Penguin Panic 2.5

Penguin Panic Penguin Panic 2.5 consists of some strong and needed updates. The icon was changed once more. The main character that you control, “the penguin”, has now added a hat and a scarf to it’s attire. Also a small bar was added at the bottom of the start menu that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. “Settings” makes me excited for the next version of Penguin Panic. You can’t do anything in the settings right now but, in a future release you will be able to change the “Penguin Color”, “Background theme”, “Difficulty”, and some other things that are not mentioned. The last major update is [Read more…]

Tetris! 2.5

Tetris! Tetris 2.5 brings some great updates and finally makes me excited for further development of this application. The first update is that there is a new icon again. Also a small bar was added at the bottom of the start menu that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. The coolest thing is “Settings”. Right now, you can’t do anything in setting but in a future release you will be able to change the “Background theme”, “Difficulty”, and some other things that are not mentioned. The last thing changed was [Read more…]

tt-clock 1.0

tt-clock tt-clock is a 4-way digital clock that talks made by Jake Wolpert. When you start the application, you have to tap the screen once more in order to get to the clock. The clock is set in military time and there is no way to change that. Your iPhone/iPod Touch can be in landscape mode and upside down, or portrait mode and upside down. Either way, the digital clock will change according to the direction and it changes color according to the direction as well! Another thing I found was if you lay your device flat it will sometime go black and if you flip it over, the application will crash. If you tap the digital clock, you will hear a robotic voice telling you the time. The voice does not tell you the exact time but it [Read more…]

Lock 1.0

lock Lock was made by XianLi in order to allow people with a broken sleep/power button to lock their iPhone and/or iPod Touch. The application is very simple. Click on the Lock icon, a loading screen will appear and voilà your iPhone/iPod is locked. You can still use Lock to lock your device even if the top power button is not broken. You can get Lock from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shots below!

Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0

Shutdown 1.0

shutdown Shutdown was made by XianLi and Dave Henriksen. It was designed in order to allow people with broken sleep/power buttons to shut off their iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you tap on the application, a loading screen will appear and in under a second your device will be off. The loading screen graphic is very stylish. :) Shutdown is permanently staying on my iPod Touch, because using Shutdown to turn off your iPod Touch is a lot faster then doing it manually. You can get Shutdown from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shot below!!

Shutdown 1.0 Shutdown 1.0 Shutdown 1.0

JFWChanger 1.0

JFWChanger JFWChanger was created by Khaos139 and it is an application that changes the iPhone and/or iPod Touch firmware version number and the base number. When you open the application you can either choose from “Preset Firmwares” which are officially released firmware or you can make up your own firmware by tapping on “Make Custom Firmware”. Once you have selected a firmware, you can go into your stock Settings and your version number should be changed to the one you selected. When I changed the firmware, it would not work for me but, it has work for others. There are two main reasons for this application. First it allows some application that won’t run a certain firmware to run, it basically tricks the application. The second reason is [Read more…]

Tetris! 2.0

Tetris! Tetris! 2.0 brings the same small changes that Penguin Panic 2.0 brought. The icon has been changed to few Tetris blocks stacked on top of each other. The “done” button on the intro keyboard is larger and the “play again” button which appears on the game over tab is also larger. The ability to submit your score has been removed with the update as well. You can now get Tetris! 2.0 from the BigBoss source.

Tetris! 2.0 Tetris! 2.0 Tetris! 2.0 [Read more…]

Penguin Panic 2.0

Penguin Panic Penguin Panic 2.0 brings just small updates from the last version. The icon shows the full body of a penguin rather then just a head shot like in the previous version. The “done” button on the intro keyboard is larger and the “play again” button which appears once you lose is also larger. You also are no longer able to Submit your score when the game is over. The most important update that version 2.0 brings is that, you have to tilt your iPhone/iPod in order to start the game. I liked this feature because the game won’t start until you are ready. You can now get Penguin Panic from the BigBoss source.

Penguin Panic 2.0 Penguin Panic 2.0 Penguin Panic 2.0 [Read more…]

Go-USA 1.0

Go-USA Go-USA is a quiz game, by Jake Wolpert, on information about the States in The United States. The first option you have is “study”. In “study” you can either study the states through the U.S map or study the states through a simple list. When you tap on a state, you will be given all the basic information on the state like “state flower” and “how big it is”. The real hard/fun part comes in the “quizzes” section. The categories you can choose from are “Flags!”, “States!”, “Capitols!”, and “Large Cities!”. All the quizzes are exactly the same, the only difference is obviously the question. An example is, in “Flags!,” you will be shown a state flag and your job is to find the state that the flag corresponds with. For every question you get right you gain 5 points and for every question wrong you lose 1 point. After you are finished with ten questions, [Read more…]

Custom Digg Theme

Digg is a theme inspired by made by the famous Louie Mantia. Digg is by far my favorite theme of all the themes I have ever used or ever seen. It is just so clean and beautiful :). It only comes with stock application icons but, I made a package with more custom icons in it. If you can not find the specific custom icon you are looking for, you can just rename one of the other icons I have provided. You can get the Digg theme from the AppTapp source. Check out the screenshots below!

1. Install Digg Theme

2. Get the custom icon pack HERE

3. Download and Unzip the package.
[Read more…]

Rockfall 1.00

Rockfall Rockfall is a game developed by Pyrofer based off the classic game, Boudlerdash. When you open the application you will see a high score table and the buttons “new game” and “continue”. Once you start the game you will see the guy that you are controlling and a bunch of information at the bottom (level,gems,time,level number). You will also notice that there are no control buttons. In order to move the character, you have to tap at the middle of each side of your iphone. So tapping the middle right will move your character to the right, tapping in the middle left will move the character to the left…etc. The objective of the game is to get all the green gems and get to the exit without getting crushed by the rocks. I honestly cannot recommend this game. [Read more…]

FingerRun 0.1b

FingerRun FingerRun is a treadmill application for your fingers developed by ipodtouchmaster. When you start the application, you will see a treadmill. You are supposed to make a running motion on the treadmill with your finger in order to make the blue number increase. You can actually make the number increase by swiping anywhere. I just took my finger and made circle motions, and got to 6,000 in no time. :) After 6,500 the application randomly crashed. This application is great if you want your fingers to lose weight or something. You can get FingerRun from the iSpazio source. Check out the screen shots below.

FingerRun 0.1b FingerRun 0.1b FingerRun 0.1b [Read more…]

JGoogle 1.1

JGoogle JGoogle is a full screen Safari browser developed by Jake Wolpert. When you start the application, you are able to type a web address. YOU MUST INCLUDE “HTTP://”. The web site that you entered will open without the safari top and bottom buttons. Basically, it is just a clean website. The downside is that you can only open one webpage at a time. The other downside is that you cannot view the webpage in landscape view. Overall, I prefer just using Safari. I do not see any point of removing the top and bottom bar while losing all the features that make Safari great. You can get JGoogle from the BigBoss source. Check out the screen shots below.

JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1 [Read more…]

wDialer 0.2

wDialer wDialer is an application developed by wwc, that allows you to search through your contacts. When you start wDialer you are able to scroll through your contacts from your Contacts list. The cool feature is that you are able to search through your contact by either typing the name of the person or typing the numbers that correspond with the letters of the person’s name. When you click on the contact, it will show the person’s picture, their number, some foreign language word, and something that says “button should here”. You are able to call the contact you selected directly from the wDialer application. wDialer is a great application for searching through hordes of contacts. You can get wDialer from the modmyifone source.

wDialer 0.2 wDialer 0.2 wDialer 0.2 [Read more…]

Tribal 1.004

Tribal Tribal is an insanely good target shooter game! The point of the game is to tap the targets on the screen. Tapping the target signs, the faces, and the stars will get you points but if you tap on a bomb, you will lose one of your three lives. You have 30 seconds to get a certain amount of points or you will also lose a life. On easy, this game is easy, hence the mode name. The real fun comes when playing on hard, your fingers will have to work diligently. There is a high score table to give you a reason for coming back for more. The most notable thing about this game are [Read more…]