WinterBoard 0.9.2501-3

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard I was excited to see an update for WinterBoard in Cydia today! And, the update turned out to be exactly what I was hoping it would be! WinterBoard now supports changing the StatusBar and fixes the bug where the wallpaper was being cut off just above the dock and just below the StatusBar. A very cool update! Oh, they also changed the icon…which I like. Other than that, there were no change to the user interface, still just lists file names. However, it is nice to have my custom themes looking correctly (<--- pretty sure that is not proper grammar, I apologize to all English teachers)! Check out the screenshots below. Note: I would like to say thanks to the Developer for adding the icon.png file to the folder. It makes my job A LOT easier!
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WinterBoard 0.9.2499-2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Many of you who are on firmware 2.0 might be wondering why there are so many themes being added to Cydia when SummerBoard isn’t even available yet. The answer is WinterBoard. WinterBoard is an alternative to SummerBoard (get it…Summer and Winter! :)). It is an open source application, developed by Jay Freeman, that supports SummerBoard themes. At the moment WinterBoard is very primitive. There is basically no user interface and there are a few bugs. But, if you are desperate to change your theme and are not big on using Customize…this might be the app for you. When you open WinterBoard, you will notice that it comes with one default “theme.” You can install more themes via Cydia. They are available in the Themes and Themes (SummerBoard) categories.

You can also SSH your own themes into the /root/Library/Themes (that is the main root folder, not the var/root folder). If you SSH in your own themes, [Read more…]

New SummerBoard Themes

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

SummerBoard There are a few new SummerBoard themes in the Installer. Two of the new themes (Radiance and Soft) are available via the iSpazio source. Does anyone who upgraded to 2.0 like seriously miss their jailbroken iPhone?? I know I do! At least we have a test iPhone that is still jailbroken so I don’t feel quite as restricted!

iPhone 3G Theme

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

SummerBoard There is a new SummerBoard theme available in the Installer. The theme itself isn’t actually new, it came out a few days ago but I never had a chance to write about it. The theme is based off the iPhone 3G and includes quite a few icons (these are the times when I wish my iPhone 3G was jailbroken!). You can get the iPhone 3G Themes from the iSpazio source.


New Themes

SummerBoard Below are a few new SummerBoard themes available in the Installer…CandyMilk, ChocoMilk (which both contain matching calculator skins), Lush and BlackNeonAgua. All of the themes were designed by ToffeeNut and contain quite a few icons. The best part about these themes is that they also contain a template so that you can create even more icons! The templates are located in the theme’s folder in var/Mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/Name of Theme and are .psd files. All of the themes are available through the iSpazio source.

Recent Themes

SummerBoard There have been a few SummerBoard themes released through the Installer in the last few days. Below are xBox 360 via BigBoss, VendingMachine via ModMyiFone and CakeWhite via ModMyiFone (there is also a CakeBlack however, I could not get it to download).

xBox360 Theme VendingMachine Theme CakeWhite

Current Top Ten Favorite Themes

It has been a while since I have done a post sharing a few of my favorite SummerBoard themes. So, I thought I would give it a shot. All of these themes can be installed via Installer or MMiThemer. I did this to keep it simple. I might do another post with my top ten SummerBoard themes that have to be downloaded and SSH’d in.

Below is the list of my current top ten themes and how to get them. Note: Some of these themes are tweaked to my liking…they may have a different dock or wallpaper than the original theme.

10. Realize – MMiThemer
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Zunda – SummerBoard Theme

Zunda is a SummerBoard theme available via the ModMyiFone source. I saw this theme in the Installer yesterday and thought I would check it out. It turned out to be pretty cool. It is bright, clean and seems to have a decent amount of icons.

Zunda Zunda

MMiThemer 0.24beta

MMiThemer The only visual change that I notice with version 0.24beta of MMiThemer is that the icon has been changed back to the icon in which the application was released with, a transparent icon. Let me know in the comments if you notice any other changes. MMiThemer is available through the ModMyiFone source.

MMiThemer 0.24beta MMiThemer 0.24beta

Customize 2.0.0RC1 – 2.0.0RC1.3

Customize I realize that I have written a few warning articles about the update to Customize however, here is an article about some of the other features that come with the update to Customize. There have been a few updates to Customize in the last 24 hours. Version 2.0.0RC1 of Customize adds some very cool new features including:

    • Incorporated an AutoUpdate utility – I have already used this feature of Customize and it did indeed notify me that there was an update. You can then update right in the application. However, when I updated through Customize, it did not show up in my Installer as an updated version.

    • Added ability to contact the Creator via – This is a great feature. In the Theme Broswer, when you are in the more info screen for an item, you can tap on Creator and it will open an email with that person’s email address so that you can contact them directly.
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Customize with Freeboard Update

Customize Ok, I know that I already posted an article with a warning from BigBoss about enabling the Freeboard feature in the update to Customize. Well, I would like to add to BigBoss’s warning. After spending some time using Freeboard, I would also not recommend using it at this time. When you enable FreedBoard it resets any custom System settings. Due to this, it will reset (and disable/break) other applications like Kate, IntelliScreen, iPhoneHome (it deleted my custom Home button double-tap), Pysl…etc. I also noticed that [Read more…]

Customize with Freeboard

Customize A new version of Customize was released today via the ModMyiFone source. The update adds a feature called Freeboard. Freeboard is a SummerBoard “replacement.” However, before you use Freeboard please read the warning below.

via BigBoss.

Customize has released an update that has a SummerBoard replacement built in called “FreeBoard”. If you enable this feature, it will disable SummerBoard. At this point, you probably do *not* want to do this. And enabling FreeBoard could cause your phone to stop booting.

The iPhone has about an 80 app limit. This includes webclips. Once you hit this limit, your phone won’t boot. It just spins and reboots over and over again. SummerBoard patches this bug (bug by Apple, fix by SummerBoard). If you enable FreeBoard feature within Customize, you will lose SummerBoard’s fix. If you have more than 80 apps, you will not be able to boot.

If you are already in this situation [Read more…]

MMiThemer 0.21Beta

MMiThemer MMiThemer 0.21Beta continues to try to work out some of the bugs in the application. The update does fix a few bugs which will hopefully get the app working for a few more of you. There are no visual changes to the application though I did notice that the themes installed using MMiThemer now show up in SummerBoard, Customize and Kate. MMiThemer is available through the ModMyiFone source.

MMiThemer 0.21Beta

MMiThemer 0.20Beta

MMiThemer The update to MMiThemer version 0.20Beta should fix the issue quite a few of you were having with themes not showing up in SummerBoard. I cannot tell you for sure if it fixes the bug because the previous version of this application worked for me. You will have to let me know in the comments if this fixes the bug for those of you having issues. For the rest of you in which the previous version worked, [Read more…]

MMiThemer 0.19Beta – Full Review

MMiThemer Ok guys, I gave you a quick review of MMiThemer earlier tonight (via my iPhone)…here is the full review. MMiThemer is a theme application that allows you to easily install themes that are uploaded to’s theme download section. This application works together with SummerBoard (SMBPrefs). When you install a theme using MMiThemer…it will add it to your themes in SummerBoard. What this does is gives you access to hundreds of great themes and makes them easy to install!

When you open MMiThemer, it will open to the Home page. If you select the ModMyiFone iPhone Forums option on this page, it will bring you to an iPhone Optimized version of the forums (it opens it right in the application). Along the lower menu bar there are five other options, they include; [Read more…]