The iPhone Antenna Song [Video]

youtube Ok, I’m sorry, but this guy totally cracks me up. With just a few days until I have baby #3 (yes, it is currently nameless… we are working on that!)… I could definitely use a good laugh and this video did the trick! Not only is the guy just funny but, I love what he says at the end of the video. I also think it’s hillarious that Apple opened their press conference today with this video. I’m sure many of you have already seen it but if you haven’t… totally worth checking out (video below).
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MusicInfo – Display Song Title, Artist and Album in Status Bar

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MusicInfo I guess I’m on some sort of iPod kick today so, here is another cool app for you. MusicInfo is a mod that quickly displays a song’s info in your status bar.

Once installed, when you switch to a new song, you will get a quick five second overlay on your status bar that displays the song title, artist and album.

This mod will work anywhere in which the status bar is visible. It also comes in two colors; black and white (installed separately). Also, this a code app so you will not see an icon on your SpringBoard. It is not activated/deactivated via WinterBoard. If you would like to remove the mod, you will need to uninstall it in Cydia. [Read more…]

Go-USA 1.1

Go-USA The update to version 1.1 of Go-USA adds a new option under Games; State Songs & Birds. When you open this game, you are given the Title of the State Song and the name of the State bird. You can then choose the State that they belong to. I also noticed that the pop-up has changed when you get an answer incorrect…it now says, “oops! it’s (the State).” It also seems as if the overall look of the application has also improved…especially in the State Information section. Go-USA is available through the BigBoss source.

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