iCube 0.1

iCube iCube is, you guessed it! Rubiks Cube on your iPhone! If you have ever messed around with a cube then you know how this works, swipe your finger on a cube in the direction you want it to rotate, and whallah! it rotates! :P Use pinch un-ping gestures to zoom in and out, and shake your iPhone to scramble the cube. The only drawback right now is that you cannot rotate the actual view of the cube, which actually drives me crazy, and as a beginner makes this very hard for me to solve. And when I say beginner, I mean that I actually started learning how to cube about a week ago, crazy thing is I had no idea this app was in the works. Even with the drawback, i am still impressed with the app, as it is a great start to a 3D graphical application on the iPhone. Kudos Glen (the developer). Screenshots below! Wait, bah… seems I cannot take an actual screen of the cube! All I get is a gray screen. This app can be installed from the iSpazio source.

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  1. Looking forward to the new app/game

  2. Solving a rubiks cube is easy for me. I can consistently solve it in under 30 seconds. Not being able to rotate the cube makes this impossible for me. That is a must for a rubiks cube app.

  3. This source doesn’t seem to work for me. It just shows up as “untitled source” as if it doesn’t exist or I made a typo.

  4. Anonymous says

    off topic… but what genre of installer is theme builder in. i have to erase all memory of everything off my phone bfore i unjailbreak and bring it into apple store

  5. This is a cool app! I’ve been having fun with it, altho….I must say, I suck @ this big-time!LOL
    My hubbie, on the other hand, was @ least able to get the top part of the cube all one colour! That’s far more than what I was able to do,LOL
    Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend,
    Mystique :)

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  7. OK, it seems that I can’t add this source or any other source either. Any time I try to add a new source, it just shows up as an “untitled source” and no packages are added. What do I do :(

    • Kevin,

      After you “add” a source, you need to click “done” and then…..REFRESH.

      Hope this helped. ;-)

  8. Its a cool idea to have the cube but its not possible to solve it if you cant rotate it
    hope it will be fixes in the next version of the game
    whats so hard to have rotaion arrows outside the cube?

  9. Wow.
    I got the top face after i figured out what the back two faces were, but I can’t get the vertical edges at all. This really needs rotation functionality.

  10. This game makes no sense as its impossible to play it without being able to rotate it

  11. Awn Abrar says

    is there any website or way you could download these games and then put them on your iPod because i have an iTouch and i don’t have installer on it