Caterpillar 1.1.1

Caterpillar Version 1.1.1 of Caterpillar makes just a few changes to the app. One is that you can now uninstall the app by unchecking all the options (in the app, not the settings) and hitting apply. They have also added a license agreement so, the next time you open the app you will see an agreement that you have to “slide to agree.” There were also a few bug fixes…see developer’s change log below. Caterpillar is available through the RiP Dev source. Below are the screenshots…you know the drill!

Version 1.1.1. Change Log:
        – Fixed an issue with the disappearing licenses under some jailbreaks.

    *Smart Dialer:
        – Fixed an issue with the keypad disappearing when some non-English languages are selected.

Caterpillar 1.1.1 Caterpillar 1.1.1

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  1. Macopoulos says

    I’ve bought one unlimited license cause i know that this software will be so good at the near future..!! ;)

    Look at the previous update!! It just rocks!

  2. welsh-dan says

    Proceed with caution!!!
    I’ve had a jailbroken iphone since 1.1.2 and have enjoyed updating and installing loads of brilliant applications….
    HOWEVER, Caterpillar killed it :o( After deciding to pay out for this application I went straight into it and starting playing with the calendar…I immediately started to notice the iphone behaving strange, jumping, skipping not responding to certain commands (restarting springboard, etc). I went into my main settings and I couldn’t change anything, the touch sensitivity in the settings screen was disabled! Since then I’ve lost email, the screen just bounces me back to the main home screen and a few other errors with applications have started!
    I’ve had to restore now!! Not happy….I’m not saying stay away but BEWARE!

    • well…this actually has been discussed numerous times, both here and on several forums. i too had a ton of problems after purchasing a 6mo subscription. they were nice enough to refund me. they failed to disclose that this application conflicts with and they also mentioned summerboard not working well with it. i read somewhere that the calendar function is the one that causes the disabling of touch functions. i’m not sure how true that is, but to quickly fix that problem, make sure you have either killspring or respring installed. and when you lose touch abilities, just activate one of the apps, restart springboard, and that supposedly fixes the problem. good luck with it. the app, in my opinion, is great, but too buggy to be a paid app

    • Thanks jtesnani…as I said in my first post, “I’m not saying stay away”, I also think it’s a good app but WAY too buggy to be charged for it. I haven’t looked into a refund yet but I will do if after jailbreakin it again later this evening the problem persists. Thanks for your tips anyways and I hope you don’t fall into any other problems with it

  3. Ahh, so this was the culprit of my dialler crashes. I had to restore my phone to get it back to normal. WELL overrated this application if you ask me

  4. The application looks very nice, but I had the same problem as every one els.

    maybe after fixing the bugs.

    best of luck

  5. well yea me to i just had the same problem

    i had to restore it agin mine didnt want to open nothing at all

    • HAd the same problem as well! I was thinking it was becuz I had signed up for the trial version but obviously, that’s not the problem! I do have dock installed & Summerboard. I really like both of those apps, dock served me very well in the past, when I had customize on the phone & accidentally shut off the icon for ‘customize’.
      However, one of the apps for Customize crashed my phone & had to restore.
      Then, just after I got all apps I had previously, restored, I installed the trial version of Caterpillar.
      Had exactly the same problem that everyone else is having! Wish I would’ve known this before installing.
      I have to agree, it’s a cool app but waaaaaaaaay too buggy & too many headaches for an application that u pay this type of money for.
      I’m sorry, maybe I’m expecting too much? But, I believe, if you’re paying good money for something like this, it should work extremely well with some sort of support as well.
      On top of this, the website should list a warning that the app doesn’t work properly with various other types of apps!
      Just my thoughts,.
      Thanx for such an amazingly awesome website, this place has been a GodSend for me!
      Luv ya,

  6. I should have read the comments before loading the trial version. can anyone help me – as a novice to the iphone I don’t know how to restore. My whole phone has frozen. All I can do is access each app but with no functionality whatsoever. Please help

  7. How do I uninstall this program? I have the program loaded but i have not signed for any trial sub yet, but my dialer is not responding now….!!!