Kate 1.3.1

Caterpillar Kate (also known as Caterpillar) has been update to version 1.3.1. The update only adds one new feature to the application however, it does fix a few bugs and compatibility issue. The new feature is the ability to do a fast respring which means you are able to respring your SpringBoard without going to the lock screen (this will only work with firmware 1.1.3 and up). There is one bug fix that is really nice, Kate is now compatible with Dock, Screenshot and other similar applications. So, those of you who didn’t want to use Kate in the past because it was not compatible with Dock…you are good to go! Also, according to the developers of Kate, this will be the last update for 1.1.x firmware. Any future releases will only be compatible with firmware 2.0 (which only means we are getting closer! YAY!). Below is the complete change log via the developer. Kate is available through the Rip Dev source. [Read more…]

Caterpillar changed to Kate (1.3)

Caterpillar Version 1.3 of Caterpillar brings some interesting changes….including a name change. Caterpillar has now been changed to Kate due to legal reasons. Below is a snipit from Kate’s website.

Due to a legal dispute with Caterpillar, Inc, the new name of the package is Kate.

Because Caterpillar, Inc, the makers of heavy machinery have demanded the name Caterpillar is infringing their copyright (apparently the bulldozers have their own operating system named the same way!), RiP Dev, the makers of the most advanced commercial collection of tools for the iPhone, have decided to settle the conflict in a peaceful way and change the name to Kate. The name Kate resembles [Read more…]

Caterpillar 1.2.1

Caterpillar There is an update to version 1.2.1 ofCaterpillar (I love updates to Caterpillar!!). Below is the full list of new features!! My favorite new feature is that if you have a birthday entered for a contact it will add that person’s birthday to your Calendar and put a little flower by it (the ┬ÁCalendar not your Calendar app)!! Very cool!! Now, with the help of iBirthday and Caterpillar…I will always remember people’s Birthdays! The ability to add a Background behind the Icon Labels is pretty cool too. [Read more…]

Caterpillar 1.2

Caterpillar There are some really cool new features with version 1.2 of Caterpillar. The feature I really like is that you can enable the Apple Enabled Screenshot app from it! And…it works on my 1.1.1…the actual Apple Enabled Screenshot app itself did not! Another really sweet new feature is if you are on 1.1.3 and above you can uninstall apps right from your SpringBoard!! You just tap an app until they start wiggling and then tap the X in the corner of the app you want to uninstall! They added a few new features to the FaceLift section as well… [Read more…]

Caterpillar 1.1.1

Caterpillar Version 1.1.1 of Caterpillar makes just a few changes to the app. One is that you can now uninstall the app by unchecking all the options (in the app, not the settings) and hitting apply. They have also added a license agreement so, the next time you open the app you will see an agreement that you have to “slide to agree.” There were also a few bug fixes… [Read more…]

Caterpillar 1.1

CaterpillarLots of cool additions come with this update. This app is available from the RipDev source under the RipDev category. And this update includes a trial period! Check it out now! Below is the change log directly from the developer. If you would like to see a little more about Caterpillar…check out THIS video. Screenshots right after the break.
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1.1.4 App Updates

The following apps have been updated, in the last few days, to work with 1.1.4….they do not have any visual changes, just compatibility fixes.

Bookmarlets 1.20
BossPrefs 1.55
Categories 1.71
Caterpillar 1.0v2
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Caterpillar 1.0

Watch “Caterpillar 1.0” from your iPhone or iPod Touch