help

  15. do the sound files work on customize? I’ve downloaded a few sound file sets but I don’t actually know how to apply them. Can anybody help?

  16. Shahir Jinnah says

    how do i download this????