Caterpillar changed to Kate (1.3)

Caterpillar Version 1.3 of Caterpillar brings some interesting changes….including a name change. Caterpillar has now been changed to Kate due to legal reasons. Below is a snipit from Kate’s website.

Due to a legal dispute with Caterpillar, Inc, the new name of the package is Kate.

Because Caterpillar, Inc, the makers of heavy machinery have demanded the name Caterpillar is infringing their copyright (apparently the bulldozers have their own operating system named the same way!), RiP Dev, the makers of the most advanced commercial collection of tools for the iPhone, have decided to settle the conflict in a peaceful way and change the name to Kate. The name Kate resembles a Russian female name Katya, which is a signature name for many Russians (and RiP Dev, having Russian roots, wholeheartedly thinks you will like the new name).

Though the name has changed, the icon and the logo are still the same. There are also no changes to the actual functionality of the app…just a simple name change. Besides the name change, there are few other new feature (see list below). Out of all the new options, I really like the new Night Mode setting! Under Privacy there is now an option to turn off incoming call and texts during certain hours of the day! I think that is totally sweet. You just go in and set a Start Time and an End Time. So, if you don’t want any calls or texts from 11:00pm until 5:00am…just put those as your Start and End times! Very cool! There are a few other cool new features…check out the list below! Caterpillar is available through the RiP Dev source.

All Components:
    • Due to a legal dispute with Caterpillar, Inc., the name of the product is changed to Kate.
EQ (new component):
    • New component: three-band equalizer for the iPod application — you are no longer limited by the default EQ presets.
    • Added an option to enable or disable birthdays from the contacts list (as Outlook duplicates them).
    • All-day events for the next day are now properly displayed as the next day.
    • Added the night mode setting to disable incoming calls and SMS messages sounds during the specified interval.
    • Reminder no longer produces notifications during a phone call.

Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate) Caterpillar 1.3 (Kate)

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