CubeWorld 0.0.56

CubeWorldCubeWorld is a very neat application, it allows you to look at all angles from the vantage point that the picture was taken. It has been labled as 3D, but I would disgree since you are looking at a 2D image. You can use your finger or the accelorometer to turn the angle of the camera in any direction, allowing a full 360 degree view up and down. (I still cant see the photographers feet, so there is some trickery!) Check out this application in Installer from source. Once you have the source added to Installer, it will add the Category 3D, find the app there. This is a fun app to play around with, and I cant wait till more pitures get added. Screenshots to follow!

CubeWorld CubeWorld CubeWorld CubeWorld 0.0.56 CubeWorld CubeWorld CubeWorld

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  1. o_O how can you say this isn’t 3d

    anyways it’s a rly fun app to play around with

    • Because the image you are looking at is only a panaramic, and is still 2D. You cannot see all sides of a single object. besides no one has invented a 3D camera yet, although there are rumors of one being developed. ;)

  2. I want a camera that can do this!

  3. What I think is sweet is you can go into the 3D Panorama category in Installer and add more photos to the app (it comes with only 4 stock photos)!! I totally didn’t even see that until I asked Jacob about it! Very cool!

  4. finalkazuya says

    hhmmm….i’ve installed the other two apps in the panorama folder…doesn’t sem to be working on my 1.1.4 iPhone

    • Huh…both Doug and Jacob are on 1.1.4 and it is working for them! Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling. Let me know how it goes.

    • finalkazuya says

      ye brooke… the same thing…i uninstalled and re-installed the app…same thing…once i open the app..the icon image is displayed there…but underneath the image …just all blank.. the only thing i can do is too open the “options” and “info” tabs…anyone with the same issues? Or has anyone found a fix for this…

  5. I think this app is really cool! One of those ones you have to install and look at to get the full understanding of it! Very cool!

  6. does these work on photos that is not taken on an iphone?

  7. Please, how could I do my own 3D panoramas ? I would like present my 3D interior rendering in that way ! Any tutorials, please ?

  8. videoflyer says

    Is this for later firmwares only? I’m still on 1.1.1 and when I try to install it all I get is “Error…Main script execution failed!”

  9. I have 1.1.4 and I get “error…main script execution failed” as well. Any help would be great.

  10. videoflyer says

    Alright, well I finally broke down and installed BSD Subsystem (don’t ask me why I’d been resisting) and now CubeWorld installs just fine. Usually, when an app requires the BSD Subsystem I get more than just a nondescript error – I usually get a “this app requires the BSD Subsystem” or some such. But anyway, problem solved.

  11. mothercranky says

    i am completely new to apps, just got installer today despite havin my phone since november!
    i really fancy this but i cant find it on any of the menus?