Wiki2touchThis app is for all of you who need to be a walking wikipedia… which I doubt is all that many. Basically, when all goes according to plan (read on), this app gives you access to the entire wikipedia database when offline. Yep, it puts the whole thing on your iPhone! Sounds crazy right, it is! But do not get excited yet, I have not yet been successful in getting it on my iPhone… [Read more…]

BossPrefs v1.62

BossPrefsBossPrefs brings like all the iPhone 3rd party preference apps bundled into 1. It allows you to start/stop running processes (like SSH and EDGE, and even allows you to add running processes not included already!). You can edit dock icons, fix directory permissions, disable the Screenshot ability, change the double tap option of the home button, and view disk space. You can show/hide icons like edge, bluetooth, wifi, SSH, mail and even the Dock. It pretty much does it all! Authors notes and screenshots after the break! BossPrefs is available through the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

Snapture 1.1

SnaptureIf you’ve used CameraPro than you are already familiar with this app, it is almost identical. Except this app is completely free! Thank You can get it through the BigBoss source. Here is the feature list from the developer’s site, screenshots follow that: [Read more…]

iCube 0.1

iCube iCube is, you guessed it! Rubiks Cube on your iPhone! If you have ever messed around with a cube then you know how this works, swipe your finger on a cube in the direction you want it to rotate, and whallah! it rotates! :P Use pinch un-ping gestures to zoom in and out, and shake your iPhone to scramble the cube. The only drawback right now is that you cannot rotate the actual view of the cube, which actually drives me crazy, and as a beginner makes this very hard for me to solve. [Read more…]

iChabber 0.9

iChabberVersion 0.9 of iChabber is an update from 0.2, and I found one change. The login screen gives you alot more options for entering in your user name and password. Check out the screen shot below to see the additions. I did however have a problem with this app, when I try to start typing a new message I cannot see anything that I type appear on the screen. I can even send it, and i see my name in the chat list, but nothing besides my name. Is this just a bug for me, or have you had the same problems? Comment below! [Read more…]

RemoteNote v0.0.1-1

RemoteNoteThis nifty little app is brought to us by BigBoss, created by John Robinson, and can be found in the Utilities section of Basically when you run this app, you can access all the saved notes on your iPhone from any local computer, ie. the same network as the iPhone. The app tells you the ip address to type into your browser, once entered you will see a numbered list of all your saved notes. Click one to open it up and edit it. Press ‘save’ and it will save it back onto your iPhone with all your changes. The app runs smooth and quick, at least it did for me. Brooke has mentioned that it did not work for her on 1.1.1 (she claims to be updating her iPhone soon!) Screen shots to follow! [Read more…]


spoofappSpoofApp is the iPhone app for all you pranksters out there. I got my iPhone out at a recent family gathering and even my grandparents had a good laugh with this. SpoofApp allows you to call someone, and disguise your number with some one else’s, and even allows you to change your voice! [Read more…]


Genesis4iphoneAmazing! Another gaming console brought to the iPhone, and from the bit I’ve played so far, it runs very smooth! You will not notice much diffrence from in the game select screen, or the settings, its all the same basically. The landscape made does show the original Sega controller. Some ROMs require a bios to be installed, some don’t. Remember legally, you need to own the game to have the rights to use it on your iPhone, /endfairwarning. :) [Read more…]

CubeWorld 0.0.56

CubeWorldCubeWorld is a very neat application, it allows you to look at all angles from the vantage point that the picture was taken. It has been labled as 3D, but I would disgree since you are looking at a 2D image. You can use your finger or the accelorometer to turn the angle of the camera in any direction, allowing a full 360 degree view up and down. (I still cant see the photographers feet, so there is some trickery!) [Read more…]

smartRSS 1.0

smartRSSAnother great app this week! smartRSS is an RSS reader and is far better than MobileRSS both aesthetically and functionally. You can get this app from Jeremie Engel’s source and find it under the category “smartRSS, iGuideTV…” (he really needs to name his source differently). Open up the app and you can find the ‘Apple Hot News’ feed already added, tap it to open it to an article list, tap the article to read it. To add more feeds [Read more…]


InsomniaThis is the application I have waited for. When activated it allows your programs to run while the iPhone is sleeping, ie. locked. This is especially exciting for LowJack, as it will allow location reporting all the time now. Insomnia is available from Ste Packaging under the Utilities category. Once installed you will see the icon on your springboard. Tap to open it, and you will see the splash screen (see screenshot) and then it will close. Then you will notice the icon will now have a badge that says “On”. Open the app again to turn it off. Simple and easy, the way we like. :) Check out the screen shots below! [Read more…]


TimeCapsuleThis is another application that has been a long time coming, and I am so glad it is finally here. It is still in beta, so it is not fully functional. But this application allows you to backup data and restore it at a later time. Hopefully this will eventually allow you to restore data after a restore, but only time will tell. You can find this app in Installer from the databinge source under the Utilities category. Once installed, you can find the app on your springboard. Open it and a popup will give you the option to donate, select cancel or you can move right on to the app (Do not forget to go back and donate though if you love the app!). Now you will find a limited list of applications with data that can be backed up. [Read more…]


CaptureThis is the best screenshot utility yet! Like the utility Screenshot it adds a button to snap a photo that hovers above what ever application you are in, it also has a button to exit, that closes the hovering snap button. The huge bonus with Capture is that the buttons are movable! Simply touch and drag the left side of the bar and you can position it where ever you want. This makes it very easy to navigate around applications without the buttons getting in the way. The other awesome feature [Read more…]

Volume Boost (1.1.4)

You may have noticed Volume Boost in the Recent Packages list in Installer (from the iClarified source), it is a Background change that edits a file on your iPhone that un-restricts the volume limits placed on your iPhone speaker (ie. there is no application to see on your SpringBoard). I put off writing about it because I wanted to do a little testing to be sure of my findings. I did notice a little bit of a boost, but nothing huge. I didn’t notice the change as much in the ringers as I did notice a boost in the little sounds like receiving a SMS, and Key Clicks, and the Lock and Unlock noises. Have you tried this out? Did you notice a bigger difference than me? Tell us about it!

NOIZ2SA v1.0

NOIZ2SAThis is a highly addictive 2D shooter game, by iPodTouchFans source. I played for about an hour before I made myself sit down and write this up. :P The application opens up to a name prompt, so when you are done you can actually submit your scores online to see how you rank. Then you get to the level select screen, it seemed a little shaky to me, but basically you tap th level you want. Now you are a flying red dot with a shield that rotates around you. You move the ‘fighter dot’ with your finger, up, down, left, and right. You get points by [Read more…]