MobileLog – Manage Call and Text Messages

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 6 Day Demo – $7.49  

mobilelog MobileLog is a very nice application that allows you to manage your calls and text messages. When you open MobileLog, you will get a pop-up asking if you would like to Buy the app (the app is $7.49), Activate the app (which is done after purchasing the app) or Continue Demo (it is a 6 day demo). Once you have chosen your option, you will be brought into the application.

There are a ton of features in this app so, lets quickly walk through them. Across the top menu bar (left to right), you will find Edit, All Calls icon, Missed Calls icon, Received Calls icon, Dialed Calls icon and a Trash icon. Edit allows you to delete specific calls from the list. Note: Any calls that are deleted in the MobileLog application will also be deleted from your stock Phone application on your iPhone. All Calls allows you to view all Missed, Incoming and Dialed calls in once list starting with the most recent. Missed Calls will display all your missed call starting with the most recent and the Dialed Call option will display all your dialed calls starting with the most recent. The Trash option allows you to delete all the calls with one tap. At the bottom of each list you are also given the total number of calls and the total duration of all the calls. [Read more…]

Workaround to Unlock & Jailbreak an iPhone 2G to 2.1

iClarified Now, I’m not sure if it works with a 3G iPhone, so feel free to tell me in the comments. The guys over at iClarified (which are notorious for findings and mods) have made an article on how to Unlock/Jailbreak an iPhone 2G. Here’s the link to the article; it also contains download links for everything you will need to do it with. Looks like a easy-ish process, but that’s for you to judge!

Silent Switch Bypass 1.0

Silent Switch Bypass Silent Switch Bypass is an application that bypasses the silent switch on your iPhone, forcing all the system sounds on. When you install Silent Switch Bypass you will get a few pop-ups. The first pop-up will confirm that you are on firmware 1.1.4 and that you would like to bypass your silence switch. The second pop-up will tell you that your silence switch has been bypassed and that you will need to restart your iPhone. Once you have restarted your iPhone, the application will automatically bypass your silence switch. Note: It will not put a icon or application on your SpringBoard it will just automatically turn on all your iPhone’s system sounds.

When I tested this application, [Read more…]

Lock 1.0

lock Lock was made by XianLi in order to allow people with a broken sleep/power button to lock their iPhone and/or iPod Touch. The application is very simple. Click on the Lock icon, a loading screen will appear and voilĂ  your iPhone/iPod is locked. You can still use Lock to lock your device even if the top power button is not broken. You can get Lock from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shots below!

Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0

Shutdown 1.0

shutdown Shutdown was made by XianLi and Dave Henriksen. It was designed in order to allow people with broken sleep/power buttons to shut off their iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you tap on the application, a loading screen will appear and in under a second your device will be off. The loading screen graphic is very stylish. :) Shutdown is permanently staying on my iPod Touch, because using Shutdown to turn off your iPod Touch is a lot faster then doing it manually. You can get Shutdown from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shot below!!

Shutdown 1.0 Shutdown 1.0 Shutdown 1.0

iBlackList 1.9.1 – Filter Incoming Calls and Texts

iBlackList I have tested this application many times on many different version and have never done a reivew of it due to the fact that I did not think that it functioned well enough. Well, I am actually quite satisfied with version 1.9.1 of iBlackList. Below is a full review of the application. However, I am going to give a brief warning first. I have never used a call/sms filtering application that works completely perfectly and iBlackList is no exception. Please read this review and install at your own discretion.

iBlackList is an application that allows you to filter your incoming calls and text messages. After installing the application you will want to restart your iPhone. Do not skip this step… [Read more…]

Pysl 0.90b3

Pysl I was a little leery to try version 0.90b3 of Pysl. There have been a few updates since the last time I tried this application. I wanted to give it a chance to work out some of the bugs before I tried it again. Well, I decided to give it another shot and I am impressed. I found that there have been a few changes to the app (and that they all work!). I was able to add a number to the Blacklist and block both SMS and Calls from the number with success. Which is a major change from the last version I installed of this application. Also, there is a Scheduler option which allows you to choose when you would like to filter calls from certain numbers. A great feature!

If you do decided to add a phone number to the Blacklist [Read more…]

Pysl 0.41b1 – Do Not Install

Pysl I am having A TON of issues with version 0.41b1 of Pysl. I would highly recommend NOT installing it NOR upgrading to it!! After installing this version, I was not able to make or receive phone calls. I also was not able to send or receive Texts (it would respring my iPhone every time I tried). So, I uninstalled the app and I was still unable to make/receive phone calls. Though, I could send and receive texts. This was not an issue I could fix and ended up restoring my iPhone! :(

Pysl 0.41b1

Pysl .40b3

Pysl Version .40b3 of Pysl works a little better than the previous version (at least for me)! Whitelist and Scheduler are still unavailable in this version however, Call History is available now. There is also a new option when you are adding a number to your Blacklist that allows you to turn on/off Call Stop Mode. What is really cool is that Call Stop Mode actually worked for me this time! When I entered the number into my Blacklist [Read more…]

Pysl 0.32

PYSL In version 0.32 of Pysl…Whitelist, Call History and Scheduler do not work. Though, I like that it now gives you a pop-up telling you that it doesn’t work instead of leaving you wondering if it works or not. So, props for that. All the Settings seem to work like they should. I was able to enter a password…which it then make me enter every time I open the app but, that is good, you don’t want people adding number to your Blacklist without you knowing!! The Vibration, Status Bar, Alarm and SMS Privacy all worked as well. But, as cool as it is that all the setting work… [Read more…]

Pysl 0.31

PyslPysl is an app that allows you to manage your Calls and Texts. You can add a phone number to a Blacklist and then set the phone so it doesn’t even ring when called by that number or immediately deletes a text message received by a number. There are also a few other features that look really cool! However, we can not get this app to work. Not an any of our iPhones…we tried everything. We can get the app to open but when we add a number to the blacklist and set it not to ring…it still rings. So, [Read more…]

iLog 1.0

iLog iLog is an app that keeps track of your recent calls and texts. When you open the app you will see a lower menu bar with the options; Recents, Log, Duration, Preference and About. When you are on the Recents option…you have the option to view your Missed Calls, Received Calls and your Dialed calls. It gives you all the information about that call…the name of the contact, the date and time of the call and the phone number. You can also tap on the entry to view that contacts information. Edit in the upper right corner allows you to delete individual entries. The next option, Log, shows you all of your calls and texts on one list. You can see all your missed calls, received call, dialed calls, received texts and sent texts. These start with your most recent entry. One cool thing is [Read more…]

Call History Patch 1.0

Call History Patch Call History Patch is a code app that allows you to have up to 250 entries in your Recent Calls. This app only works with firmware 1.1.3 and above and will not even install on firmware lower than 1.1.3. You will also not see an icon on your SpringBoard…this is just a code app. It is available through the iClarified source.

Call History Patch 1.0 Call History Patch 1.0 Call History Patch 1.0

Volume Boost (1.1.4)

You may have noticed Volume Boost in the Recent Packages list in Installer (from the iClarified source), it is a Background change that edits a file on your iPhone that un-restricts the volume limits placed on your iPhone speaker (ie. there is no application to see on your SpringBoard). I put off writing about it because I wanted to do a little testing to be sure of my findings. I did notice a little bit of a boost, but nothing huge. I didn’t notice the change as much in the ringers as I did notice a boost in the little sounds like receiving a SMS, and Key Clicks, and the Lock and Unlock noises. Have you tried this out? Did you notice a bigger difference than me? Tell us about it!

Taskbar Notifier (1.1.3) 0.9

One of my favorite little applications has released an update on installer for iPhone v1.1.3! In case you haven’t seen this app before, there is no icon added to your Springboard, it instead adds a little graphic to the status bar at the top on the screen when you have new mail, or text messages, and now will even show when you have a missed phone call! See THIS post for more info about the app. It can be found in from the iClarified source, under the iClarified category. Check out the screenshots after the break!
This can now be found from this repo: source:
Thanks to reader Jess, for this information! [Read more…]