1.1.4 App Updates

The following apps have been updated, in the last few days, to work with 1.1.4….they do not have any visual changes, just compatibility fixes.

Bookmarlets 1.20
BossPrefs 1.55
Categories 1.71
Caterpillar 1.0v2
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SpeedDial 0.6

SpeedDial SpeedDial is an app that allows you to create custom speed dials. The first time you open that app…your Contact list is already available by default. Just like in your Phone setting you can go into your contacts and select and contact and then a phone number and then make the call. However, you can also add a custom speed dial by tapping the Edit button in the upper right corner. Once you are in Edit mode…tap Add in the upper left corner. You will be prompted to enter your Contact’s name..once added you will then be prompted to add in your contacts phone number (make sure to pay attention to the format in the pop-up). Once you have entered all the information [Read more…]