Go-USA 1.1

Go-USA The update to version 1.1 of Go-USA adds a new option under Games; State Songs & Birds. When you open this game, you are given the Title of the State Song and the name of the State bird. You can then choose the State that they belong to. I also noticed that the pop-up has changed when you get an answer incorrect…it now says, “oops! it’s (the State).” It also seems as if the overall look of the application has also improved…especially in the State Information section. Go-USA is available through the BigBoss source.

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Go-USA 1.0

Go-USA Go-USA is a quiz game, by Jake Wolpert, on information about the States in The United States. The first option you have is “study”. In “study” you can either study the states through the U.S map or study the states through a simple list. When you tap on a state, you will be given all the basic information on the state like “state flower” and “how big it is”. The real hard/fun part comes in the “quizzes” section. The categories you can choose from are “Flags!”, “States!”, “Capitols!”, and “Large Cities!”. All the quizzes are exactly the same, the only difference is obviously the question. An example is, in “Flags!,” you will be shown a state flag and your job is to find the state that the flag corresponds with. For every question you get right you gain 5 points and for every question wrong you lose 1 point. After you are finished with ten questions, [Read more…]